Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Anwar Ibrahim - 'Almost but Never PM of Malaysia'?

From FMT:

PKR risks losing top posts in power play, says analyst

Some analysts cast doubt about Wan Azizah making way for Anwar Ibrahim in the Cabinet.
PETALING JAYA: A political analyst speculates that PKR could lose its grip on the top two posts in the country if Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail makes way for her husband, PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, in hopes of speeding up his claim to take over as prime minister.
Azmi Hassan of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia said “this strategy is fraught with danger” as PKR might not only lose the DPM’s post but also the PM’s post, referring to Pakatan Harapan’s agreement that Anwar would take over from Dr Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister.
There have been growing calls for Mahathir to make clear when the transfer of power would take place. Wan Azizah has also been urged to give up the deputy premiership as a means of securing Anwar’s claim to succeed Mahathir.
“But this strategy is only applicable if the handover is a sure thing,” he said.
Azmi Hassan.
Azmi had doubts that Mahathir would make way for Anwar soon, in the light of the sex video scandal implicating Cabinet minister Mohamed Azmin Ali, who some believe to be Mahathir’s preferred successor.
“Given that Tun’s grasp on the post seems more tighter than before, I don’t see that Wan Azizah will relinquish her DPM post with all the uncertainties, either,” he added.
Mahathir was supposed to hold office only for two years; in May, he stated that he would hand over the reins to Anwar as promised but no timeframe had been set for the transfer of power.
Azmi said the prospects of Anwar succeeding Mahathir now appeared to be more of a “distant dream” rather than a foregone conclusion.
It is not a good idea for Wan Azizah to step aside. “With her still in the Cabinet, some sort of internal pressure can be applied to Tun to fulfil his obligation regarding the PM post.”
Oh Ei Sun.
Singapore Institute of International Affairs senior fellow Oh Ei Sun said Wan Azizah’s resignation would force Mahathir’s hand, but Mahathir could very well replace her with somebody else such as Azmin.
“What is happening now is anything but smooth and ordinary,” he told FMT. “It is abundantly clear that Mahathir has no intention of having Anwar succeed him.”
Kaytee notes:
Mahathir is right up to his USUAL Machiavellian self. I have often written that he hates three people with a vengeance, his INVINCIBLE hate, white heat hot hatred, and these 3 unfortunate blokes are (a) Anwar Ibrahim, (b) KJ (wakakaka) and (c) Najib Razak.
Thus assuming he would honour his agreement to hand over the PM post to Anwar without any black & white safety assurances, despite perceived half-hearted grudging promises from him is presumptuous, yes presumptuously naive and akin to believing in fairy godmothers and tooth fairies.
Mahathir is known for his bravado stubbornness and two-fingers attitude to the world ('Jews have hooked nose' etc) and with such an obdurate defiant eff-you attitude cum his innate hatred of Anwar, he would now dig in EVEN further with the news of his blue-eye jambu (believed to be his heir-anointed) being now under scandalous siege, true or otherwise.
If the majority Pakatan coalition sticks with him and this includes part of PKR (the Dokalffar Dwarfs faction) and the DAP leadership (Lim KS' vow to resign notwithstanding), then Anwar Ibrahim can wave goodbye to his future as the 8th PM of Malaysia, and he can thank his own PKR people plus indeed the DAP leadership for abandoning him.
As Chinese would say, 'uu lang bay cheh tian' (adanya orang yang ta'ada nasib menduduk singgasana) (there are people NOT destined to rule).
Some notables in history have been Hilary Clinton (USA), Kim Beasley and Bill Shorten (Australia), and our own Ku Li. Anwar Ibrahim may yet join them in the immortalised phalanx of 'The Almost (but never there)'. And it'll be Fate's very cruel trick played on him.


  1. Wakakakakakaka

    Ever heard of "Who's ruling actually behind the actual Emperor's throne?".

    Instead of sitting on the Emperor's throne which perhaps is not DSAI fate (whether ordained or not from Heaven or due to intractable polemics created both by friends and foes), isn't it wise to consider letting his wife (DSWA) sit on the throne but rule from behind the curtain just like Emperor Dowager did?

    Why does DSAI need to be physically seen to be sitting on the Emperor's throne when he can also be represented by his wife and at the same time dispel all the polemics which is causing instability in the PH Govt.?

    Is DSAI ego so big like TDM who insists only he himself can sit on the Emperor's throne to determine the destiny of a Nation and it's people?

    It's a modern world nowadays of Communications and IT, when you don't need to be physically present to bark orders or make decisions to everyone present in court. What's the problem? DSWA might not heed what her egoistic husband wants or decides, religion or Constitution forbids or the Malaysian public are not ready religious wise or politically?

    Who knows? Perhaps, DSWA might even make the best PM, Malaysians will ever had. Have the Malaysian public not seen and felt the powers and ability of Rosmah Mansor, Lateefa Koyah, BNM Governors, Chief Justice etc or other women politicians in other countries? Grow up, then if that are the excuses given by anyone to deny DSWA a chance of being PM whether from Royalty, religious bigots or immatured egoistic males.

    As for Malaysians who are forever postulating whether TDM will keep his word to handover and making it as an issue to politicise with whatever agenda they themselves have, there are a few facts which are currently in place now which are undeniable facts:-

    1. If TDM kicks the bucket tomorrow, then the current DPM will be the PM by convention. PH coalition still have the numbers and this was evident even when the previous HRH Agong made the offer after GE14 in accordance to the Constitution.

    2. The PH Presidential Council still holds the power and decision making of all PH MPs to decide in Parliament who is to be the PM by consensus even if the Cabinet are all nominated from any one single PH coalition party. And all the leaders in the PH Presidential Council seems to be quiet and are ok with the current situation and promises of succession.

    So, what's the anxiety and problem currently?

    Shouldn't such anxiety and accusations of TDM betraying the PH coalition arises only when:

    1. TDM starts appointing a new DPM which is not DSAI before the handover in 2 years time as promised?

    2. TDM make dunno/dumb even after the time is up in 2 years irrespective of whatever excuses he gave of not having finished whatever jobs or reforms he wants to see happen or whatever unfinished jobs he has in mind.

    So, relax lah. The only ones full of anxiety are those wishing to see the collapse of a PH Govt. to save their own skins before they are sent to jail for kleptocracy, corruption, abuse of powers and those hoping to maintain their positions of priviledges and wanton greed forever as before.


  2. It was said that Hilary Clinton already worked out the decor for her White House stay....wakkkka...how on earth could she lose to Donald Trump?

    Kim Beasly was a pretty solid quality leader, unfortunately never got to win a General Electon against the Liberal-National Party coalition.

    Everyone , all the polls, expected Bill Shorten to win. I don't think they have yet figured out how the Liberal-NP's finally won.

    Significant voters must have changed their minds, almost during the moment of voting itself.