Sunday, June 24, 2018

Chef Wan's 'racist' - types of?

Malaysiakini - ‘Racist!’ Chef Wan slams Kula's locals-only cooks proposal (extracts):

“Racist.” That is how celebrity chef Redzuawan Ismail, better known as Chef Wan, described a proposal by Human Resource Minister M Kulasegaran to ban foreign cooks from restaurants in the country.

"I find this new ruling to be racist. How can we stop other races in this world from acquiring knowledge and skill in any cuisine? Food, like love, has no boundaries.

"We have many Malaysian chefs across the world working in so many cities doing the same thing.

"So my question to the minister why is it different? Suddenly other immigrants in this country cannot cook Malaysian food simply because they are not Malaysian? Why do we need to discriminate (against) them?" he asked on Instagram.

Redzuawan noted it was unfair to only be offended when others say there cannot be a non-Malay finance minister or attorney-general, but at the same time discriminate against non-Malaysians.

Wow - Racist!

Since Chef Wan was referring to the proposal by Minister Kulasegaran, he must have used it as an adjective. That means the word is intended to signify:

'showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or believing that a particular race is superior to another'

But you know something? Chef Wan could have meant 'racist' in two possible ways, to wit:

(a) 'Racist' the Malaysian way - where Chef Wan has meant that Kula, being an Indian of Tamil ethnicity, is discriminating against other Malaysians of non-Tamil origin, like a Dayak goreng-ing char koay teow or a Chinese preparing pasembur or a Malay doing roti canai, etc etc etc - now that's discriminatorily racist.

But that doesn't seem so as Kula's proposal is to ban FOREIGN cooks from cooking for restaurants in Malaysia. Penang already has such a similar ban on foreign chefs meddling around with certain 'heritage' (hawker-type) food in Penang.

The Star Online reported

Penang as the state government had imposed a ban on foreigners from cooking local hawker fare from Jan 1, 2016.

Penang first proposed the ban in 2014, aimed to preserve the authenticity of hawker food.

what else could it be lah? 

Penang Island City Council (MBPP) mayor Yew Tung Seang said the ban applied to specific true local hawker fare such as char koay teow, hokkien mee and assam laksa.

** does anyone think Guan Eng knows what is meant by 'hokkien mee' in Penang?

The enforcement on the ban is an ongoing process and hawkers who violate the ban would see their licences revoked.

I have to say that, on reading above MKINI article, I was initially quite miffed the Penang MPPP restriction on hawker chefs hasn't included the other equally (if not more) important aspect of hawker koay teow, to wit, koay teow t'ng.

koay teow t'ng

But that was my bad after I cross-checked with an article in the NST which thankfully confirmed that koay teow t'ng was not omitted. 

The NST article saidThe 13 local food covered under the policy are; nasi lemak, asam laksa, pasembor, mee sotong, char koay teow, koay teow soup, hokkien mee, curry mee, wan tan mee, loh bak, chee cheong fun, char koay kak and oh chien.

koay teow t'ng

Naughtily I was about to lambaste a previous Penang CM, saying he was NOT an indigenous Penang bloke (like kaytee, wakakaka) who thus failed to realise that koay teow t'ng (such as the duck-based version in Anson Road) is (or was, I heard the hawker ran away from the Income Tax Office, wakakaka) far more valued than a mere char koay teow.

probably doesn't know difference between Penang and KL chee cheong fun 

Aiyah, what the bloody hell does a Batu Pahat Cina-sinkhek knows about Penang hawker food? Yes, that was to be my conclusive condemnation of him, but alas, I myself was the one incorrect in my hasty presumptions in just reading MKINI, and erratically too, wakakaka.

Adoi, mea culpa, and I am not talking about a new koay teow dish, wakakaka.

Anyway, I hope our new CM, Chow Kon Yeow, an anak Pulau Pinang tulin, will take necessary measures to protect the very important heritage taste of koay teow t'ng (which if you don't stop me now, I'll end up penning a doctoral thesis on koay teow t'ng, wakakaka).

Chow Kon Yeow 

Anyway, excuse me for my off track digression in discussing a sacred dish of Penangites, wakakaka.

Thus, Minister Kulasegaran's proposal is not so much 'racist' as it is 'nationalistic' or 'chauvinistically Malaysian' or 'jingoistic' or 'zealous-Malaysian' or 'patriotic' etc. OK, Chef Wan? Hope I've improved your English vocabulary, wakakaka.

(b) 'Racist' the International Way -  where Chef Wan has meant that Kula, being a Malaysian, is discriminating against other nationalities like Bangla, Myanmarese, Thai, Indon, Viet, Pinoy and Mat Salleh in, say, the last in his attempt to cook crispy skin rendang or an audacious Pinoy claiming to serve authentic poh pniah.


If it was the second, namely, the International Way, then Chef Wan's accusation of 'racist' could actually be a praise for our proud nationalism where everyone including Hew Kuan Yau, Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir are all Malaysians or Bangsa Malaysia, wakakaka.

