Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Boy in charge of Piggy Bank

MM Online - It’s Dr M who ordered the exposures, Guan Eng tells Anwar (extracts):

it wasn't me, it was Tun 

KUALA LUMPUR, June 19 — Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng told PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today that it was Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who had instructed him to expose financial scandals.

Lim also said he did not have the power to instruct other ministers to publicise financial scandals that had occurred below the purview of the Finance Ministry.

“It has already been explained to Datuk Seri Anwar that the exposure of all the financial scandals related to 1MDB [1Malaysia Development Berhad] and other scandals in the media were done on orders of the prime minister. He understands this,” Lim said in a statement.

After Anwar Ibrahim virtually told him to stop his own-foot-shooting verbal diarrhoea (see my earlier post Anwar to Guan Eng: STFU), the lil' boy who looks after the piggy bank has cried out "It wasn't me, it was Tun".

also for tabung harapan 

I wonder who the fCk is the Finance Minister, by convention a very very senior minister in government cabinets world-wide?

The PM is only the primus inter pares (first among EQUALS) and not the superior minister or commanding officer.

Each minister in the inner cabinet make independent and discrete policy decisions, though of course he or she consults and shares that policy with his or her colleagues especially the PM and DPM. He or she doesn't run to the Tok PM every time nor does he or she simply obeys the Boss blindly.

But this lil' boy in charge of the piggy bank is now crying "not me, not me, not me".

What the fCk good is he as a Finance Minister when all he does is just to follow orders from his boss and another old man from the CEP?

And you bloody know what I am 


  1. You never had a problem with the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister being the same one and only person.

    Why jump up and down now like a Berok Kena Belacan?

    1. Because instead of paying one man to do 2 jobs, we're now paying 2 man to do 1 job? And yet they both suck at it, looking at how much foreign investments are running away.

      Oh and RM have cross past the Rm4.00 per USD1 barrier. The last time this happened, a certain ex-now-current PM demanded the sitting PM to resign. So should the current PM now take his own medicine, considering he is foremost a certified doctor?

    2. So this is how hadi awang teach u to say.....john

    3. Nope. That's what Mahathir taught us how to say, for 22 years.

    4. Really? Nik aziz says otherwise about u lei

    5. But Hadi said people like you should not be trusted. However i do make an exception for you, provided your Nick Aziz can tell me what's this weekend winning 4D number. Savvy on that?

  2. The Above is a minor matter.

    Ramkarpal says new evidence has been uncovered on Altantuya case.

    It would appear the previous UMNO-controlled Prosecution either suppressed evidence or failed to investigate properly.

    Time for "N" balls to shrink ?

  3. So cheebye kaytee dreamt of being finance minister......

    What say you ck.....can or not?

    Kaytee mock thinks he is more qualified to be finance minister.....and gst is fucking shiok good

  4. https://m.malaysiakini.com/news/430341

    Fucking shiiiiiiok.....i wanna see kaytee vomitting blood and die

  5. Well make up your mind, should Tokong Lim follow orders from TDM the PM or AI the still-nobody? Or neither?

    This is called the "Leave No Turn Unstoned Strategy". It works when one doesn't have a strategy but want to pretend one does.

    The last FM followed orders from the PM too, in fact he ordered himself everyday and see what happened to THAT piggy bank. Kosong. Actually not kosong but full of IOU Hutangs. 1 Trillion and counting.

    This week Tokong (not Dato' yet) Lim promised to uncover yet another Red File, I can't wait, Najib is putting nervously in Langkawi, his handicap just went up by 20 and Serigar, well, who cares about Serigar.

    Meanwhile Tommy Thomas needs to beef up his AG department, and the MACC too. They will be overloaded for the next couple of years at least. So MoF can help out with some of the workload.

    I'm Lovin' It.

    1. Kaytee wants lge and the entire dap including lks to listen to najib

      Cheebye kaytee wants dap to be forever in the opposition. Just like good old days

    2. See.....no attack from kaytee...now you know kaytee cheebye allegiance to najib

  6. Other ministers already busy exposing graft within their own turf. Mat Sabu on Defence procurement, Gobind on FINAS, Education on solar panel scam in Sarawak, Health on medicine bid-rigging etc. Why they have to expose MOF scandals too?

  7. That's typical UMNO and BN strategy of always demonising DAP for whatever issues they want to raise.

    Now LGE got TDM or AI to cover. And TDM and AI playing passing the ball to make those UMNO cybertroopers vomit blood and lost in outer space , everytime an issue is raised.


    1. But agains after what nostro piggy said, kaytee never made char siew of nostro piggy.....why?

  8. I look at it this way - lge is playing a masterly political football.

    Mamak vs mammanlai!

    Ain't this the pet game of kt?

    I support it wholeheartedly bcoz it's the final keystone for a political chess move ONLY fees could see!

    Wakakakaka… eat yr heart out lah.

    At this stage of the political chess play, mamak is one step ahead of many while manmanlai is toying with generality & lge is tacking along!


    New days ahead of bolihland while past & petrified bn sycophants r still dreaming!

    1. Hehehe......hehehe

      I only know what happened to rumpelstillskin (kaytee)

    2. Lie low. But as for kaytee.....time to expose him

    3. still playing politics? master somemore, i thot this stupid dad n son is here to save msia?

  9. Ain't they, by joining forces with Nanak & manmanlai to kick out on?

    U SHOULD keep y personal pet hate to where the sun doesn't shine before u fart!

    小民的尊严 over the priority of the 大我!

    Wakakakaka… yr understanding of the modern Taiwanese history over 老祖宗的智慧!