Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Where's that GST when blame has to be made?

MM Online - Fish prices will go up unless govt steps in, says association (extracts):

selar kuning

KUALA LUMPUR, June 12 — The price of ‘ikan rakyat’ will continue to rise if the government does not introduce measures to bridge the gap between the supply and demand of fish produce in Malaysia.

Marine Fish Farmer Association deputy president Mohamed Razali Mohamed said the price of ‘ikan rakyat’, such as yellow-striped scad (selar kuning) and mackerel (kembung), have generally increased by some 140 per cent over the past 10 years.

He said the price hike — generally from RM5 per kg in 2008 to the present RM12 per kg — had been prompted by a huge demand for marine fish from consumers and low numbers in supply.

“We are the fourth biggest consumers of fish in the world at 57kg per capita. Based on the trend, Malaysians also prefer marine fish over freshwater fish.

WTF? Wasn't the GST blamed for the rise in prices?

Last year I read in what is now a 'dead' newspaper about GST-ed kembong, kerang and other seafood.


don't f-blame me - I'm still the same un-GST-ed ikan as ever, blame Pakatan f-fake news

... fresh seafood prices, especially the rakyat's fish like kembong and kerang, had gone astronomical because of the evil GST, but then no one, including and ESPECIALLY the responsible reporter, (with exception of lovable truthful just kaytee, wakakaka) said anything about fresh seafood being NOT subjected to GST.

Let's re-visit one 'naughty' media example of 'fake news':

Once known as the “poor man’s fish”, the possibility that ikan kembung might become a price-controlled item is perhaps a better economic indicator for ordinary Malaysians instead of growth figures issued by the government.

The price of the humble fish in the mackerel family has been rising since the introduction of the goods and services tax (GST) in 2015.

When you think of it, a pro Pakatan newspaper blaming the poor GST for the rise in a non-GST-ed item, namely fresh food including fresh fish, ain't that 'fake news'?

And ain't that political plain EVIL and unscrupulous news?

The rise in price could be due to a number of reasons, like goods cartel, greed of fishmonger, market forces, weather, etc, but the season was then to blame GST regardless, even if no GST was involved, wakakaka, such was the unscrupulousness of demon-ising the GST for political gains.

That evil example was what 'fake news' was, published last year to invoke angry feelings against an innocent GST.

Now what will that newspaper and the Pakatan-government do with the current complaint by the Marine Fish Farmer Association?

Blame GST again when it has gone, and even when there was no GST in the first place years ago.

In fact, the Marine Fish Farmers Association has revealed that fish prices have generally increased by some 140 per cent over the past 10 years, fCk-ing long before GST became effective in 2015.

A pathetic unscrupulous pariah 'fake news' but pretty effective in rousing anger amongst kampong voters. Part of Mahathir's Pakatan 'black propaganda'.

OK then, another item of fake news - Siti Zahara who is anaemic said she often buys cockles when the dizziness gets the best of her but has also cut down on that of late.

"The doctor advised me to eat cockles or liver (as an iron supplement) because of my anaemic condition."

“Before GST, cockles cost about RM4 per kilo. Now it’s about RM10. So, I buy half a kilo. You can imagine how little that is when cooked.”

to the 'fake news' propagator: 'lu ay harm lah' 

The 'fake news' aimed to show that with GST, price of kerang leapt from RM4 to a humongous RM10, and poor anaemic Siti Zahara could only afford half of what she would love to have - thus not only did Puan Siti Zahara suffered a financial abomination but also a medical injustice.

By the by, I wonder whether there was really an anaemic 'Siti Zahara' that the reporter supposedly interviewed?

That piece of 'fake news' about kerang was the most humongous piece of bullshit, depicting the difference between a pre-GST-priced kerang at RM4 to a so-called post-GST-priced kerang at RM10.

Who cares if there was no GST on cockles, because such 'fake news' would be believed by the 'already converted'.

The sad thing has been the 'already converted' were considered as stupid dumbos, 'gullible guppies', by their political parties who wanted to incite them to vote for their parties.

above fish is GST-ed, meaning Gullible, Stupid, Tomfool 

Even if there was GST on a non-GST-ed kerang, 6% of RM4 only amounts to a round figure of 25 sen. So why the jump to RM10?

So could that reporter explain her "Before GST, cockles cost about RM4 per kilo. Now it’s about RM10."

