Saturday, May 29, 2021

Najib effs Ass-binte but will Moo-Moo permit?


Don’t give ‘veto powers’ to Azmin over essential services list, says Najib

Najib Razak says the power to decide on the list of sectors allowed to operate during the lockdown cannot be solely in Mohamed Azmin Ali’s hands.

PETALING JAYA: International trade and industry minister Mohamed Azmin Ali cannot be given “veto powers” to decide who gets into the essential services list for the two-week total lockdown, says former prime minister Najib Razak.

In a Facebook post, he said the list of sectors allowed to operate must be based on public health advice, since the lockdown was made in the interest of public health.

“The power to decide on the list of sectors allowed to operate during the total lockdown cannot be in the hands of the international trade and industry ministry (Miti) alone.

“The Miti minister (Azmin) also cannot be given veto powers to add certain factories to the list to prevent ‘towkays’ lobbying the minister,” he said.

Najib hoped Putrajaya will “get it right this time”, saying the 14-day lockdown period will be very critical for the country.

Last night the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) announced a total nationwide lockdown, similar to the first MCO in March last year, with only essential economic and services sectors allowed to operate from June 1 to June 14.

The National Security Council (MKN) will provide a list of the essential sectors that can open during the lockdown, while the finance ministry will provide details of an aid package for the people and affected economic sectors soon.


  1. There is some truth to the overall issue, but when Najib says "to prevent ‘towkays’ lobbying the minister" he's sowing the usual Najib UMNO race-poisoned hatred against Chinese.

    As I have always said the "AhJib Gor" facade is and always was bullshit.

    Najib is fundamentally an opportunistic racist.

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