Monday, June 25, 2018

C.A.T = C**** Angkuh Tetap

FMT - Don’t be stupid, Art Harun schools Guan Eng on constitution:

PETALING JAYA: Vocal lawyer Azhar Harun has become the latest to join the chorus of criticism against Lim Guan Eng, after the finance minister defended his action of issuing official ministerial statements in Mandarin.

Azhar, popularly known by his pen name Art Harun, said Lim’s argument that he had the constitutional right to use languages other than Malay and English reeked of arrogance.

“Quite to the contrary, dear minister,” he wrote on his Facebook. “Under the Federal Constitution, the official language is Bahasa Malaysia.”

He also questioned Lim for using Mandarin instead of Malay as the national language when discharging official duties.

“Don’t be arrogant and dismissive of this. You are really pushing it. There is a limit to the ‘new Malaysia’,” he said.

Lim was accused of undermining the national language after he issued several ministerial statements written only in Mandarin.

But the DAP secretary-general dismissed his critics and vowed to continue using Mandarin besides Malay and English, saying it was a reflection of the government’s recognition of multilingualism and globalisation.

“The new Malaysia is an inclusive, respectful and diverse country. While safeguarding the status of Malay as an official language, we also need to master the use of other languages in order to increase our competitiveness,” he said.

His statement received praise as well as flak on Facebook, including from retail tycoon Ameer Ali Mydin, who owns the Mydin hypermarket chain.

Lim was also criticised by PPBM Youth chief Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, who said Section 2 of the National Language Act stated that the national language should be used as the official language.

“This means it has been agreed that Bahasa Malaysia should be used for official government business including official statements in the government’s capacity.

“It is also consistent with Article 152(1) of the Federal Constitution which states that Bahasa Melayu is the national language,” he said.

In a statement, Syed Saddiq said it was important to coordinate the use of Malay in all official government business to prevent public confusion over the government’s communications.

He added that official statements could be translated into English and any other language if necessary, but that priority should be given to the use of Malay in initial statements.

Azhar, meanwhile, said his criticism of Lim should not be construed as racial.

“I am not racist. And I am not talking about Malay rights or the proverbial ‘mertabatkan Bahasa Melayu’ and stuff.

“But please do your job as a minister as you should be (doing). After all, you were the one who so proudly proclaimed ‘I am not Chinese, I am Malaysian’. You are showing the wrong signal. The wrong attitude.

“What Malaysian OFFICIAL will issue statements in Mandarin when the official language is Bahasa Malaysia (you see, I am not even calling it Bahasa Melayu),”
he added.

“Please lah. Don’t be stupid!”


  1. Art harun did school najib razak too and kaytee is silent about it.


  2. Another provocative racial stirrings done by the blurs, cheered on by the udang!

    The issue was originated by the Facebook responded done by lge to answer some queries by the Chinese press about 1MDB.

    The same issue had also been covered in FM's official disclosure written in BM.

    1) when did Facebook postings become official responses.

    Donald duck does it. The KBAB51 did it.

    But officially a proper issued document written in legal language carries the duties weight.

    U guys r just reading too much into this!

    Of course, the arrogant lge is not clarifying the issue CORRECTLY, by after the finance minister defended his action of issuing "official ministerial statements" in Mandarin.

    He CAN'T do that! & his political 师爷 WONT allow him to do that!

    Still a slip of the egoistic tongue give u people a field day to stir fry the never-ending issue of bolihland bigotry.

    1. actually there is much similarity among u n lge, that is yr world exists only in the space between yr ears, and has no real bearing on any points beyond.

    2. Repeat ad nauseam to yrself lah!

      Cinapek apologist.

  3. Hence summarise into 4 words

    Much ado about nothing

    Again kaytee's continuous silence on anything on najib razak reveal the wickedness of kaytee. If only there is a witch hunt on kaytee. Burning kaytee in the stakes can be shiiiiiok

  4. Why not LGE issued his press statement in Tamil & Telugu as well? Or did he conveniently forgot there's a 3rd race in Malaysia?

    1. Now you suddenly there's a 3rd race when the issue of language cropped up ? hihihi. For 61 years, Indians under the rule of Ketuanan are treated worse than shadows...they are treated worse than shit...murdered by the hundreds in lock ups, their children converted to the 'supreme' religion without the mothers' permission and the Ketuanan cops and their religious ular maks in cahoots to snatch dead bodies and refused point blank to carry out court order to arrest the muslim-convert deadbeat father who kidnapped and unilaterally convert his own child. Podah la now suddenly the plight of the 3rd race...go to hell together with your hypocrite Ktemoc with your double standards. No heaven with 72 prostitutes for you, wakakakka

    2. The Facebook question raised to him came from a Chinese newspaper - in Chinese.

    3. Is JJ a clone of Looes or something? No, I refused your virgin rear hole and the rest of your 71 virgin choirboys mates as well. But show me 72 prostitutes and I'm all ears.
      Oh, I geddit. JJ was Pauline's donor body for Looes tongue after he got it cut off for licking something he shouldn't have. Hohohohoho!

