Saturday, May 22, 2021

Cops call up mystery businessman Yong Chee Kong over alleged Covid-19 vaccine donation

MM Online:

Cops call up mystery businessman Yong Chee Kong over alleged Covid-19 vaccine donation

A general view of the residence purportedly belonging to one Yong Chee Kong in Kota Kinabalu May 20, 2021. — Picture by Julia Chan

KOTA KINABALU, May 21 — Police have taken the statement of Yong Chee Kong — the Sabahan businessman who offered two-million doses of Covid-19 vaccine to the Penang government — following allegations of a scam by the minister in charge of the national immunisation programme, Khairy Jamaluddin.

Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Hazani Ghazali said police were investigating the case and have called him up today.

“Yes...he is willing to come and give his statement. He came on his own, so my officer will be recording his statement,” he said when contacted.

Hazani declined to say what the police is investigating him for or whether there would be an arrest in connection with their investigations.

“It depends on what he says,” said Hazani.

The little known Sabahan named Yong Chee Kong shot to fame after Khairy exposed the latter and his private company’s bid to offer two million free doses of Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine to Penang, declaring it a scam.

Khairy said due diligence showed no prior business dealings with Sinovac China or proof of donations by the Hong Kong-based Xintai Development Enterprise Limited.

Yong, a 58 year old businessman originally from Tawau, insisted that his offer was genuine and made on behalf of his boss, but was disappointed that his identity was exposed and his efforts labelled a scam.

Yong claimed that he initially made an offer to buy the Sinovac vaccine for the whole of Sabah but the state rejected it as the drug had yet to be approved by the Malaysian government then.

He was then approached by the Penang government who he said drafted a letter which bore his personal address and had a typo with the company name, but no company letterhead.

Yong had claimed that he would only donate vaccines that he procured himself and was not offering funds to purchase vaccines, but Khairy’s office “wanted him to pay to an office in Kuala Lumpur”.

Khairy has since explained Yong was instead asked to either show proof of the donation or make an official donation to the government of Malaysia which will then be passed to the Penang government.


  1. Why cops never call up Bonnie and Clyde donors of 2.6B and Birkin Bags? To date not one. Zilch. Kosong. Yilek.

  2. QUOTE
    Pharmaniaga seals agreement with Malaysian govt to supply Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine
    Tan Siew Mung
    January 26, 2021

    KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 26): Pharmaniaga Bhd has signed an agreement with the Malaysian government to supply 12 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

    Pharmaniaga said in a bourse filing that its wholly-owned subsidiary Pharmaniaga LifeScience Sdn Bhd (PLS) had entered into a term sheet agreement with the government of Malaysia, represented by the Ministry of Health (MoH), for the purchase and distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine.

    The vaccine will be developed by Sinovac Life Sciences Co Ltd (Sinovac LS), a subsidiary of Sinovac Biotech Ltd, it said.

    It also said the duly executed agreement is to enable PLS to supply 12 million doses of finished Covid-19 CoronaVac, SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine (Vero Cell), Inactivated (developed by Sinovac LS), and filled and finished by PLS to be delivered to hospitals, clinics and any other facilities nationwide as instructed by the MoH.

    "The supply of the finished Covid-19 vaccine is subject to getting registered with Drug Control Authority and meeting all regulatory requirements.

    "PLS has submitted its application for registration with NPRA on Jan 19, 2021. Subject to approval by the NPRA, the finished Covid-19 vaccine is expected to be delivered to MoH by April 2021," it said.

    “The agreement and collaboration contemplated therein will serve as a platform for Pharmaniaga to further strengthen its vaccine business and grow the sector in Malaysia.

    “It will also provide Pharmaniaga another income stream, which will contribute to the profitability of the company in the future,” it said.

    Pharmaniaga is a public limited company. As at 31 December 2020, Boustead Holdings owns 55.83% of the company, while Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT) owns 11.16%. The major owner of Boustead Holdings is itself LTAT.

  3. He's either a scammer or some guy fronting for DaGe connections.

  4. sinovac is everywhere, lazada shopee mydin parkson 7/11, every tom dick can buy.

    1. News broadcasted from under that fart filled well by jealous katak dying on covid infection!


      Go to beg for that expired astrazeneca lah. It's ironic too that those katak have to paid for this out of shelf life vaccine!

    2. Maybe not quite Shopee or Taobao (yet) but it seems there are lots of backdoor channels for Sinovac, either based on Guangxi or good old corruption.

    3. Yaloh, just a continuing scam that the Formosa telephonic cheats r famous for!

      & who would buy into such a scam?

      The blurred & the kiasi!

    4. The phone scammers are almost all CCP-based.

      One major gang, Malaysia dubbed them "Macau Scam" to avoid angering China, but the fact is the criminal operatives were almost all CCP nationals.

    5. Wakakakakaka…

      Have u consulted with that Formosa lover of a 犬养mfer?

      Keep to yr f*cking lies lah.

      Bcoz it's a good laugh of yr kind of know-nothingness.

  5. QUOTE
    Please note that the above 290,480 vials of Sinovac vaccine were imported by a Hong Kong company on behalf of Pharmaniaga (UMNO) in February, and then the vials were packaged in Malaysia. Due to the lack of equipment and technical packaging in Malaysia, it has deteriorated. At present, the Hong Kong company has a court case with Pharmaniaga, and Sinovac is also in a lawsuit with the Hong Kong company. The main reason is that the payment has not been paid. Today the Malaysian government announced that Sarawak had purchased 1 million doses, which is really terrible. In the afternoon, I have confirmed the whole process with Douglas Uggah (Western Pharmacy in Kuching). Douglas confirmed that the Sarawak State government will not accept the above vaccines supplied by Pharmaniaga and also has a contract with the Department of Health. The Sarawak government will purchase vaccines on its own. So please be very careful. Watch the news about vaccines a lot. That's a matter of life and death

    Malaysians must question why the sinovac vaccine must go thru Pharmaniaga to bottle?. All vaccine produced usually come in the completed bottle by the vaccine producer. This is a clear attempt by the govt to enable a third party to profit from the sale of the vaccine knowing very well China is selling the vaccine very cheap for the sake of helping humanity. This can be seen by pfizer and other vaccine which does not allow pharmaniaga to bottle the vaccine becos their vaccine is already expensive and hence cannot make another layer of profit. Our MPs must question why sinovac vaccine are given to pharmaniaga to bottle and sold to the govt. Who profit from this arrangement?
    In order to be transparent govt must disclose the price they bought from sinovac and how much pharmaniaga sold the vaccine to the govt?
    Is this the reason why the govt is not allowing private hospital from ordering the vaccine so they can have a monopoly of the vaccine sale to the govt via pharmaniaga?
    One must also question of such a practice of allowing a third party to bottle the vaccine will affect the efficacy of the vaccine which has to undergo another process of bottling?