Saturday, June 02, 2018

The mystery behind HSR cancellation

Yesterday, Sing Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan (an ex-Malaysian, wakakaka) showed he was mad as hell at Malaysia's "unofficial" - but publicly stated by Mahathir - cancellation of the HSR project.

a Penang lang who studied in Chung Ling and ACS (now called MBS, my alma mater, wakakaka)  

It's a joint project between Malaysia and Sing but only Malaysia decided, unilaterally, to dump the HSR.

Many have suspected that Mahathir, who has a notorious history of disliking and being difficult to Sing, has once again gone into his anti-Sing mode, which inevitably proves fatal to HSR and a host of Malaysia-Sing cooperation.

Khaw Boon Wan has openly threatened Malaysia, vowing to make Malaysia pay for expenses in addition to the contracted compensation clause of US$125 million.

Additionally, he was also annoyed that Malaysia has not bothered to respond to his request for clarification when each and everyday Sing would be incurring high expenses for the yet-to-be officially-notified cancellation.

The speed at which Mahathir has cancelled the HSR project gave lie to the Pakatan manifesto promise to "Relook the awarding of mega projects to foreign countries".

T'was on Monday 28 May 2018 that he made the announcement, though he noted it would take sometime to work out the compensation due Sing.

On Tuesday 29 May 2018 Transport Minister Anthony Loke said that the decision on whether or not to drop the project was NOT discussed in the Cabinet meeting.

It gives credence to the jungle drums that alleged Mahathir had preempted any Cabinet decision in kaput-ing the HSR project.

But the old man insisted the cancellation was done by PH right from "the very beginning".

But alas, Anthony Loke isn't like Lim Guan Siew. The latter has backed KAUKAU his Boss' claim of Malaysia having a RM1 Trillion debt when that is only around 650 Billion.

Anthony Loke, so to speak, spilled the beans that the cabinet had made NO such decision.

Just in case you reckon it's all misunderstanding, Mahathir has suggested that Singaporeans may wish to emulate their Malaysians in voting out the establishment, Lee Hsien Loong's PAP government, wakakaka.

And that Malaysia will also build an island at Middle Rocks next to Pedro Branca lighthouse isle, minus any consultation with its close neighbour, as if this to-be-build island is of urgent considerations when issues such as the closure of Mahathir's creations, BTN and JAKIM, merit far more attention.

I bet when Najib was pally-buddying with Lee Hsien Loong, Maddy might have been squeezing his nuggets out of fury and frustration.



    Do you what you gotta do PH..
    Chase that devil dream of yours..

  2. Just make public the agreement and let the public decide if it was a good decision to cancel. Is MYS paying 95% of the upfront capital expenditure? And are we also paying 95% for the train sets, and operational / maintenance costs? How is the revenue going to be shared. Does MYS keep 95% of the fares or only the fares for passengers picked up from the MYS side and SGP keep the fares paid on SGP side?

  3. Government to Government contracts should not be a secret.
    We the principal shareholders have the right to know.

  4. Reveal also the Feasibiliy and Economic Impact Study like Najib requested.

  5. Malaysia is facing massive financial liabilities which will take 3 generations to pay off. The HSR contract appears highly lopsided unfavourable to Malaysia.

    Why shouldn't Malaysia withdraw from such a deal ?

  6. This HSR project was first mooted by YTL. We were one of the financial adviser who did the HSR project proposal to the Government/Pemandu. It was about 10 years ago. The project cost then was only about RM8.0 billion. We went to China and travelled in the Maglev. I am pretty sad that HSR was cancelled.

  7. Strange but now YTL, MRCB, Gamuda etc, the companies given the contract to build the line are not coming out in defence of the project.

    1. Mahathir has lined up new projects for them; one such is turning Middle Rocks into an island. Its like throwing money into a blackhole.

    2. tis leech could survive whoever is the pm.

  8. Lots of UMNO cronies involved in the HSR project each hoping for a windfall. Land, materials, supply, logistics, equipment, services etc etc are all marked up to give everyone a big Raya ang pow.

    With HSR cancelled, all will be in trouble because they would have done a lot of things upfront to meet the scheduled deadline and borrowings from banks must have been billions.

    That's TDM way to bankrupt UMNO big chiefs until they hop over to PBBM otherwise they are deadmeat.

    I think TDM wants them to crawl on all 4s, begging for mercy for help.

    That's what UMNO gets for hurting him and his family. What a world politics can do to human beings.

    So when are Singapore banks returning all the UMNO monies stolen and stashed away? All not saying, yet.

    With amounts in the billions involved, even the big banks in Singapore may collapse.

    So, how? Who dares to challenge him seeking vengeance.

    1. HSR and Bandar Malaysia are titanic gravy-trains.
      Massively inflated costs.

    2. Including one cheebye kaytee. Singapore seriously doesnt give a damn la

  9. The cancellation of the HSR project is definitely out of revenge politics played by Tun Mahathir. Worse still, MRT3 which is so important to complement MRT2 and 1 is also being terminated. I don't mind if he cancel the HSR project but not MRT3 which had been complemented by many economists at the best in the world, better than Singapore, Hongkong or UK. What a waste that such noble project which will benefit the rakyat tremendously has just gone down the drain just like that because of vengeance. The PH govt should review the project and not cancelling it just because the so-called RM1.0 trillion debt. The rakyat has the right to decide whether the HSR and MRT3 should be implemented and the PH govt should open up all feasibilitty studies on these two project and allow a referendum to be held. Let the rakyat decide.

    1. the election is sort of referendum and the rakyat already decides right?

    2. In GE14, the BN coalition and PAS combined together secured more votes than PH though the latter won the majority in parliamentary seats

  10. KBW has been shot frequently in SG for the breakdown of MRT services & road incidents. This is a good opportunity 2 earn some brownie points!