Friday, June 01, 2018

Pakatan's "non core" election promises

MM Online - It will take more than 100 days to fulfil Pakatan’s promises, Dr M concedes (extracts):

LANGKAWI, June 1 — Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad admitted today that more than 100 days are needed to fulfil Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) 10 pledges in its election manifesto.

The Langkawi MP said PH had made the promise when they were not privy to the state of the administration.

“We did not know the extent of the damages left by the previous administration,” he said in his speech at a buka puasa event in Al-Hana Mosque in Kuah here.

“I know we said we will fulfil the 10 promises within 100 days but now, I have to admit that it will take more than 100 days to fulfil.”

This is the same story that former Australian PM John Howard said after he won the election in Oz on a campaign promise NOT to cut government jobs.

After winning the election, he CUT massive number of government jobs.

When reminded about his campaign promise, he said (words to the effect) virtually the same thing as Mahathir just did: “We did not know the extent of the damages left by the previous administration”, knowing he might just get away with that as the voters would still be angry at the losing party.

That's bull because the opposition (before he won the election and indeed too, before Pakatan won the election) would have been keeping track of the government's spending, etc.

He revised his pre-election pledges, diving them into "core" and "non core" promises, where he could ignore "non core" promises, namely to sack thousands of public servants.

Now, watch out for Mahathir's "non core" promises, wakakaka.

As I mentioned to a FB matey, Kanti Kulasekaran, that to be fair to Maddy, that at a very early stage when he was nominated to be Pakatan PM-designate, he did say (many have now forgotten) the GST might be kept on for a while. He knew how effective and efficient the GST was.

But the provoked public anger against GST was so great he wisely backed off rather than tried to explain to the angry mob.

Getting rid of the GST was Pakatan leaders' foolish pride in keeping a silly campaign promise, but as the removal of the GST was one of the two pillars in the anti Najib campaign, they had to do it, even at great financial pain.

But as Kanti correctly said, he is now probably plotting when to bring GST back, perhaps even at 15%, wakakaka.

The morality of the silly sorry story is: Politicians will lie their way to victory and worry about campaign promises after winning the elections.

And where they can get away with "non core" promises they will, and where they can't, then they will probably come up with a temporary solution to appease the angry mob until the anger has been assuaged.

In the meantime, enjoy the 'opium' called the FIFA World Cup, wakakaka.

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  1. its still much much much better under barisan nasional. everyone know that.

    1. How is it much much better when the markets are digging new lows, our RM is dropping to Zimbabwe levels despite the high oil prices, our reserves are crying to be spared from Mahathir's grubby hands, and more goodies given to the rich and those who can afford it, as compared to the pittance the poor gets? Maybe its better from your PoV, but not to those in need.

    2. its now 6% cheaper for almost everything, n i am the poor. u r not, thats y u cant feel it.

    3. Cheaper for 3 months before 10%SST hits. Are you implying that you're gonna live only for another 3 months? Stop lying that you're poor. If you can afford for internet to come here rant daily, YOU'RE NOT POOR! Poor is those people who went muflis thanks to Mahathir's shenanigans back in the 90s.

    4. not 3 months, shd be as long as no gst. its a fact gst collect 20b more from poor vs sst, ph approach is to benefit the people instead of singaporean like loose or mainland chinese like ck, the 2 zombie state on earth. we r also not trying to save the american economy like najib did.

      msia internet penetration is more than 85%, we have 85% affluence citizen?

      yr arithmetic, like yr comprehension, need sharpen up.

  2. All governments should make 100-day delivery promises. Easier for the citizenry to judge their performance. Forget Vision 2020 or TM50 or what crap. Even the 5-year Plans are too long, too big, too woolly and too complicated. Keep It Short and Simple.

  3. Something partially lifted from Sin Chew.....

    In a nightmare Alternate Universe, Najib triumphed in GE14, and BN wins a landslide victory.
    The combination of Malays frightened of DAP domination of Pakatan, combined with older generation Chinese determined to punish Mahathir for his past transgression, led to a near complete wipeout of Pakatan.

