Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Cao Cao rocks Mandate of Heaven

Following MM Online article for your reading pleasurew - especially note my highlighted (in yellow) parts.

MM Online -
Kadir Jasin: RM257m spent on Agong in 16 months:

KUALA LUMPUR, June 6 — The federal government allocated RM256.9 million from January 2017 to this April for the Yang diPertuan Agong’s facilities and amenities, according to experienced newsman Datuk A. Kadir Jasin.

Kadir used the figure to convey that the Malay Rulers’ welfare and interests were completely protected, when commenting on the now-resolved dispute over the appointment of Tommy Thomas as Attorney General (AG).

“I wouldn’t dare say that the Rulers are so insecure these days about their position that they need to be assured and comforted.

“On the contrary I think the Rulers are as confident and assured as ever before. Why shouldn’t they? They are guaranteed by the Constitution, lavishly provided for, wealthy and even (Datuk Seri) Anwar (Ibrahim) kissed their hands!

“For 16 months to April this year, a total of RM256.9 million had been allocated to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong for purposes of accommodation, residence and palace, personal items, aircraft and transportation, training and escort equipment, clothing and ceremonial items, gifts and souvenirs, overseas visits and salaries of palace staff,” he wrote on his blog yesterday.

He did not state the source of his information regarding federal spending on the royals. According to the Treasury, the government allocates RM13.5 million annually for the Agong.

Kadir noted that, like all Malaysians, the Rulers were also bound by the Federal Constitution.

The Federal Constitution was also the very document from which the Agong derives his powers and authority, he noted.

“The Constitution that guarantees the right of the homeless pauper who languishes in the back lane of Chow Kit also guarantees the right of the King who lives in the gleaming RM650-million Istana Negara,” he wrote.

He also noted that the Federal Constitution was amended in 1993 to clarify the extent of the Rulers’ immunity, which he categorised as a measure taken to “further protect the royal institution”.

The Agong and the federal government were reportedly in disagreement over the nomination of a non-Malay candidate to be AG.

However, Sultan Muhammad V yesterday gave his royal assent for Thomas to replace Tan Sri Apandi Ali in the role.

What do the monarchists and republican-wannabes say about the statements of Kadir Jasin? Wakakaka.

Remember, the bloke is a Mahathir machai and unofficial as well as official (for Council of eminent persons) mouthpiece. His utterance today seems a bit too coincidental what with HM the Agong's delay in anointing Mahathir as the 7th PM of Malaysia and "approving" the PM's recommendation of a new AG.

Is he hinting that HM the Agong better toe the constitutional line?

Is he deliberately showing the rakyat what humongous quantum of resources have been allocated to the royals?

As I have often written, it's not the Chinese or Indian citizens who will one day prove to be derhaka to the Malay rulers.


  1. wrong. to a malay its a dialectical discourse. to the rest is derhaka.

  2. Hmmm... Perhaps Nurul Izzah should marry His Highness Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V? Imagine our PM is our Agong's father-in-law? Jodoh pertemuan in Allah's hand. What more can I say.

    1. She already has Ezam 6 Kotak to please her in the bedroom.

  3. Use ang moh history, else you xia sui your daddy grave......hahaha

  4. The statement of expenditure in Syed Kotak's blog, which may or may not be Fake News is amazing.

    Ukrainian and Czech wives ??
    Multi-million Credit Card charges ??

    I think someone is straying into seditious territory....

    Mahathir better give this guy some advice to chill it...unless it is Mahathir himself playing the strings in the background....wakakakaka..

    1. It is possible that our Agong is already married. There was a young beautiful caucasian lady in tudung in attendance during Agong's pertabalan? But may be not.

    2. I see the Syed Kotak fella has taken down his possibly seditious post.

    3. Actually ahh...OSTB never keep ANY of his articles in the archive for more than a few days...this was his practice ever since he was banned during Najib's era. I guess he's still keeping to this practice...wise guy.

  5. Dear Ktemoc
    I don't care how many wives the Man has or where they come from. But I do care about the RM256 millions spent on him for about 6 months. The sum can be used to provide medication for the Rakyat or to provide educatition for our students.
    TDM must deliberate on this matter and take appropriate action to prevent any more of these unnecessary expenses. Only bonafide expenses should be allowed.

    1. His Highness personal expenses for year 2017 was about RM9.0 million, and for year 2018 to-date is about RM1.3 million. I thought his yearly allocation is about RM13.5 million? So, what's the big issue?

    2. In Najib's Malaysia , everything has 2 account books.

      The one for public consumption.
      And another Real one.

      It may be RM 256 Million is the real one.

    3. Maintenance of palace and other residences is about RM175.0 million; training of guards and equipments is about RM42.0 million; costumes and tablewares is about RM10.0 million; overseas trips and souvenirs is about RM20.0 million; salaries of staff, etc is about RM17.0 million; etc etc..


  6. Was expecting this to happen actually when the King delayed the sacking of the current AG and the appointment of the duly selected Cao Cao's AG.

    Manmanlai has to be the one to deliver Cao Cao's warning to prevent a fiasco.

    Due to forgetfulness, Cao Cao forgets to withdraw his directive to attack to his Hellhounds and now it has turned embarassing to everyone.

    Never trust old men to do a perfect job when they took on jobs of much younger Hellhounds.


    1. Kaytee wanna ck to condem him and his ancestors. 18th generation behind him. Probably in kerala

    2. The Konsiders guy ancestors from Kerala ?

      Must be involving an ancient Vendetta with the Kuttys, continuing into the 21st century.

  7. The scribble fella has also taken down his controversial post.

    Might be some wayang involved, though.
    For all we know it was all done with Mahathir's full support. To be take down after damage already done.

    Ukrainian wife ??

  8. Please lah, mamak no CaoCao le!

    At most u can claim he has an advisor who's knowledgeable about CaoCao's brilliant political manoeuvres.

    But, from the current insouciant resignations of the top dogs of the GLC, who's been tainted in whatsoever slight way with jibby - the 'meal' could be overcooked!

    One kills the leader but let those able ex-subordinates live to work under the new atmosphere of gratitude & fear.

    Overcooked the action, then one creates a group of new sycophants, of useless ability, to support the new regime to repeat the old cycle that has been killed.

    Perhaps, this mamak advisor is either hp6 with the legacies of CaoCao or mamak is not buying into his/her full idea!

    1. I think the resignations and firings so far are some of the most insidious figures closely linked to Najib.

      The most dangerous ones are not always obvious. The Telekom CEO who is resigning was a major Najib branding operative.

      Wholesales deNajibfication is neither necessary nor wise.

      Those who obeyed their then orders but with no deep taint of corruption can be kept on with a warning in no uncertain terms.


      This move to end Bernas rice monopoly, for example is a very good move.

      It may only modest improvements in the price of rice in Malaysia, but it is clear Bernas monopoly has been used as an instrument for leakage and crony deals.

    3. no more a cao cao? or jusr a 王莽?

  9. Its not hp6. The mamak wants his pound of flesh. Every which way. Time to pay up man.

  10. Wrong reading. It's not derhaka, it's the Raja-raja Melayu being caught in a fight between two Melayu factions.