Saturday, June 09, 2018

High salary for ministers negates corruption

MM Online - Pay rise, not cuts, for ministers to curb graft, says Vincent Tan:

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KUALA LUMPUR, June 7 — Berjaya Corp Bhd founder and executive chairman Tan Sri Vincent Tan said the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government’s decision to accept a 10 per cent pay cut for its ministers is “not the best decision”.

He believes there will be less corruption if ministers and other governments officials are well paid.

“My opinion, in fact, they should be given higher salaries so that they can focus on their work and do it honestly,” he told a news conference here today.

Vincent Tan is absolutely right, that a minister who is so highly paid will think twice before succumbing to some measly bribe at the risk of his high paying high-valued job.

But his views are not unique. Singapore ad Hong Kong have been practising that for aeons.

The highest paid minister in the world is the PM of Singapore, who is paid $2.32 million per annum. By contrast, the US President is paid $527,000 while Australian PM is paid $522,000.


1 — Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore, $2.32 million

2 — Carrie Lam, Hong Kong, $760,000

3 — Johann N. Schneider-Ammann, Switzerland, $606,000

4 — Barack Obama, US, $527,000

5 — Malcolm Turnbull, Australia, $522,000

6 — Werner Faymann, Austria, $452,000

7 — Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg, $336,000

8 — Justin Trudeau, Canada, $333,000

9 — Angela Merkel, Germany, $322,000

10 — Charles Michel, Belgium, $315,000

The systems paying the two Cinapek know that high pay (salary) dampens any silly urge to go pungli (Indonesian for pungutan liar), wakakaka.

It's not just the PMs of those states who are paid generously but the same generous payout scheme cascade downwards.

Recently I heard Anthony Loke saying the monthly salary for the Malaysian PM is officially only one-quarter of that for the MavCom chairman at RM85,000 per month, thus only 21,000 per month or RM252,000 per annum.

It's the "official" salary lah.  


  1. Najib's actual income was practically uncountable.

    1. So too is Mahathir's, and he got 22 years to accumulate it.

  2. then y this vincent still wanna suck more n more money? n is he a honest man since is got so much money?

    high salary is to recruit n retain the best, secondly only a good system with strong will of execution can ensure no corruption.

    lee family n almost all china leaders r damn fucking rich. thats the problem with zombie state.

  3. Methinks PM and Ministers in Malaysia should be paid double of what is being paid when the economy improve later.

    Same goes for MPs, State Assembly, State Excos, Senators, Speakers etc. MPs and State Assemblymen should have a pro rata scale based on their total electorate and size of their constituencies.

    Not too much and not too little with just the right balance to be comfortable so as not be tempted by corruption or looking for funds to fulfill their responsibilities and charity work towards their duties and constituencies.

    Those who don't want their pay increase can contribute back to Tabung Harapan Malaysia.

    1. No!

      Politicians SHOUlDN'T be looking at monetary terms.

      If one wants wealth then one should avoid politics like plague. Goes into business lah!

      Otherwise, due to the nature of politic interconnectivities, there bounce to be temptation of monetary gains that one COULDN'T refused raised out of ANY political works.

      Singgies have gone the wrong way - thus when corruptions arises there, they would be of humongous proportions that ANY disaster is just a baby!

      I'm NOT recommending politicians do 'charity' works out of passion. But the will to serve MUST be the guiding primary principle. Any politician Worth's his/her salt CAN be justly rewarded for the commensurated works fine.

      No any politician SHOULD make a living out of his/her political exposure. Period!

    2. i thot nostra said right balance?

    3. Balance as in true human articulation of wants/needs?

      Only possible in utopia lah!

    4. Yes and no! CK. I can write a thesis on my conclusion but to cut the whole story short, remember what Deng Xiao Peng has said about white cat and black cat stuff....hahahaha

    5. what deng implied is regardless of ideology n approach, to improve the productivity n peoples livelihood, it doesn't mean via corruption m power to enrich oneself. u better stick to yr short tongue n long tongue thesis.

    6. Hy......what did I say about kaytee cucuking your arsehole?

    7. nothing. u dun feel flattered i imitate u?