Wednesday, June 20, 2018

MB Selangor: Azmin 2 - Wan Azizah 0

MM Online - Anwar, Dr Wan Azizah urge support for new Selangor MB (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, June 19 — PKR leaders Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail rallied today behind the appointment of Amirudin Shari as the new Selangor mentri besar that was criticised by a party member.

PKR de facto leader Anwar tweeted that the issue could be resolved amicably within Pakatan Harapan (PH).

“Please support AmirMB as representative of PH,” Anwar tweeted.

Dr Wan Azizah, who is PKR president, told The Star that Selangor has been waiting for a new mentri besar after incumbent Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali was appointed Economic Affairs Minister.

Though the PKR top couple came out with "brave faces" and conciliatory words, you can bet what I have posted earlier, to wit, Looming trouble in PKR Selangor, has cut deeply within the PKR-body. The couple must be bloody furious with Azmin Ali and also a certain "someone" else.

I had then mentioned the PKR intra-party struggle between Wan Azizah's faction (Pandan Cats) and Azmin's faction (Gombak Dwarves) continues, but with the Dwarves somehow gaining royal approval and thus political ascendancy.

I noted that my earlier post How can lah - ONLY ONE name for MB Selangor? was even picked up and presented as a reference in the Malaysian Chronicles' post, a newspaper owned by PKR, namely:

We are reminded by above post that:

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali was sworn in as the Selangor menteri besar two days after the May 9 general election without the endorsement of Pakatan Harapan parties.

This was revealed by PKR’s Ijok state assemblyperson Dr Idris Ahmad in a press conference at his residence this morning.

“There has been speculation that Harapan wanted me to be the new menteri besar before the 14th general election.

“So, when we were in the joyful mood celebrating our victory, two days later a new menteri besar was proclaimed without the blessing of the parties.

“I don’t want to be a gentleman anymore, he (Azmin) just went there (Istana Alam Shah) on his own,” he claimed.

The military calls it a preemptive strike and by stealth too, wakakaka - right down the alley of sneaks like WWII Japs (Pearl Harbour), 1967 Israelis (6-Day War) and subterranean dwarves.

But the point is the PKR operated Malaysian Chronicles generally publishes the unspoken views of PKR top leaders so you can put 2 and 2 together as to they are REALLY thinking but dare not say aloud, and not what they might be saying publicly.

Since then, Azmin on leaving his MB post to become Malaysia's new Economic Minister, unilaterally nominated-supported his old matey, Amirudin Shari, as his replacement as MB of Selangor, another preemptive strike.

I hope everyone understands what I meant by "unilaterally" - in our case under discussion, it means "that something is done by only one person", to wit, the Dökkálfar Dwarf himself.

It also has sinister connotations because Amirudin Shari has NOT been Wan Azizah nor Anwar's choice as MB. Effectively, it tells us Azmin has given two fingers to his party Boss, Princess Iron Fan, and mentor Anwar Ibrahim. Azmin went on his own bat to push hard his personal choice for his replacement.

This has additional sinister implications as it shows his likeness with his "uncle" Mahathir who had picked his own successor or successors (in the plural as his conceit led him to believe he's the person to pick PM candidate after candidate after candidate ..... etc etc etc) all by his lonesome self.

Thus he'll be another Mahathir but one who is better in that he knows how to 'poh-low-soe' the royals, wakakaka.

You may wonder what is 'poh-low-soe'? It's Penang Hokkien for smooth and refined ampu-ing, wakakaka.   

But the poor bloke who was just marginalised has been Dr Idris Ahmad, the Ijok ADUN.

An annoyed and undeniably frustrated Dr Idris showed the press photocopies of letters endorsing him as the Selangor MB candidate to replace Azmin, and not Amirudin Shari who was only supported by one person, Azmin Ali.

The letters endorsing Dr Idris as the Selangor MB candidate to replace Azmin were signed by the heads of Pakatan’s four parties – PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Selangor Bersatu chief Abdul Rashid Asari, Selangor Amanah chief Izham Hashim and Selangor DAP chief Tony Pua.

But it seems subsequently Pribumi withdrew the letter of endorsement for Dr Idris, wakakaka.

T'was also reported that in a 
buka-puasa dinner, Anwar talked to both Dr Idris and Amirudin, with Dr Idris emerging from that dinner with a wide smiling face. But alas, subsequently shit happens.

