Thursday, May 20, 2021

Covid-19 WTF for Malaysia

MM Online:

Malaysia’s new Covid-19 infections leap to 6,806, beating previous day’s record high

Healthcare workers in protective suits are seen conducting Covid-19 testing in Ampang May 18, 2021. — Picture by Firdaus Latif

KUALA LUMPUR, May 20 — After recording a new high of 6,075 cases yesterday, the Health Ministry said today new Covid-19 infections surged to a further 6,806 cases in the last 24-hour period.

In a tweet by Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, Selangor remains top of the list for most cases at 2,277, followed by 655 in Kuala Lumpur and 615 in Johor.

Selangor consistently hitting 2,000 daily infections over the past week comes as it launched a free statewide mass testing drive earlier this month to detect ‘silent carriers’ of the Covid-19 virus.

The latest figure puts Malaysia’s nationwide total at 492,302 positive cases recorded since the start of the pandemic.


  1. Takut ke TAN SRI Noor Hisham? Sekarang pakai twit saja? Resign lah.

    There has been a cover up. The MOH knew all along that the number of cases in Klang valley is very high. So they deliberately limited testing there. Now with Selangor conducting mass testing we see the true numbers. Ayam not surprised. It will be even higher once FT, and other states do mass testing.

    My suggestion is forget doing the testing, the virus has escaped and is ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. Reporting these high numbers everyday just scares people. Wasting time, energy and resources. Just focus on the vaccination. Why bother with mass testing when we want to vaccinate 75% of the population. Just cucuk everyone who shows up lah.

    1. To get 6800 positives 50-100k people must have turned up. Why waste time testing. Just cucuk them lah.

  2. useless backdoor pm, useless fatass mb.

    1. kick out useless pn n dpp, something never happened in zombieland.

    2. A lie as been broadcasted ad nauseam under that fart filled well!

  3. Noor Hisham Abdullah is either completely out of his depth, or his political masters have ignored sound medical advice.

    Many steps, including the Pre-Raya opening of Ramadan Bazaars were disasters.