Thursday, May 20, 2021

Labelled ‘bogus’ by Khairy, man claiming to be Yong Chee Kong insists pledge of two million Sinovac doses to Penang is real

MM Online:

Labelled ‘bogus’ by Khairy, man claiming to be Yong Chee Kong insists pledge of two million Sinovac doses to Penang is real

A general view of the residence purportedly belonging to one Yong Chee Kong in Kota Kinabalu May 20, 2021. — Picture by Julia Chan

KOTA KINABALU, May 20 — A man claiming to be the Sabah businessman offering to donate two million Sinovac vaccine doses to Penang insisted his offer was genuine and not “bogus” as described by Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaludin yesterday.

Identifying himself as Yong Chee Kong from Hong Kong-based investment company Xintai Enterprise Development Limited, he told Malay Mail when contacted that there was no link to the firm as he was acting in his personal capacity to donate the vaccines and never wanted the exposure.

“This is now a political issue. It’s not fair to me. We only wanted to donate the vaccines, not give cash,” said Yong.

He also asserted that the offer was not initially meant for Penang but Sabah.

According to the address that was included in the letter offering the vaccines to Penang, Yong is a resident of the state.

“I had reached out to the Sabah government via the chief minister but when they didn’t respond, Penang approached me and said since Sabah has rejected the offer, why not offer it to the Opposition?” he said during a phone interview with Malay Mail.

Yong also explained that the letter bearing his signature was written by the Penang DAP to be presented as a formal offer and that it unfortunately carried his private address and not that of a company.

“I didn’t write the letter, this is something my boss in HK wanted, it shouldn’t be my address,” he said.

Following the Penang government’s allegation that Putrajaya was blocking this “donation”, Khairy revealed yesterday that due diligence the government performed found no evidence that the donor had contacted either Sinovac in China or its local distributor here.

Khairy further alleged that there was no record of Yong or the company following checks in Hong Kong, after which the minister described the purported offer to be “bogus”.

During the dispute between Putrajaya and Penang, the purported offer letter was also leaked online, which included Yong’s address here.

Malay Mail visited the address, a home in an established upper-middle class suburban neighbourhood in the state capital, near a Chinese private school and about 10 minutes drive to the city centre.

The Taman Sinar Baru semi-detached unit appeared to be a family home, with several vehicles parked in front, but no doorbell.

No one came out when Malay Mail attempted to contact the occupants today.

However, during a previous visit by another publication, an elderly woman had emerged and provided Yong’s number when the reporters said they had been unable to contact him.

The publication shared this information with Malay Mail.

When Malay Mail contacted the number, the person identifying himself as Yong sounded surprised that he was being contacted about the matter.

Sounding as though he was chewing or eating when he answered, Yong asked how Malay Mail was able to obtain his number.

After this was explained, he told Malay Mail that his company name as included in the letter was inaccurate and that it should not have carried his personal address as the firm operated in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.

When asked if his offer to donate the vaccines remained valid, Yong claimed to have spoken to an aide to Khairy yesterday about the matter.

He reiterated that he would only donate vaccines that he procured himself and was not offering funds to purchase vaccines.

“But they want me to pay to a company in KL. I don’t want that. I know the costs,” he said.

Yong also said he was consulting his lawyer about whether to call for a press conference and clarify matters following the minister’s revelation.

“I’m still thinking about it. Of course I want to clear my name,” he said.

Yesterday, Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow demanded that Yong’s company publicly address Khairy’s allegations as they were serious in nature.

Chow previously said the company had offered to donate two million doses of Sinovac, the Covid-19 vaccine from China, back in February, adding that the state secretary had officially written to the Health Ministry secretary-general for approval to accept the donated vaccine.


  1. Ask Jibby. He knows all about bogus letters, impersonators and he has personal experience kena TIPU KAW KAW by a Chinaman.

    Najib releases documents as proof of RM304.5mil donation from Saudi royalty
    11 Sep 2018

    PETALING JAYA: Former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has released documents he claims are proof that the Saudi Arabian royalty had indeed donated US$100mil (RM304.5mil) to him in 2011.

    The document which was uploaded on Najib's Facebook page revealed that a donation totalling US$100mil (RM304.5mil) was indeed made to him, as per the contents of a letter written by Saudi Prince Abdul Aziz Al-Saud dated February 1, 2011.

    The letter, which was addressed to Najib's residence in Jalan Langgak Duta, stated that the donation was made to Najib to recognise his contribution to the Islamic world.

    "In view of the friendship that we have developed over the years and your new ideas as a modern Islamic leader, I hereby grant you a sum of United States Dollars One Hundred Million (USD100,000,000) Only ("Gift") which shall be remitted to you at such times and in such manner as I deem fit.

    "You shall have absolute discretion to determine how the Gift shall be utilised and I am confident that your actions will continue to promote Islam so it continues to flourish. This is merely a small gesture on my part but it is my way of contributing to the development of Islam to the world.

    "This letter is issued as a gesture of good faith and for clarification, I do not expect to receive any personal benefit whether directly or indirectly as a result of the Gift. The Gift should not in any event be construed as an act of corruption since this is against the practice of Islam and I personally do not encourage such practices in any manner whatsoever.

    "This is merely a personal token of appreciation and I am hoping that the Gift would encourage you to continue with your good work to promote Islam around the world," the letter by Abdul Aziz read.

    Najib in his post said that the Saudi royal family decided to make the donation following the Arab Spring uprising in late 2010 among Muslim nations in the Middle East and in Africa, including nations that were allies with Saudi Arabia.

    "The late King Abdullah was very worried at the time and had sought to pay leaders and Islamic governments a large sum of money to preserve stability. At that time, oil prices were high and Saudi Arabia had earned a lot of revenue from it," he said.

    Najib added that the money which was given to him was used for Barisan Nasional's political purposes, adding that it includes the vans that were bought by Umno Johor.

    He also said that the Feb 2011 letter was the first of many other letters sent by the same prince which includes other donations in the following years.

    Najib said although the Saudi Arabia foreign ministry had twice confirmed that their government had donated the money to him without any condition, but he said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was disappointed that Saudi Arabia had refused to deny the RM2.6bil was a donation to him.

    "In my coming Facebook status or through a media interview, I will explain in detail while also showing prove that will explain the donation that I received after 2011, including the RM2.6bil issue," he said.

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