Sunday, May 23, 2021

PN government has lost the plot on pandemic management

Focus Malaysia:

No full lockdown: Netizens pour scorn on Gov’t, calling them inept

FOLLOWING the Government’s insistence on not embarking on a total lockdown, frustrated netizens took to Senior Minister (Security) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s Facebook page to vent their anger.

“So, ‘your’ economy is more important than nyawa rakyat (people’s lives)… Gagal lah (what a failure)… so disappointed with you guys… macam tak serius je handle covid ni (not serious in handling COVID-19) … we want Full Lockdown… faham tak?” said user Alia Aman.

Another user named Zulfa Abu Bakar said: “Meeting berjam-jam tapi itu hasil yg keluar?Baik meeting dlm wasap group & baik gaji menteri & ahli parlimen dipotong 1/2, masuk ke tabung bantuan rakyat

(After having meeting for hours, this is your decision? Just do your meetings on WhatsApp group and slash ministers and MPs salaries by half, channel the funds to help the people).

Fellow netizen Samuel Tong remarked: Hari ni cakap macam tak cakap pun, shopping mall sama jer boleh jln jln apa benda ketat sop? Sekarang Dah pun semua shopping mall tutup 8pm!???

Total locked down bukan kita Nak tapi nyawa lagi penting, ingat kita ni berpuluh ribu cam menteri ker gaji??? Pakailah otak sikit buat kajian… Flip flop sini sana, rofai canai je…..

(Might as well you don’t make this announcement. What tightening SOP’s at shopping malls? Aren’t they already closing at 8pm now?

(It is not like we love total lockdown but human life is more precious. You think we earn tens of thousands like ministers? Use your brain and study the matter thoroughly instead of flip-flopping like making a roti canai!)

Yesterday, Ismail Sabri said that the Government would not lockdown the whole nation as it would affect lives and livelihoods.

He added that the Government would only enhance SOP and increase enforcement to ensure the pandemic rise is stemmed.

“We will be setting a special task force involving members from the Health Ministry (MOH), Finance Ministry, International Trade and Industry (Miti), National Security Council (NSC) and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) to look into how to balance lives and livelihoods.

“For now, we will enforce and enhance SOP from social gathering to economic sectors, including adding more roadblocks to restrict movements,” he said, in a joint press conference with MOH director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

Gov’t has lost the plot

Noor Hisham, on that note, urged the public to practice “self-lockdown” and minimise non-essential movements and called for the public to be disciplined about it.

However, the public were unimpressed with duo’s assertions.

On the Government’s decision to limit stores and hawker stalls operating hours from 8am to 8pm, user Ridzuan Syatiq argued that petty traders open at 6.30am to allow people to purchase food before leaving to work.

“If they are only allowed to open at 8am, their business will be affected badly as people would have gone or on their way to work by then. Who is going to help them then? The ministers?” he asked.

Another user called Yong Chian Haw quipped: “Please resign if you have ran out of idea how to administrate our country. The announced SOP is not only not helpful to reduce COVID-19, but also illogical and funny.

Convince me how do you calculate 50% in an LRT? How reducing business hour to from 8am to 8pm can help to stop virus spreading? You shorten the business hour then all will rush to the supermarket by 8pm. Isn’t that causing even more crowd in supermarket in order to replenish daily needs?

Please use science and data to make decision!!!

The decision of not having full lockdown had proven that this Government is only a puppet of big corporations but not servant to Malaysians. You are a totally failure to represent the rakyat, stop calling yourself kerajaan prihatin.

I miss so much of Harapan Government, at least the former minister of health are both doctors with good medical knowledge to make logical decision. At least both former PM and former DPM are also doctors. They know what they are doing. The current Cabinet is a total failure. Feel so bad for the #NotMyPM, he doesn’t even have good candidate to form a reasonable Cabinet. #KerajaanGagal.”

As of press time, the Facebook page has 819 comments, with 204 shares. – May 23, 2021.


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