Sunday, May 23, 2021

For 1st time, Pak Hadi said something meaningful and worthwhile

Focus Malaysia:

Russia, China should mediate Middle Eastern conflict, ditch Uncle Sam!

FOLLOWING the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, Malaysia’s Special Envoy to the Middle East Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang urged Russia and China to mediate peace between the warring nations.

“We should not entertain the US in the peace process because clearly, it takes Israel’s side at all times. Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Qatar, Arab Saudi, Egypt, Iran and Turkey must make a stand on this too.

“The US keeps supplying weapons to Israel and treats Palestine as a terrorist nation. So, it’s best for us Muslim nations to step up the pressure,” he said, in an interview with Bernama and published on Harakah Daily.

Recently, Hadi criticised Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern nation for normalising ties with Israel, alleging them of suppressing local discontent over the move.

He also lashed out at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for dragging its feet on helping Palestine, calling the body more of a “club to conduct forums”.

It is unclear how the Marang MP’s criticism against Saudi Arabia would affect bilateral ties, as the latter decides on the yearly quota for Hajj pilgrimage of any nations.

On that note, Hadi said it was upsetting that Palestine was getting bullied by Israel and other powers despite being recognised as a sovereign nation, with membership at the United Nation’s General Assembly and consulates established worldwide.

“Palestine also conducts election but often blocked, with Hamas categorised as a terror outfit by the US. In fact, the US continues to block any resolutions made by the UN against Israel.

“The last insult was by former US president Donald Trump, who unilaterally announced that Jerusalem belongs to Israel, breaching the ‘two-state solution’ plan.

“Under the initial plan, East Jerusalem was supposed to become Palestine’s capital,” he stated.

On the recent conflict, Hadi said that Israel started the fight by assaulting Muslims congregated at the al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan.

“’The fanatics from Israel attacked Muslims during a holy month. This triggered Palestinian anger, both Muslims and Christians,” he remarked. – May 23, 2021.


  1. How can. Russia and China are UN permanent Security Council Members who voted against US. So they are not neutral. Furthermore Russia and China have many other issues with US, like arms war, interference with elections, trade war etc.

    Switzerland or one of the Scandinavian countries would be better mediators.

  2. its a book believer issue y want kafir to get involve? hadi typical communist tongue, flattered by another communist tongue.

  3. What power do these, Switzerland or one of the Scandinavian countries, processed to clear a sopo manipulation built on twisted race, religion & geopolitical farts?

    The only possible mediator is someone who r willing to bear blood & criticism while powerful enough to say enough is enough!

    Meaning either the Zionist Jew pack their bags & move to their sugar daddies backyards or the Palestine dissolve into the surrounding countries & forget about calling a country of their own!

    Do far no such mediator could be found.

    Thus the continuing bloodletting.

    1. Why not China take in a wee bit tiny number?
      It Will also help alleviate its looming population shrinking crisis.

    2. Wakakakakaka…

      Don't u know there r Jews in China? The irony is they all want to 'falling back into the embrace of their long lost motherland'.

      The Palestinian want a god that's incompatible with any definition of God in China!

      Ooop… don't u worry about that looming population shrinking crisis. The Chinese can make do as they have been doing so for thousands of yr.

      But, how could a fart well dwelling katak knows anything outside that well!

    3. Russia was/is also a BULLY, annexing so many countries like the stans (Uz, Kazak etc), Baltic states, Ukraine etc until the breakup of Soviet Union, thank God, due to Reagan. Today still BULLYING UKraine for Crimea and tiny Georgia for territory.

      5000 yo Bullyland annexed Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjiang etc.

      So you want them to mediate in ME....? What kind of circular logik is that?

    4. because they will be miles better than the USA who will never ever be an impartial mediator

    5. Switzerland or Scandinavian countries never Rampas anything from anyone. They will be well respected as mediators.

    6. Russia the mediator? Ha ha ha....they know all about annexation.

      The Soviets annexed their first territories in eastern Poland on September 17, 1939, under the terms of the Non-Aggression Pact made with Nazi Germany. Soon after, the Red Army went to war with Finland in order to secure a buffer zone of protection for Leningrad (St. Petersburg). When the war was over, Finland ceded the territories demanded by the Soviets plus Karelia. The Soviet Union subsequently annexed the Baltic States, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as Moldova in 1940. Several other territories (modern-day Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Armenia) had been annexed prior to 1939.

    7. Russia is a few hundred times the size of Georgia, yet want to RAMPAS territory (Abkhazia and South Ossetia) from its tiny southern neighbour. Just like Israel is only 0.4% the size of of Arab territory but Arabs want to RAMPAS even this small share?
      And KT support this? There is enough land to go around. No need to be greedy.

    8. Wakakakakaka…

      "Switzerland or Scandinavian countries never Rampas anything from anyone"


      Blurred mfer, don't u forget about stating the time period!

      Or in that f*cked histories that u learnt they were all saints.

    9. cf:

      1) Erik the Red's Land (Norwegian: Eirik Raudes Land) was the name given by Norwegians to an area on the coast of eastern Greenland occupied by Norway in the early 1930s.

      2) Hans Island is a small, uninhabited, barren rock in the Arctic with no known reserves of oil or natural gas. Still, there is an ongoing territorial dispute between Denmark and Canada over who owns this little rock, and a very odd one at that.

      3) Vegvesenet snur – svensk brøytebilsjåfør slipper forelegg - This is probably one of the most important border disputes between Sweden & Norway since the second world war.

      4) The territorial evolution of Switzerland occurred primarily with the acquisition of territory by the historical cantons of the Old Swiss Confederacy and its close associates. This gradual expansion took place in two phases, the growth from the medieval Founding Cantions to the "Eight Cantons" during 1332–1353, and the expansion to the "Thirteen Cantons" of the Reformation period during 1481–1513.


      Blurred fart dickhead!

    10. Greenland now belongs to Denmark, oso Scandinavian country. fren fren to Norway, no issue.

    11. So?

      What's yr point vis-a-vis territorial disputes as mentioned by u?

      Fren fren now doesn't mean no fren u when individual objective clashes later.

      But, anmokausai blurred mfer wouldn't understand 合久必分 - an external truth of nature.

  4. Russia, ally of Assad, the butcher of Syria ?
    CCP , just only looking for construction project opportunities ?

    Stop hallucinating Hadi.

    Go back and take care of your 4 wives and your Mercs and Velfires, leave international diplomacy to serious adults.

    Loath the Yanks, but they are essential in any negotiations.


    Bangladesh quietly dropped "Except Israel" from its passport, even though it said policy towards Israel has not changed.

  6. The Saudis haven't bothered to engage with Hadi at all.

    The last time they had any discussion, the Saudis sent a very junior civil servant to meet Hadi, basically an Office Boy.

  7. See see those twisted farts of demoNcratic acolytes spilling diarrhoea to hide their forked-tongue!