Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Wonder what Maddy may be up to? Wakakaka

From Malaysiakini:

MACC chief resigns, Latheefa Koya takes over

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Latheefa Koya has been named as the new MACC chief commissioner replacing Mohd Shukri Abdull, announced the Prime Minister's Office this afternoon.
According to the PMO, Shukri stepped down prior to the expiration of his contract on May 17, 2020.
Latheefa, who is the executive director of Lawyers for Liberty, is on a two-year contract effective June 1, 2019.
"The appointment is among the steps to reform government institutions," said the PMO.


  1. here ia another braggart, let see how it goes. maybe there is surprise.

  2. New Malaysia....syabas. Latheefa has been one of Toonsie’s biggest critics yet she is appointed.

    Taman Tun Residents Association will be celebrating this appointment......

    1. dwarf versus cats soon, wakakaka - and I heard DSAI is meowing

  3. Wakakakaka…

    Yr favourite carpetbagger has won her appointment!

    Let see where she is going to put her mouth/action before all the ph-type of condescending remarks appear!

    Hooray… mamak had pull another rabbit out from where everyone don't expect.

  4. Latheefa Koya is a Dwarfs partisan.

    Nevertheless, she was quoted many times by Ah Mok because of her penchant for slamming the PH government.

    I regard her as a braggart, talk much only,

  5. excellent choice, another sign that maddy is planning to pass the baton, he knows latheefa takes no crap from anyone not even manmanlai

    bador igp
    latheefa macc
    harun ec
    moody hm
    his job is nearly done, you should be over the moon kt

  6. Woman CJ, now this. Time for Nurul to come back. PNB chairman perhaps? Petronas...?