Monday, June 11, 2018

Ku Li's opinion of Mahathir

Probably the 3 Malaysians (Malays) most 'injured' by Mahathir were: Anwar Ibrahim, Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tengku Razaleigh (Ku Li). Mahathir was never and has never been nice nor a forgiving man, more so when the person he disliked(s) could pose a likely threat to his personal political fortune.

He didn't expect AAB to be such a threat to his legacy and must have for a while regretted accepting AAB into the UMNO upper echelon after the 1987 UMNO constitutional crisis, and eventually making him his successor.

That AAB even had a mind of his own was a blasphemy and affront to his imperious mentality, and to him, an abomination which must be rid off, so much so he took serious steps to undermine the bloke, and after poor AAB resigned as PM, continued to deride his successor with much abuse and uncalled for insults.

Such has been a man like Mahathir, who even had the brazen pomposity and arrogance to label Najib as his (Mahathir's) successor. Mahathir showed he considers the PM-post only his to give or take away; and in a way, wakakaka, he was proven right by Pakatan and supporters.

Anyway, Anwar who had the effrontery to attempt to oust him in 1997-8 was kowtim-ed kaukau, spending years in prison. Anwar has not quite recovered from his downfall since 1998, and even today must be chaffing at the MOU reins when he watches helplessly as his old foe swans around as the 7th PM. But Mahathir deep in his black heart still detests Anwar. As long as Mahathir lives in a mentally coherent state, Anwar can forget about being the PM, and he shouldn't be surprised if Mahathir has planned well "ahead", wakakaka.

Tunku was so angry, shocked, frustrated and demoralised by this man who was so un-Malay-ishly biadab to him that the old prince left UMNO which would have been unthinkable for a person like Tunku who loved his political party.

And Ku Li was never ever allowed to come near any cabinet position since he had the UMNO presidency 'taken' away from him by Mahathir.

Ku Li sabo kaukau by fake news he had converted to Christianity by you-know-who

Today we read in MM Online Ku Li saying: Dr M no longer a dictator? He's just wearing a 'different t-shirt', as follows:

KUALA LUMPUR, June 10 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad may be with Pakatan Harapan but he has not changed, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah claimed today.

News portal The Malaysian Insight quoted the Kelantan prince as saying that Dr Mahathir is still the same man, but merely wearing a “different T-shirt.”

“He was like that 23 years ago, he was like that 22 years ago, I think he is like that now.

“He’s no longer a dictator? Just see the line-up of the party that was born only a few years ago, but heads the government in Kedah, Perak, Johor and elsewhere, and see the number of seats they have in cabinet,” the Gua Musang MP reportedly told a news conference here today.

Pribumi controls most of the states and Home Ministry

Dr Mahathir’s Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) won 13 parliamentary seats in GE14. Four of its top leaders are currently federal ministers, while three others are mentris besar in Kedah, Perak and Johor.

“He (Dr Mahathir) is the same but wearing a different shirt, the old shirt has worn out,” Tengku Razaleigh added.

Ku Li, Anwar and the late Tunku know Mahathir just too well, for what the current PM is. And it's all not good ... despite what Anwar might have been pretending to say or, for his future's sake, being forced by his wife to say.

Ku Li was most marginalised while Anwar was subjected to the most horrendous treatment, to wit, jail and a black eye. And poor Tunku passed away a sad man who witnessed his beloved country, Constitution, Senate, Judiciary, Civil Service and party mutilated.


  1. I used to be an admirer of Ku Li, going back to the Semangat 46 days. Today, to me, he is the "nearly man". He always promises much but never actually delivers anything. Famous for delivering scathing speeches, even against the ruling establishment, but after that....does nothing about it. He could have been a Minister of Something to make a difference but if I am not mistaken he hasn't been a Minister for the last 20 or 30 years. Just sit and hide in the Fox's Cave and Mini-White House in Langgak Golf.

    Even today he blames UMNO's loss to wrong "public perception". Hell No. We are not fools. UMNO lost because of REALITY. Reality of the corruption within the party. And he allowed it to happen.