But the point was how 'fake news' had been deliberately fabricated and then used to exaggerate the impact of GST even on a non-GST-ed item, to wit, from RM4 to a staggering RM10 per kilo of kerang.

The aim was obvious, thanks to an imaginary "anaemic" Siti Zahara, but alas, I fear your "anaemia", to have been ameliorated by Mahathir's and Daim's removal of the GST, is now threatened by report from thr Marine Fish farmer Association.

Many anti-GST visitors to my blog had patiently explained to me that the price increase had been a reflection of transport cost increases due to GST on petrol, which presumably add on to the overall price of kerang - but from RM4 to RM10???

Wait wait, is there a GST on Petrol? Be honest and answer this, you fCking gullible guppies or blatant liars, wakakaka.

Now, eat expensive non-GST-ed marine fishes.


  1. i rather eat expansive than make contribution to a hermes berkin handbag.

  2. we need to experience under the good the bad and the ugly.

    1. But does it mean we have to suffer now to be thankful of those who ran it prudently in the previous administration? I do hate life's bitter irony of being thankful while suffering.

    2. "...to be thankful of those who ran it prudently in the previous administration?"

      Uhh ? WAKAKAKAKAKA. Talk about being delusional and lying to oneself, LOL. Guess people of the Pas-Pis-Pus tribe have their brains filled with Pus. Oi, banyak lagi Red Files belum selesai tau.

      Things are falling about their ears...those thieves' ears la. Jho Low, according to some report, is about to sing to save his own skin ( and more importantly, his family's skin too ) and when the fat boy sing, the Pirate Plunderer and Hippo wife will be getting their tailor ready to make designer orange jumper to live in the palace of the bamboo river, hihihihi.

    3. Th King Pirate is now back office because since you enjoyed being anally raped for 22 years, you missed the experience and wished for it to happen again. Well, you got your wish, and don't forget to remind your children to continue paying off the Yen debts that Mahathir will load unto us a 2nd time. Their rear holes now belongs to the Japanese via Mahathir.

      Only those who never learn from history are as delusional as yourself.

  3. To be honest Kaytee, the blame must go the previous Minister of Agro who did nothing to stop the rising fish prices even though with LKIM, FAMA etc all controlling the distribution and stocking of such food items. He was more busy trying to get fishermen to change from wooden crates to plastic ones as his main priority and blaming middle men using racism as as his main forte to justify all the rise in prices.

    Why get so angry when some PH politicians point at GST as the cause of the rise in prices? At least they are not using racism as an excuse which is far worst.

    So what happen to the multi billion projects to have fishing fleets employing locals landing their catches locally to alleviate the shortages?

    And why aren't fish and other products not easily imported to meet local demand?

    1. Last I checked, at least 6 years ago, it seemed not anyone can import fish into the country. Non Malays are not allowed to import many stuff, and fish is one of them. Maybe this is the 'policy' of the little Napoleons-at-work. PH government need to look into these merry pirates creating their own hell lording over "others" while their big Pirate boss plunder the country til kingdom come ?

    2. tons of fishes have been imported daily from Thailand which some enterprising crooks exploited by secreting caches of heroin and other drugs among the crates truckloaded into Northern Malaysia

    3. @JJ. Bullshit! I have been eating farmed salmon for the past 5 years now (doctor's advice). There's no salmon farming done locally so how do I get salmon in my supermarket?

    4. Yada yada.....thats where the policemen got their c4 right....kaytee condemn anybody except najib

    5. Pauline's looking for you or rather your tongue, wakakaka

  4. Blaming these price increases totally on GST is wrong. I read the MM article and the Marine Fish Farmer Association Deputy President did not mention GST even once.

    Fish prices all over the world have gone up, mainly due to SUPPLY AND DEMAND. The Association President said so in the article. He knows what he is talking about.

    Growing demand because of growing population. Over-fishing in our depleted seas means smaller catches. But the poor fisherman still needs to make a living, so with the same (or smaller) catch he has to charge more to the middle-man, otherwise he simply won't go out to fish any more. If you need an analogy think Hermes Birkin Handbags. A four-year old crocodile doesn't cost much. But because the handbags are so much in demand, and the supply is so limited (unless you live in certain units in Pavilion), the price can be as much as USD200,000 per bag. One day an ikan kembong may cost that much too.

    Come to think of it the price of beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, fruit etc have all gone up. GST to blame? A little bit maybe. But mostly due to SUPPLY AND DEMAND and INFLATION.