But Chef Wan kinda spoilt the whole ambiguity by also stating:

it was unfair to only be offended when others say there cannot be a non-Malay finance minister or attorney-general, but at the same time discriminate against non-Malaysians

... in which he was obviously referring to Minister Kula's proposal as 'racist' in the Malaysian Way - sayang saje.

Thus I think he was tokking-kok. Minister Kula is not a racist. His proposal has been all about preserving jobs for Malaysians and indeed, in some cases, forcing restaurateurs to employ locals rather than source cheap overseas labour. At least he as Human Resource Minister is doing his work instead of Tun's personal streak of vengeance.

Furthermore, a recent study showed that some foreigners have been found 'to be carrying microbes which could cause food poisoning and even death, and a small percentage of them harboured antibiotic resistant bacteria'.

Chef Wan has gotten too carried away by his 'no borders for food' philosophy which has already been proven wrong by the Mat Salleh's 'crispy skin' rendang.

Some so-called chefs are only good within their national borders and indeed should be kept there, wakakaka. OK, perhaps the food per se is border-less but alas, not some of the chefs themselves, especially those two BBC clowns - and Namaste to them too. Yes, chefs and associates are what Minister Kula has been talking about.

I have thus urged Minister Kulasegaran stay resolute with his chef proposal.

make a guess what the above is? 


  1. Replies
    1. spot on! but you have morons blindly echoing the ones with 'special' interests

    2. stupid kula can do tat via reduce foreign labour. chef wan is right.

  2. disagree. kula n penang govt is sort of discriminate no matter how u reasoned it.

    1. Pakatan Harapan's pledge - election manifesto; to create one million new high quality jobs, to prioritise local workers, to increase minimum wages, and to deport two million foreign workers.

  3. 'make a guess what the above is?'

    Kerala style laksa asam pedas? Wakakaka..

    1. " CM, Chow Kon Yeow, an anak Pulau Pinang tulin...."

      For your infomation, CKY was born and raised in KL, Sungai Besi Primary School, Cochrane Road secondary school until Form 6. Therefore not so 'Pulau Pinang tulin' after all. Wakakaka ............

    2. wakakaka - anyhow he's better than the BP bloke

    3. Wakakakaka…

      Penang lang tak jadi, so need all these import!

      What to do, with a meme-ed subservient anmoxai mentality like kt's, true blue Penang lang just don't bother about how Penang evolves!

      Governing betul2 is hard work. Talking cock is much simpler ma.

    4. cheebye kaytee no need to show need to face pressure. 爽

  4. The correct English term is Xenophobic, and yes Kula's statement could be construed as Xenophobic , even if that was not his Intention.

    1. no, xenophobic implies Kula dislikes or fears foreigners, as the Japs were during the pre WWII period

  5. Chow Kon Yeow, an anak Pulau Pinang tulin?

    I thought he was born in KL. Kolom por lang.

  6. Wow……

    KT second guessing chef wan's underlying intention!

    Giving him a course of semantic 'goreng' to perhaps uplift his culinary skill.

    Wan, bloody well deserves them ALL.


    These r just plain vortex(storm is too big a word) in a Chinese (no pun intended - to stir fry some equal right dreamers about racial playing field) ceremonial tea cup!

    For those equal right ultras, there MUST be no ANY demarcation in restrictions of jobs, goods, brands, foods, whether prepare &/or naming them purely by race.

    Then WHAT the f**k have they done anything about the the ACT of PATENTING a proprietary item, be it bubbling wine (champagne), cheese (Grove's Humboldt Fog), fry noodles (char koay teow). I can go on with many other items too.

    Too free as in 畏恐天下不乱. Plain keapoochi to pass too much free time in hand!

    1. When the water in the well dries up, anything goes....hahahaha

      Kapochi but yet never show face or photo, afraid reprisal right?

      Demand accountability but pwn self own no accountability

      There is a word for that....hypocrisy

    2. idiot x2, go ask whether yr son n daughter wan to ba a chow koei teow seller or not?

    3. If there is someone to pass on the authentic skill of char koay teow, any business minded person will jump on it.

      It's a gold mine waiting to be reinvent & package for a new era.

      Tempurung railtracked bleeding heart CANT even appreciate such happening back in his beloved Formosa!

      Find time to go back (better still, migrate there) to find out WHY do many highly educated Taiwaneses r making fortune out of pedalling traditional grandmother/grandfather wares/skills.

      It would do u multitude of good. Perhaps, to redefine yr dead-ended 小 民的尊严 idealism & learn to curse lyt!

    4. since yr son n daughter is willing to chow koei teow, y u worry abt a non local cook? fear of competition kah? need nep or not? mahathir can help.

    5. Did I indicate any worry about non local cook?

      Another sign of deteriorated reading deficiency syndrome!

      I ONLY want authentic local dishes to be prepared by locals who know the hidden culinary act!

      While u want to spread yr misguided racial intolerance to every aspect of life.

      Meanwhile u keep silence about the questions I raised about proprietary branding!

      Remember straw man tactic as implied by u, perhaps u r the expert of such trade.

      But, too bad, good teacher lousy student, or maybe hp6 + syiok-sendiri ego blur yr sense of shame.

