Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Hisham to replace Zahid? Makes no difference to nation building, analyst says

Focus Malaysia:

Hisham to replace Zahid? Makes no difference to nation building, analyst says

No amount of leadership change can turn Umno’s fortune around unless it genuinely reflects on its failures and reform the party inside out.

“Umno cannot think about cosmetic changes. The party needs to genuinely reform to face the 21st century, not remain as fossilised racists.

“Purge the party – and its constitution – of its racial and racist ideology. Of course, it’s not going to happen any time soon,” University of Nottingham of Malaysia Professor Zaharom Nain told FocusM.

Last week, Umno veteran Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz said that Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein would be a great candidate to replace party president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is embroiled in corruption charges.

Professor Zaharom Nain

Calling Hishammuddin a prime ministerial candidate, Nazri said the former should be given the opportunity to lead, due to his seniority and vast experience in the party and Government.

“Not only we need a president who can transform the paryt but someone is credible enough to be made prime minister,” the Padang Rengas MP was reported saying.

However, Zaharom was unimpressed with Nazri’s argument, saying the latter is oblivious of the real problem plaguing Umno.

The academic said that at this juncture of Malaysia’s trajectory, racial and ethnic politics must be done away with as it has affected nation building for decades.

“And Umno, the champion of using racial politics as its trump card, has been doing all Malaysians a gross disservice for years.

“Many people, young and old, are sick of the dominant yet pathetic official discourse but are Umno leaders brave enough to face that reality? I guess not because we all know how non-existent those leaders are in the party,” Zaharom lashed out.

On Hishammuddin’s leadership, Zaharom said: “I really don’t know and don’t care, to be honest.

“Perhaps, it might happen because of the reported split within Umno’s leadership ranks. The fact is, these ‘leaders’ with corruption cases hanging over their heads, are like the proverbial albatross around the party’s neck.”

Umno deeply entrenched in hierarchy

On related matter, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) political analyst Prof Dr Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani said that it is unlikely Umno would dislodge Zahid now as the party is planning to postpone its polls until after the general election.

Prof Dr Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani

“It will divide the party further. They will try to postpone it,” he opined.

Umno is scheduled to hold its polls this year but many have speculated that its leadership may postpone it.

On Hishammuddin’s chance to take over from Zahid, Azizuddin said that it would be a tall order as the latter enjoys wide support from the grassroots as opposed to the former.

“Umno is a party deeply rooted on hierarchy, which places loyalty to leadership. Plus, I doubt Zahid will make way for Hishammuddin too,” Azizuddin noted.

On why Nazri made the call, the UUM academic speculated that the former minister may be concerned of the fact that several Umno leaders are facing court cases for corruption, Zahid included, fearing it may affect the party’s chances to win public support.

“The only way I see Umno can win back some support in the next general election is by fielding more younger candidates as the next polls will be determined by youths,” he remarked. – May 25, 2021.


  1. Mohamad Hassan is UMNO-' best bet, flawed choice though he is, as well.

    UMNO seriously needs to reinvent itself, else RAHMAN remains effective, N being the last UMNO PM.

    What an ignominious reputation for N, the UMNO President who ended his father's legacy.

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    I tell them they are the ones who have to repay the debt money diverted into Bossku and cronies pockets, but I guess the amounts and arrangements that were involved are beyond their comprehension.

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