    So where would we be today ?

    First of all, the economy would continue to go downhill because BN would have to honor its election pledges, including pay raise for 1.6 million civil servants from July (not sure the $ amount) and RM5,000 bonuses for each Felda settler - x 95,000 settlers = RM 475 Million.

    Government’s operating expenditure would continue to rise at the expense of development expenditure. If this goes beyond what the government could cope, GST rate would be further revised upward above 6%.

    Secondly, the hidden debts could burst, including RM199.1 billion government-guaranteed debts (14.6% of GDP) and RM201.4 billion lease payments for public-private partnership (PPP) projects. The government would be legally forced to fork out the cost if the companies involved could not settle their debts.

    The BN government would likely siphon resources elsewhere to settle 1MDB’s immediate debts. Bank Negara reportedly purchased a 22.58-hectare plot of land for RM2 billion in the name of constructing a financial education center. The money was subsequently used to settle 1MDB’s end-2017 debt.
    With 1MDB unable to honor its debts and interests, if BN were to remain as federal government, it would continue to cover up and siphon resources from somewhere else to settle 1MDB’s debts, which would snowball to unthinkable proportions, while the world would continue to be kept in the dark over the scandal.

    Then I woke up and fortunately realised it was just a nightmare.

    1. stop your perpetual bullshit to divert attention from Pakatan's broken promises. You sure are one humongous dedak makan-er.

      We are now in a real Pakatan-ruled world and we want to see how many election promises would be fulfilled

    2. Quite rich coming from Ktemoc who turned a blind eye to Najib's misdeeds for 10 years, nay , vigorously attacked Najib's critics.

    3. Not just quite....its fuckinly filthy rich of kaytee to be critical of anything

  4. Did you vote for Pakatan Harapan ? I voted for it but I did not read the Manifesto. Even if they don't have a manifesto, I would have voted for PH. No prizes for guessing why. This is not just any party or coalition taking turns to be the governing administrator...this is THE changing of a corrupt-to-core government which has been ruling us like forever..61 years... and we know we need to change to avoid being like Greece or Argentina or Venezuela. So I don't read the Manifesto at all. Maybe there are a lot who read the Manifesto and voted based on manifesto but from the feedback so far, they seemed to know the dire straits we are in now and these people contribute to the TabungHarapan and can wait until the economy recovered for the new government to deliver on the electoral promises. So why sibuk sangat la you pro Umno/BN voters about whether the new team have difficulty fulfilling all the promises within a few months ?

    Do read this girl's reason WHY she voted PH ( excerpt from her Facebook ) : continue next post

  5. (continue from previous)...

    Excerpt from this girl WHY she voted for PH :

    "Saya yg undi PH haritu bukanlah ahli PKR, PPBM, Amanah ataupun DAP. Saya ahli UMNO. Saya tak pernah pangkah selain dari BN sebelum ni.

    Kami rakyat Malaysia yang undi PH sebab kami dah marah dgn BN. Dgn UMNO. Dgn Najib sebagai PM. Saya cuma nak kerajaan korup Najib tumbang. Kemuncak kemarahan saya dan rakyat Malaysia yang lain jelas bila PRU14 kerajaan BN tumbang dengan kekalahan paling teruk dalam sejarah pilihanraya Malaysia.

    Kami tak peduli pasal manifesto. Saya personally, undi saya adalah sebab faktor Tun, faktor Najib. Saya memang kempen habis-habis dekat semua orang yg saya jumpa. Di ofis, di group whatsapp, even dalam ETS hari nak balik mengundi pun saya masih kempen. Kempen cara saya la. Bodo2.

    Tapi boleh dibanggakan sebab ada budak ofis cakap ‘aku gi mengundi haritu salah satu sebabnya takut kak shikin marah’. Hahahahaha. Sekarang lihat lah pilihan kita, berbaloi tak? Manifesto tu manifesto lah. Kami yg undi PH ni tak hadap sangat nak jelaskan janji dalam manifesto tu satu satu walaupun harini dah masuk hari ke-18 pasca PRU14, banyak janji yg dah dikotakan.