    6. if i wan so called authentic, i go to yr son n daughter. what if i dun like authentic? even taste u wan authoritarian? moreover who can n how to define whats authentic? looes n his magic tongue?

      culture include food n taste is dynamic n fluid, y now u sound like pas n hadi?

    7. Bull lah!

      Another one of yr wordplay of the dichotomy between yr demoncracy & authoritarian rule!

      Who r u to dictate the authenticity of a heritage culinary? For that matter anything traditional/heritage?

      U want to eat sh*t, go ahead. BUT don't claim u have tried authentic traditional dishes!

      Exactly bcoz "culture include food n taste is dynamic n fluid" that a unique classification of heritage IS of utmost consideration.

      Only a sh*thead, most likely infested with that zombiey T-virus, is twisting & ranting about who sounds like pas n hadi!

      The first thing yr taxidermist should do is to immediately work on yr tongue.

      Yrs is more magical then loose74 - it not only can probe deeply. It also can twist like a drill!

    8. i opt for choice n variety while u can only accept so called authentic, which in tis world only looes magical tongue could tell, how r u diff with those islamist that assert their brand of islam is the most authentic?

    9. I go for variety BUT when it comes to traditional/heritage dishes, I only want authentic!

      Reread what have u been written about choice n variety lah. Bloody incoherent & talk cockatoo to mix authentic with choice n variety!

      Must be T-virus progresses into 2nd phase!

      I DONT give a sh*t about those islamist that assert their brand of islam is the most authentic? As long as they keep it to themselves!

      When they r trying to infringe my rights THEN I won't give chance. There is no choice n variety HERE - only one way blank firing to kingdom comes, which is also the ONLY way these zombies should be treated.

      Comprehendi, zombie lover cun cinapek apologist?

    10. CK is our resident Islamophobe, wakakaka

    11. I'm not islamophobe!

      I just can't tolerate zombieism & proclaim so.

      U people r just play zombie lovers for whatsoever reasons that suit yr goal ONLY.

      In other words, bloody opportunity seekers!

  7. The specic style/taste of koay teow t'ng is a Hokkien-based dish and widely available throughout Malaysia wherever Hokkien-dialect communities congregate.

    1. Kuoi Kang (mainland Malaysia) people cook lousy koay teow t'ng

    2. That's just yr lousy bastardized taste bud!

    3. no you are wrong, we penang lang don't take to your bastardised style of cooking

    4. I dont believe this cheebye kaytee is penang lang.

      Show me the fucking proof.....cheebye kaytee

    5. Good question!

      Who bastardized whose cooking style - hmmm?…m

      Everything has an origin.

      Penang cooking is based on Fujian cooking recipes with the infusion of many local ingredients & preparation.

      Jadi, who's bastardized who's now?

      Pie in yr face AGAIN!

    6. your mainland bastardised style of cooking

    7. Cheebye kaytee......he could be taiwan one you know.....what the fuck ah neh cheebye kaytee knows about chinese food

    8. That's WHY these anmokauxai have no maruah.

      Someone once say before one goes anywhere, one must knows from where one comes from.

      Hence, no root, no expanded canopy!

      Forever, a failure.

      Eat yr heart out le!

    9. my root is in Penang, unlike you Kuoi Kang lang, wakakaka

  8. Wakakakaka……

    Looks like KT running out of subject to blog!

    May I suggest this:

    But when a mother says her adult daughter's faith was in question, you immediately arrested two people - the daughter and Siti Kassim.

    It has all the elements KT can main2 le!

    1) PH govt bashing - igp not doing his job properly

    2) Siti Kassim - one if KT's but.

    1. I say, this CK is really an annoying twerp, trying to tell me what to blog

    2. No.

      Not telling, suggesting!

      Tak bolih ke?

      After all, yr recent writings can be considered trashy, mostly mamak bashing to kingdom comes, lks/lge clown dressings & worst, inconsequential blog about a non-issue aka wan's rubbish rant!

      I'm just doing u a service to remove yr blogger's mental block.


    3. Ck....cucuk more....this fucker has been enjoying good life since time immemorial.....time for kaytee to suffer

      Mother nature ma

    4. just I have often advise you, start a blog and post what you like. you are not doing anyone a service with you LOUD rants and racist nonsense a la Nga Kor Ming - Hew Kuan Yau wakakaka

    5. Rather we should destroy kaytee cheebye mock just like lee kuan yew destroy jb jeyaratnam

      Such kaytee cheebye character must never survive

    6. Before u r giving advice, ask why u blog!

      Waste yr f**king free time as if u have no other lives?

      Syiok yrself about yr writing skill?

      Earn some dedak?

      Pay back time for gratitude owned?

      Whichever way u claimed, u need us as respondents.

      So stop talking cockgaroo while doing blogging in WWW.

      Otherwise, go & graffiti a personal diary lah. Libih senang, zilch rebuttal. 101% syiok the ego!

    7. Ck.....good one! Guys and gals....where are we are constantly attacking kaytee

      Kaytee mock is no fucking welcome in world wide web. Kaytee should fuck off now. Hence, my mission to ensure kaytee is mampus forever....after torture of course