    It will make no difference if he contests and becomes UMNO President. Nothing will change. He says TDM is a dictator wearing a different T-shirt. To me Ku Li is still a "nearly man" still wearing the same T-shirt.

    1. TS,
      Rather I thank God that Semangat 46 did not win the 1990 GE. In actual fact, Ku Li is the one who never change. He is still a fucking royalist with ketuanan melayu flavour
      Do you know Ku li was Minister of Finance? Hahahaha! That cheebye kaytee can complain about Madhater's chameleon tactics but lo and behold, Ku Li has been jumping in and out of UMNO.
      However, it would be good that Ku Li can be the opposition leader. That will make Dr M more holy and Dr M opportunity to be cleansed. Something that Najib desperately wants right now. Ku Li's reputation on the other hand would be tarnished forever

    2. While I may be a PAS supporter, I would dare say that those who put Mahathir back on the throne has turned their backs on TAR's vision of Malaysia and spit on his legacy. TAR would have been saddened to see how his beloved country turned out.

    3. Re your "behold, Ku Li has been jumping in and out of UMNO".

      Pray tell me, what about Mahathir?

    4. Don't you think that's the fact! Cheebye Kaytee......Admit it la

  2. As usual, Kaytee has omitted the full message by Ku Li. About Ketuanan Melayu and UMNO position in Malaysia stage. As always, the real last of the mohicans are Ku li and as well cheebye kaytee

  3. Let's look at the reality today and you will then know all the hubris written above and whether spoken by whom all don't make a difference.

    TDM is 93 already and there is no way he can rule like he does back then whether it be for 22 years or even another 5 years.

    I don't mind believing TDM in this late stage in life has bertaubat (repented) and trying to undo his past mistakes and make good on the reforms as promised by PH for a new Malaysia. Even if he hasn't, as speculated by his mortal enemies or Kaytee, the probability of Mahathirism ruling again is so improbable with whoever TDM is lining up forward to carry on his Mahathirist's plans.

    So, in the current scenario, the best option is still to let the old man fulfill his wishes and hopefully a new Malaysia will emerged on a stronger footing.

    1. Hahahahaha......So nostro piggy is Kaytee back lane channel to Madhater......hahahahahaha

  4. What a bull!

    Tunku was most hurted by razak's classical act of Et tu, Brute!

    Mamak was just a tool that razak never in his wildest dreams COULD think about his hell hound's deep & long Machiavellian moves!

    1. did I say anywhere that Tunku was NOT hurt by Razak's treachery?

    2. Yada yada....and i didnt say i have absolute proof that kaytee is actually an ah neh pretending to be a chinese

    3. aiyoyo, my name is kaytee kutty, wakakaka

    4. Alamak......when you see a snake and an indian (Kaytee), you gut kaytee......hahahahaha

    5. KT said "Probably the 3 Malaysians (Malays) most 'injured' by Mahathir were: Anwar Ibrahim, Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tengku Razaleigh (Ku Li)."

      I said "Tunku was most hurted by razak's classical act of Et tu, Brute!"

      So where to draw yr line?

      Yr most or my most?

      Or they all imply the same thing!

      If that's the case, where's yr bull came from?

      Word play by wordsmith?


    6. CK your English is pissed poor

    7. Yeah! Kaytee yingerand beri tokong

      Cheebye kaytee, who is rumpelstillskins hah?

    8. I no pommie trained!

      So my poor england is excusable lah. But u bolih faham!

      Just like when u r trying to 'discourse' with me in Mandarin. How r u going to put yr sentrnces across clearly & reasonably well put WOULD be a Herculean task!

      At least u understand my england to dispute me. But yr Mandarin would put many to shame!


    9. when I said your English is pissed poor I did NOT mean literally - I meant you didn't bother to read what was above your idiotic comment

    10. Wakayama……

      I no wordsmith to spend time playing with words! I understand what I read, no wordsmith's interplay of simple idiotic meanings lah!

      Simple man ONLY talks straight, comprehendi?

    11. So what if this cheebye kaytee slightly versed in yingerand. He knows nuts about greats....hahahaha

      What is greats hah? Kaytee