    Kerajaan sebelum ni dah banyak buat kerosakan. Saya masih tak faham kenapa ada orang masih boleh sokong Najib? Apa masih tak nampak ka segala musibah yang dia bawa? Masih ada yang mempermainkan usaha team Tun M nak selamatkan negara."

    "Walaupun jelas2 betapa bejat nya kerajaan sebelum ni, masih taknak mengaku. Yang hari-hari dimainkan adalah sentimen kaum dan agama. Orang Cina itu, orang Cina ini. Fahamilah, orang Cina juga rakyat Malaysia. Dan negara kita ada perlembagaan, ada Sultan dan Raja. Takkan semudah itu orang bangsa lain nak jual Malaysia. Kalau ada pun, orang sesama kaum yang jual Malaysia sebelum ni. Nampak ke nampak?"

    "But I understand bila Tun cakap ini perjuangan terakhir beliau. Benar-benar terakhir. Saya pernah mimpi Tun dah takda dan bangun pagi bantal saya basah dengan air mata.

    PH 100 hari kami tak kisah Tun. Tapi kami nampak usaha Tun dan kawan-kawan yang lain untuk selamatkan Malaysia. Kami yakin Malaysia is in safe hands now. "

  6. Never mind, lah. Take longer also ok. What's the rush. We all have 5 years to wait.

    Eat you heart out.


  7. Core promises: Rescue his sons and cronies and his legacy.
    Non-core promises: Whatever those fools in PH promised.

  8. I am most disappointed with the opposition. The Harapan government has already chosen a new PM (93 years old) and a 13-member core Cabinet, not yet a full one, so give them a break on the 100-days will you? The opposition, however, don't have a front-line yet, to attack all these broken promises. 4.24 million voters, or 36% of the electorate voted for BN but until today there is no sign of a Shadow Cabinet. Shameful. Here is my suggestion:

    Shadow PM and Opposition Leader: Khairy
    S Deputy PM: Hishamuddin
    S Minister of Finance & Defence (until further notice): Najib
    S Minister of FT: Ku Nan
    S Minister of MITI and Economy: Tok Pa
    S Minister of Law: Azalina
    S Minister in Charge of Tourism: Nazri
    S Minister of Home Affairs: Zahid
    S Minister of Religious Affairs: PAS

    Come on let's have some action at the next Parliament session. I'm looking forward to it.

  9. My reading is correct, that GST is bad for the country is just a fitnah from PH.

    On 1MDB, it is still pending because apparently there is no evidence to charge Najib yet. At this juncture, I will allow the benefit of the doubt to flow to Najib.

  10. If KT feels compelled to pay more money than he absolutely needs to, he is welcomed to deposit the excess money in the tabung harapan.
    Oh wait... he's not here is he?
    And really.. 15% GST? It sounds like pure spite.

  11. Something very noticeable is that the news reports in the mainstream and alternative media such as The Star, NST, Malay Mail, The Sun and Free Malaysia Today have gotten rather similar, insipid and boring, with the exception of The Malaysian Insight (which has surprisingly come out of limbo), is a little spicier.

    Like this article on the future of Tun Razak Exchange reads like it was taken from a press release by the developers.

    And this article reads like a piece of official propaganda.

    Anyway, Saturday usually is a slow news day, I suppose since writers have other, more personal matters to do attend to.

    Also, postings on WhatsApp groups as well as individual postings are few and far between, compared to long before to the elections, where people were posting and forwarding stuff whether real or fake news.

    It looks like the cyber-teh tarik and cyber-pub politicians have lost their steam.

  12. Politicians r e same, they promise u e sun, e moon & e stars.however,i wun b so calculative on e 100 days promise as tis inertia of 61 years of regime change will need more time 4 changes & overhaul. it's not like 5 years of things to fix, but 61 years. & we r not talking about a small 50 pax company but a 30mil country. give them a year even if needed, too much on e plate 2 clean up.if u cant wait, u can vote them out next election 4 breaking tis 100 days promise.