Idris also told the press today that he had
lodged a police report to clear his name from allegations that he misappropriated money from an education fund.

He questioned the timing of the allegations that came amid the MB selection-appointment. You may make a guess as to where the source could have been from, wakakaka.

Azmin by himself would not have won the day, but he seems to have very very strong support within the state. Golden cables and also federal cables

The choice of Amirudin Shari with a royal stamp of approval has been accepted by Anwar and Princess Iron Fan as a fait accompli, but I believe, only for now.

The Anwar's are now "forced" by that fait accompli to distance themselves from Dr Idris' revelations and publicly support Amirudin Shari.

And to ensure Dr Idris STFU kuai-kuai, wakakaka, we are informed by Malaysiakini of the following:

Penang exco and PKR deputy youth chief Afif Bahardin asked if Dr Idris Ahmad – who said that he is Pakatan Harapan's preferred pick to lead Selangor – is willing to go on the warpath against de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim over the matter.

Idris had claimed earlier today that the choice of Amirudin for menteri besar did not get the consensus of Pakatan Harapan parties, which Afif denies.

"Amirudin's name was held up by the party and has been endorsed by the Selangor ruler.

"There had been a consensus to pick Amirudin, our de facto leader Anwar has also supported him.

"My question is, does Idris want to fight against Anwar? Please refer to our leader's most recent tweet," Afif (photo) told Malaysiakini.

If that is NOT an implicit party threat, what then is it?

Yep, all is certainly NOT well for the so-called Reformasi Party. As I have often described it, PKR is the Deformasi Party.

In the spirit of the FIFA World Cup 2018, I have to say the score is:

Azmin 2 - Wan Azizah 0


  1. Who cares whether it is Idris or Amiruddin is made MB since both also PKR ADUNs and both qualified and the best choice wins.

    Compare that with UMNO President party election, 7 jokers contending and not even 1 candidate is seem qualified as Party President. And you have a fugitive contending for a Youth post also.

    Wakakakakaka Look in the mirror please, BN cybertroopers or make sure the asshole is clean of shit before blogging about other parties.

    1. Huh? Your condescending tone may invite kaytee's wrath. The days of char siew may come true. Hahahaha!

      You are right about mbship on selangor as it's a fail accompli. I am more concerned with mb perak but guess this cheebye kaytee haa written about it

    2. MB Perak need to do some trade-off by PH but ok lah bend a little to allow ex-UMNO rep to be MB advisor and PH control the State Govt. and Exco.

      Real karma for BN as revenge for 2008 frog jumping causing PR Govt to fall that time.

      BN maybe spent about RM 50 Million in 2008 for frog jumping but in 2018, PH no need spend even RM 1 and still be PH State Govt.

      So, what's the problem? Wakakaakakakaka Eat your heart out.

    3. I thought kaytee wanna make char siew out of u. As for perak mb, mariam mokhtar and i are making beaver eyes on this clown

  2. After the first time, decades later, the metaphorical sodomite sodomizes the literal sodomite a second time.

    1. Hohohoho! Most probably the literal sodomite is saying: I'M LOVIN' IT!!!

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  4. PAS’s vice-president Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah has proposed that UMNO is dissolved and its members migrate to PAS. This could be the best, or worst political statement, depending on whether he was serious (worst) or just mocking (best).

    "In my opinion, Umno's era is over, the best solution is to dissolve Umno. Join PAS - end of story. Many issues can be resolved.”

    The UMNO AGM at the end of this month should have members vote on this resolution: to dissolve the party and join PAS. But what about all that party money and riches? Donate to Tabung Harapan, since to join PAS members must bertaubat and PAS will never accept dirty money.....or will they?


    Teoh Beng Hock death to be reinvestigated.

    What does Ktemoc say ?

    1. investigate all you want, like how BN's fake investigation on altantuya and teoh. until i see real evidence and real people get jailed, don't praise PH yet. Everybody can put on a good show, and Mahathir is perhaps the best director in the world.

    2. Alamak.......u wanna be sivaji the boss.....are you kaytee?

    3. Ktemoc has transformed into an Aneh ?

    4. What? You mean other people cannot have differing opinions than you zombieskah?

    5. Only kaytee can come clean by showing us his photo

  6. I think Idris Ahmad was trying some underhand tactics.


    Ramkarpal asks the question ,,,, Who ordered the killing of Altantuya ?