      As for Monsterball, you don't issue an official statement via the mouth, unless its from a prepared press statement. LGE is not Trump and he shouldn't pretend that he is. If he wants to talk about issuing Government statements in other languages than Malay and English, he shouldn't discriminate against the rest. Or else, it will look as if he's pushing his Chinese agenda to the populace.

    4. The Indians kids were converted by their Indian father's lah. Not the Malay.
      It is ok if the Indian kids are converted to Christianity!!!! No complaint.

    5. Indian father? Once converted, wearing of baju melayu and songkok, speak malay etc...semua kan sudah masuk melayu ? read the bastardized constitution what maketh the constitutional malays la. So the Indian father once he became Malay, will kidnap their children and away from the mothers, will convert the minors unilaterally.

      And of course no complain at all if the Indians kids were to convert to Christianity.... no Christian Indian will run away and hide with the kidnapped kids to convert their children to Christianity on the quiet. Also, my understanding is that Christianity is not a dead end road...a Christian can and is allowed to un-Christian themselves if they change their minds. Which religion in the world let you to check in but doesn't allow you to check out ?

  5. Wow!!!

    What did mamak said about lge's egoistic tongue slip: - Small error, Dr Mahathir says of Guan Eng’s Mandarin statement

    A new & reborn mamak indeed!

    Ketuanan freaks eat yr heart out!

    KT must be drown in sorrow for keeping reminding all & sundry about the old mamak!

    Wakakakaka… not only pie in the face. Memang shit all over.

    1. Plus igonoring about najib razak's sin as well as his daddy. Hahaha

  6. Yes, John.

    Coming from someone who said "I am Malaysian, not Chinese." He will be speaking in tongues soon.

    But this is in line in using Chinese to mock others (ngakorming used Chinese to make fun of M n Lee Kuan Yew) so it is all all right.

    1. So when LGE during his PC asked for pause out of respect of the Azan call of prayer, what have you green eyed racist ultras to say ? Speaking in tongues again, right ?

      "But this is in line in using Chinese to mock others (ngakorming used Chinese to make fun of M n Lee Kuan Yew) so it is all all right"......ya ultra racists couldn't sleep because one or two Chinese leaders have the temerity to 'insult' the Malay sensitivities. But it is perfectly alright if your Malay leaders from Jamban guy to the corrupt pirate ex PM were to threaten blood shed on the Chinese or to fatten and gorged themselves with stupid with rakyat's money...why, this is their right, right ?

    2. Very true. They thought that the Malays doesn't understand what they said, and believed those Malays who do are mentally aligned to them (perhaps due to SRJKC brainwashing). That's why instead of using English as a substitute for Malay, they go for Chinese. Bloody hypocrites!

    3. @JJ
      You had the temerity to question Jamal and his antics yet throws your support to DAP that is a racist party itwholeself. Doesn't that makes you a hypocrite? I don't support Jamal, to be clear, but if you want to whack an outrage from the other side, you should have the balls to show the same disgust when its coming from your side.

    4. Did I not put the word 'insult' within inverted commas ? Do learn to read properly, just like so many others here have implored you again and again. But then when does your mud brain be able to comprehend, wakakkkaka. By the by, if you don't support racism and corruption, then silence is not the done cannot keep quiet where Jamal or Hadi Awang or Najib or all those Umnos and Pas Pis Pus are concerned. In fact, your mud brain won't even accept any valid criticism of them and have the gall to go on spiel with nonsensical 'alternative facts' to support their thievery and lies. Podah lah.

    5. Who says the Chinese thinks that the Malays do not understand Mandarin and thus try to pull a fast one by using that language ? Stupid mud brain thinking. Sudah mud brain, lagi tambah paranoia...habis lah the Malay Ketuanan race, wakakkaka

  7. Aiyah, John matey,

    JJ likes big words like temerity to show us how clever he is...

    BTW, JJ, what makes you think I am Malay? Or Indian? Or White? Why not Chinese?

    Wonder what motivates you belittle/malign other races so flippantly! No wonder you condone the likes of ngakormnig et al.....

    Aah...speaking in tongues again.

    1. One can be any race...Indian ke, White ke, Chinese ke...but not immune from the Malay Ketuanan disease...look what Riduan Tee had wrought and that Kong kali Kong guy and Sheeto guy...and look at Ktemoc...he who's entire character transformed due to being recruited to De Dak side, hehehhe. Mmmm...where's See To gone to now...bayang pun tak nampak after 509.

      Oh...didn't know the word 'temerity' is a BIG word, hehehhe. do you really have look up the dick to check out, hehe. Do us a favor....Just stay put under your tempurung OK ?

  8. JJ Looks like you cannot even hold a discussion, you just twist your way through n do another ad hominem..

    You belittle me again by assuming I do not know certain vocabulary....

    You r the siau ren who is under the tempurong Period.