Friday, June 22, 2018

Why was Lim GE made Finance Minister?

One of the most intriguing and Machiavellian political plots I have read about, which involves considerable political mathematical additions, subtractions and permutations (which would be beyond the ken of Hannah Yeoh, who alas has been deemed by kaytee to be mathematically-challenged since the days of 916 in 2008, wakakaka) has to be the following post:

Now Do You Understand Why Daim Said It’s Foolish For Anwar To Be Made PM Immediately?.

'borrowed' from financetwitter blog 

I read it at Malaysia-Today which in turn obtained it from financetwitter blog.

It's an interesting story which started off with Anwar informing us, rather intriguingly, how the ousted former premier Najib Razak was “totally shattered” the night he lost the general election and called his jailed rival – Anwar Ibrahim – twice for advice on what he should do.

Anwar claimed – “When he called on the night of the election, I advised him as a friend to concede and move on.”

Knowing their awful acrimonious aggressive relationship, that Anwar-revelation has had me puzzled - to wit, why would Najib ring Anwar of all people? - and for which I have long sought an answer. Well, my curiosity has been answered by the financetwitter blog's article, which tells us as follows:

Was Anwar the secret lover of Najib? Was Anwar the long lost biological brother of Najib? If not, does it make any sense that of all the people in the world, ex-PM Najib had chosen to call his enemy seeking advice or looking for a shoulder to cry on?

You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell that Mr. Najib had called Mr. Anwar and offered him a deal to jump ship.

well, obviously I am far from being a rocket scientist wakakaka but I can still recognise a frog 

Mr. Anwar actually didn’t have to divulge the secret calls he received from the despicable Najib Razak. Nobody would know about the calls anyway.

Since the revelation, Najib had neither acknowledged nor denied making such calls. So, those calls on May 9th must be genuine. But why did Anwar reveal the calls? Was he trying to brag about it?

There are two possibilities.

You have to read it yourself to enjoy the high drama, wakakaka, and know why Lim Guan Eng was even appointed Finance Minister by Mahathir, and it's not due to Guan Eng's good looks which we all he (Guan Eng) doesn't have, wakakaka.

Matey, there ain't no such thing as a free lunch, especially with Mahathir. It's all strategic quid pro quo or, if you like, quid pro quo with strategy in mind.

But it taught me or rather re-confirmed to me that the Malay political mind has always been far superior and far more Machiavellian than the Chinese Malaysian political mind, wakakaka.


  1. i did say earlier mahathir divide n rule game began on the day he appointed the 3 ministers. the fact is anwar didnt accept najib offer even if it is true. now it is up to dap n amanah to contemplate who would be their better comrade for the future, the old fox?

  2. Again! Why this cheebye kaytee never upfront about himself? No photo, no document and no credential

    Cheebye kaytee really thinks he can get away throwing stones without exposing himself.

    Everything sui sui right?

  3. We told Ktemoc that from late night May 9, when BNUMNO's election defeat could no longer be denied (but EC tried to suppress it) , until 10 pm on that May 10, when Mahathir was sworn in as PM,
    Najib and his minions made desperate "Main Belakang" attempts to cling on to power.

    Najib reaching out to Anwar was one such stratagem...but Anwar basically told him "Fuck Off"...I don't need you, PKR has won the elections fair and square.

    Ktemoc tried to bullshit us about the need to adhere to Constitutional process....

    Yes, the Najib phone call happened, but not the way Ktemoc spins it above, as usual he puts the worst possible interpretation on anything involving Anwar or Mahathir. No facts required.

    1. just najib version of 916. it would have been successful except that najib did not agree to anwar as the 7th pm

    2. Who's jibby to dictate when head clearly the desperado?

      & who's manmanlai to agree when he clearly holds zilch parliamentary entitlement?

      Jibby spinned to dress up his story. Manmanlai bulled to make him look important.

      & kt twisted to get his frustration out!

      Wakakakaka… what a combinations for a wordsmithy fiction.

    3. Everything kaytee predicts goes wrong. Just like bill murray in groundhog film

      There is a solution for kaytee. Commit seppuku and die. Problem solved

  4. Wakakakaka……

    Political Machiavellian calculations, u said them ALL & yet u ONLY think that game is solely the tool of mamak!

    U born yesterday ke?

    All politikus, especially those PH top dogs r good at it. More so, when there r brilliant young turks doing the background works that fees could undetstand - just like yr quote of fininancetwitter post.

    As a wordsmith, u again r doing cherry picking to emphasize ONLY the points u wanted to highlight.

    Tsk… tsk… sigh…

    Like it or not, at this juncture of FRESH PH win, mamak has made ALL the right sopo moves. Meanwhile pkr, especially manmanlai, is just playing syiok-sendiri mass pleasing of generalities that r popular, readily to understand & yet bear ZILCH future well-being of the nation if been implemented.

    Besides that, the umno gene is raising its treacherous effects on pkr, more prevailing & lethal, as compare to that similar gene happenstances in Pribumi under mamak's care!

    These incidents r telling tales that which party is going to implore due to self-interest power rivalries - a true legacy of politikus' selfish preservation of greeds.

    1. can u be more specific on which issue pkr n anwar did is not for the genaral good?

      or as usual u can only tok kok with excuse like pragmatism when it suit u?

    2. Anwar should lie low a while. Be patient lor. Kaytee tells hy one

    3. U r blind as a bat!

      So, why should I educate u when yr opinions r clearly biased towards pkr, right or wrongly!

      Pkr, jamban carrier!

    4. how u could educate me when u cant even grasp what anwar is talking about? yr straw man tactics dun work, but fine since tis is yr only way out.

    5. Ck....sai hei la. This cheebye hy kenna poisoned by kaytee. Cannot be saved liao

    6. Don't understand about manmanlai's cockatoo generalities?

      A bat w/o proper hearing! No wonder can ONLY shoot at one fixed direction.

      Perhaps, that' the result of too much zombie happy hours mixing.

      Wa lau-eh! Talking about others & yet ignore the soliloquy echoing around!

      Indeed, sai hei - just like with that reading deficiency monyet!

  5. "But it taught me or rather re-confirmed to me that the Malay political mind has always been far superior and far more Machiavellian than the Chinese Malaysian political mind, wakakaka."

    I agree with you.

  6. HY.. musical interlude. Relax and let your hair down.

    1. n here a melancholy one:

      the other day i stop by gopeng makan durian, the pakcik even know that durian batu along jalan tapah cameron, he told me the tree no more, but there r now many durian anak batu wakaka. we talk abt the river, waterfall, rajah brooke, orang asli...take it to the good times, see it through the bad times.

  7. Poor Jibby. His "exclusive" interview with a foreign news agency Reuters is a clear indication that the previous main stream media under government control have all but deserted him. And he can't invite Malaysiakini or FMT of course, or CNN, CNBC, BBC, Al Jazeera Wall Street Journal etc etc. Thank Allah for Facebook.

    1. In other words, all of them were partisan and weren't as "free" as they claimed to be except for Reuters. Kudos to Reuters then, but shame onto Malaysiakini, FMT, CNN, CNBC, Al Jazeera, WSJ, etc etc.