Monday, May 10, 2021

Maszlee asks minister Radzi: WTF are you doing on rape joke scandal


Speak up for Ain or resign, Maszlee tells minister

Former education minister Maszlee Malik has questioned the silence from his successor Radzi Jidin and deputies.

PETALING JAYA: Former education minister Maszlee Malik has urged his successor Radzi Jidin and his two deputies to speak up over the issue involving schoolgirl Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam, who had revealed how a teacher had made inappropriate rape jokes recently.

In a series of Twitter posts, Maszlee urged Radzi and his deputies, Dr Mah Hang Soon and Muslimin Yahaya, to show some leadership instead of ignoring the matter.

Maszlee, who is MP for Simpang Renggam, said the issue brought to light by Ain was not an isolated incident but had been taking place for a long time and needed to be brought to an end.

“With the current attitude shown by the minister and his deputies towards this case, distrust between parents and schools will widen. They need to be more proactive or just resign!

“Schools should be the safest place for children!” he said.

Maszlee also urged the education ministry to implement a memo he had issued as education minister in December 2019, stating that teachers found guilty of physically or sexually abusing students must be sacked.

The memo also stated that teachers being investigated cannot be allowed to meet any student, adding that the transfer of such educators must be stopped immediately.

Why is the ministry silent, says parents’ group

The education ministry’s silence on Ain’s allegations was also questioned by the Melaka Action Group for Parents in Education (Magpie), whose chairman asked if the ministry was condoning the teacher’s actions.

Magpie chairman Mak Chee Kin also cited reports that Ain had been issued a warning letter for skipping school, while no disciplinary action had been taken against the teacher in question and a classmate who had made rape threats.

He warned that there would be a drop in public esteem for schools and teachers if the ministry did not address this issue.

“The school’s management and education ministry owe us an explanation as to why the warning letter was given when her father had already met with the school management. What message are they giving to the students?

“To keep quiet even if you feel something isn’t right? To accept what is being taught in school blindly?

“The education ministry cannot sweep this issue under the carpet. We urge for swift action to be taken to prevent recurrence. Our girls need to be protected and schools need to be a safer place for all,” he said in a statement to FMT.


  1. MCA ask Chinese voters for some telur but in the face of an incompetent Education Minister the Deputy Mah Hang Song from MCA got NO TELUR to speak up....maybe he is working hard on UEC recognition ha ha ha...

    Kulai MP demands education minister, deputies address period spot check reports
    22 April 2021

    Former deputy education minister Teo Nie Ching is demanding that Education Minister Radzi Md Jidin and his deputies take action to address reports that period-shaming is a common practice, particularly in boarding schools.

    “Recently, the whole country was startled to find out the information on bullying and sexual harassment that has been happening in our educational institutions - in the name of period spot checks.

    “As far as I am concerned, there are no guidelines allowing teachers to do this. So why have these spot checks been happening?” asked Teo in a statement today.

    She said it was shocking that to date, the Education Ministry (MOE) has not issued any statement on this.

    "And what shocked us is one senior minister with two deputies (Muslimin Yahaya and Mah Hang Soon), all males, seemed insensitive and could not be bothered by this horrific incident,” she said.

    Today, Malaysiakini reported that girls in multiple schools had to undergo “period spot checks” where they are told to physically prove they are on their period through means which violate privacy.

    This is according to current students and those who left school up to 20 years ago.

    The measures include showing their blood-soaked sanitary pads, doing swabs of their vagina with either cotton buds, tissues, or their fingers, or having a teacher, warden or school prefect pat them down at the groin to feel if they are wearing a sanitary pad, they said.

    Over a dozen individuals reached out to Malaysiakini in less than 24 hours after a call for stories was made. They recalled how the behaviour towards menstruation at boarding schools was “shameful” but was accepted as “normal practice”.

    Teo said the situation demanded a response from the ministry.

    1. Lioness-Kitty Nie Ching only tai-sairng when no longer under Atuk, wakakaka. When under Atuk, moe sairng, like tikus

  2. Easily 90% of Malaysians have no idea who the current Education Minister is..

    He apparently subscribes to "the less visible you are the less likely you will be held a accountable".

    But most Malays nevertheless Sokong the Moo Administration.

    Asalkan orang Kito.