Saturday, October 29, 2005

World Lesson for China & Korea

1st Case
This man makes a
terrible threat, which combined with his country’s covert intention to develop a nuclear bomb, which by the way everyone knows, is frightening stuff.

Though so far, he is merely all tough talk but no action. Nevertheless he has been condemned by the usual crowd – USA, Europeans & Australia – both for the threat and the intention to develop a nuclear bomb.

2nd Case
This man makes a
terrible threat, which combined with his country’s powerful military, that everyone knows has the same destructive potential as a nuclear bomb but without the danger of contaminating coveted land, is equally frightening stuff, namely, to deny another people statehood which is equivalent to the act erasing a nation off the map. By the by, his country isn’t developing any nuclear bomb, because it already has 200 over nuclear devices.

Unlike the 1st case, this man has not only made tough talk but actually followed through on his nasty threats, with dire consequences for his victims. Nevertheless he hasn’t been condemned at all by the usual crowd – USA, Europe and Australia – for his threats, brutal assaults on innocent civilians or his possession of nuclear bombs.

Korea and China have never come up well in their angry protests against a recalcitrant Japan, hellbent on whitewashing its barbaric military past by historical revisionism, refusal to pay compensation to victims of its WWII barbarism, and high level visits to the Yasukuni Shrine to spiritually rehabilitate class A war criminals, whose remains are enshrined at Yasukuni.

The protestors ended up looking like hooligans throwing stones at nice Japanese embassies instead of being the insulted, hurt and outraged families of Japanese victims. They have been condemned rather than the Japanese revisionists. That's like the USA or Europe or Australia condemning Israel for protesting against the German Chancellor's visit to the shrine of Adolf Hitler.

Already a very marked difference exists between the postwar treatment of Germany and Japan, without any condemnation by the world - any worship or remembrance of Hitler and top Nazis have been correctly erased off the face of German or Austrian soil, but Hideki Tojo and his fellow criminals were allowed to be interned and worshipped in the sacred Yasukuni Shrine.

My advice to the Koreans & Chinese - don't get mad, get cleverly even. Take a trip to Tel Aviv or New York to learn the skills of making the world feel guilty to the extent they do for Jews and, thus indirectly, Israel.

Then next time, the world will jump on a historically revisionist Japan instead of condemning the Korean or Chinese protestors as hypocritical hooligans. The world will then admonish Japan for worshipping an evil man like Hideki Tojo because that is just as unacceptable as worshipping Adolf Hitler.

Maybe they will also rebuke anyone for wearing the emblem of the ‘Rising Sun’ to a fancy dress ball in the same way they did Prince Harry when the young party-going naïve man wore a swastika armband as part of his fancy dress garb.

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