    1. GST is gone. Isn't that illogical to still be blaming GST. Are you saying if the price still goes up next year, that's still GST fault? That's nonsense.

      And now you folks are justifying the price up is also due to SUPPLY AND DEMAND. Are you saying SUPPLY AND DEMAND wasn't there for the past 2 years GST was here? Now you're trying to say that price up is not due to the current administration's fault as you have done so on the previous administration. Where's the logic and where's the fairness in that sorry of an excuse?

    2. "GST is gone. Isn't that illogical to still be blaming GST."

      Bacalah betul betul dan faham baru lah jawab.

      I am against GST (for now, see below) but I am NOT blaming GST for these huge price increases, which I think are due mostly to SUPPLY AND DEMAND, inflation and perhaps some anecdotal profiteering by the unscrupulous. GST only has a small impact on price increase because fresh fish is zero rated and fishermen's diesel is subsidized.

      In principle I agree GST is an effective and fair way of taxation but "fairness" works two-ways. I will only support GST when I am confident that my money will be channeled for proper use and not used to support a corrupt government and when my leaders show honesty and integrity. And how do I know when they are honest and have integrity? When Malaysia reaches top 10 in the Corruption Perception Index of Transparency International.

      Saya harap kali ini boleh faham.

    3. That's bullshit! Like what KT wrote above, you folks have been blaming GST for whatever price increase under the sun back during the previous Government.

      While I'm no fan of UMNO, I do support GST since they channel it to initiatives for the poor. But you folks twist it and turn it into an alleged monster that you conveniently pinned all blame for price hikes without considering SUPPLY AND DEMAND, & INFLATION but now that your side is in Government, all these reasons are suddenly now acceptable and the rakyat should believe this logic which you all claimed was illogical in the previous Government.

      Stop talking about honesty and integrity because your attempt to whitewash the reason for price hikes in your Government's reign is lacking of honesty and integrity. All I see, that its full of hypocrisy and double standards.

      Boleh paham tak?

  5. Those, in GE14, who believed the fitnah are educated but they do not have common sense.

    "Common sense is not a gift, it's a punishment. Because you have to deal with everyone who doesn't have it."

    1. They don't have common sense but non-sense. God gave them brains but instead of even picking the lesser evil (PAS), they chose evil incarnate (Mahathir).

    2. Macam u lah!

      WHY so long winding to fart a common theme?

    3. Go worship your demon you hell-hound. Bark to your master's call.

    4. Ck,
      John knows that he will never get virgins afterlife and hence anything goes

    5. The Minister of Foreign Tongue Affairs still trying to hardsell his 72 virgin choir boys when he clearly knows I much prefer 72 prostitutes. No wonder Pauline told you to let your licking do the talking.

  6. Andy Yong of Gerakan:

    "...BN component parties should hold a supreme council meeting to decide on whether to expel UMNO instead of leaving the coalition"

    Andy also said:

    "...what it needed now was someone with intelligence and knowledge to counter opponents (ie Harapan government) with facts and figures"

    Here are my facts and figures:

    Gerakan seats in Parliament = 0 (incidentally State Seats also 0)
    UMNO seats in Parliament = 57.

    And he wants to expel UMNO ?

    1. Dog tail's wagging the dog ? Andy is the tail and Umno is the dog ( in more ways than one, hihi ). Very succinct comment TS...0 vs 57 and he wants to expel, wakakakkaa. Tak sedar diri.

    2. More like a germ on a flea on the tail wagging the dog.

  7. The next red file could be the EPF and PNB buying over the Battersea project in London from the SP Setia consortium (another GLC folks, after the good Tan Sri Liew, in his wisdom decided to walk away and started Eco-World).

    I wonder how many well heeled politicians bought (or were gifted) condos there so there is no way the project should be allowed to fail. So what's a few billion from the hard earned savings of ordinary Malaysians?

    Go ahead and pay your GST into the Harapan Fund suckers !

  8. Can kaytee show us the proof if he contributes lets say 10k into malaysia coffer through gst per year?

  9. There is a special place at bottom of the hell for these flagrant and pathological liars.

    1. Kaytee is an atheist. Hence he should be execuyed to death by slicing

      Song man....can start with his dick

    2. rest assured Christian Pauline will protect your tongue - she intends to categorise it as a national (wriggling) treasure (for her) wakakaka