Thursday, May 27, 2021

You’re to blame if people are angry with Umno, Zahid told


You’re to blame if people are angry with Umno, Zahid told

Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi at the party’s general assembly in March.

PETALING JAYA: Two Umno leaders have told party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to take the blame for rising anger against party members serving in the federal Cabinet.

Padang Rengas MP Nazri Aziz and another high-ranking Umno leader said this was because Zahid had not instructed those ministers to quit the government, which is facing fierce criticism over its handling of Covid-19 and the economy.

Zahid has tried to defend Umno against the criticism, saying the party was not involved in making any policy and should, therefore, not be blamed or linked to the government’s failures.

However, some have argued that Umno men could be blamed for the worsening Covid-19 situation, slow vaccination rollout and half-baked lockdowns.

Nazri Aziz.

Senior minister for security Ismail Sabri Yaakob, health minister Dr Adham Baba and the minister in charge of the Covid-19 vaccination programme, Khairy Jamaluddin, are all Umno members.

Nazri told FMT he did not agree that ministers from Umno should not be blamed for the government’s failings since cabinet decisions are made collectively.

However, he said, people could not be faulted for blaming Umno as not everyone was aware how government decisions were made.

“If anyone should be blamed, it should be Zahid. He cannot fault people for getting angry with Umno ministers because he has not asked them to quit the Cabinet.”

At last March’s Umno general assembly, Zahid was given the mandate to decide when the party should withdraw support for the government.

“That includes instructing our ministers to quit,” Nazri said. “The fact that he has not done so is an indication of his weak, cowardly leadership.”

He said this was why Umno needed to have party elections as soon as possible. The party could not afford to continue having “this kind of leadership”.

The other Umno leader who spoke to FMT did so on condition that his name be withheld.

He said he was worried that the anger against the government would have an adverse effect on the party.

“Zahid must be brave and ask the ministers to quit,” he said.

“Perhaps, he is afraid to rock the boat or perhaps he is afraid that the ministers won’t listen to him and thus make him look even weaker.

“But it is Umno that will end up paying the price for his weak leadership. If the people are angry at the government, then we are guilty by association.”

He said the party needed a clean and firm leadership if it wanted to win the next general election.

“We cannot and must not postpone party polls. It will be disastrous if we carry on like this. The people will end up hating us,” he said.


  1. Did any MCA member ask Wee KHAT Siong to resign because people are so angry about so illegal inter-state travel spreading Covid virus, so many road accidents, falling construction and now train accident? And for his one-man investigation and yapping mulut?

    Hold your tongue, let task force do its work, Wee told
    Minderjeet Kaur - May 27, 2021

    PETALING JAYA: A transport advocacy group has told transport minister Wee Ka Siong to refrain from speculating on the cause of Monday’s accident on the Kelana Jaya LRT line.

    Public Transport Users Association president Ajit Johl said he should not be giving out “bits and pieces” of information and should let investigators carry out their work.

    “Why is the transport minister making speculative remarks when a task force has already been set up to look into the collision? Does he know more than the inquiry or is he just shooting his mouth off?” Ajit asked.

    Yesterday, Wee said human error was among the many factors being looked into as part of the investigation.

    Ajit said the minister should allow the task force to carry out a thorough investigation and the findings should be made public.

  2. umno believe voter is stupid, but sadly umno is not wrong.

    1. Green and Red Zombies have the same characteristics....blindly and fully support their leaders.

  3. Stupid?

    Gullible is more likely, as the overhanging pressure of live-&-let-live makes almost everyone just looking after their immediate/short-term wants/needs.

    Playing into the hands of the selfish minority elite to manipulate the demoNcratic inbuilt lopsided favouritism to their advantages.

    As someone say - u deserve what u have chosen, either blurred or conned.