Tuesday, June 25, 2019

An emotional teacher, a rude student and a now-quiet-as-mouse Dep Edu Minister

From FMT:

Seek counselling, deputy minister tells teachers with emotional problems

Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching at SJK (T) Permatang Tinggi in Bukit Mertajam today.

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching today urged teachers going through emotional stress at work to seek counselling rather than to take it out on their students, following news that a teacher had caned a student at a school in Johor for calling him “ah kua” or effeminate.
“Being an educator is not an easy task. In the ministry, we remind all educators and students that schools are a place to inculcate love and mutual respect for one another.
“This issue shows that our educators are facing trouble controlling their emotions. We are ready to provide counselling for teachers with emotional problems,” Teo said.
She said the national syllabus on sex education would help counter name-calling and discrimination against those who do not fall under certain gender types.
She added that the district education office in Johor is investigating the caning case, with assistance from a school representative and the student’s parent.
A police investigation is also underway, she said, with a full report on the matter to be released to the ministry later today.
Teo said the ministry has had clear guidelines on caning and corporal punishment since 2003. According to the guidelines, girls should be spared the cane.
She said only male students who commit an offence of “medium” or “high” level are subject to caning on the palm and on the buttocks with clothing on.
Teo said the 2003 circular also states that only a principal or a teacher nominated by the principal can carry out the caning. She said the caning should not take place in full view of other students in a class or an assembly.
According to the education ministry’s circular No 7/2003, there are 35 major offences, 10 medium offences and 27 light offences. Caning can be carried out on those who commit major and medium offences.
Some of the major offences listed are drug use, smoking, alcohol consumption and being rude to teachers, while medium offences include colouring hair, having skinhead or punk hairstyles, or leaving the school without permission.
Major offences are to be punished with a maximum of three strokes of the cane on the buttocks, while medium offences are to be punished with three strokes of the cane on the palm.
For light offences, warnings and counselling are given.
Both sides are to be blamed.
The teacher shouldn't lose his temper and lash out at the naughty biadab-ish student, like Shintaro Katsu or my late mum (wakakaka) who was my personal 'Zatoichi', wakakaka again. If a person wants to be a teacher, he'/she needs to behave in a manner benefiting the students, and most important of all, doesn't allow personal emotions (anger, dislikes, etc) overrule his/her judgement.

Once I had a nasty teacher who disliked me for no other reason than I was/am Chinese - no, he was not a Malay, wakakaka.

But I appreciate the Johor teacher currently in question must have been extremely angry to whip-lash the student so severely. Being biadab-ishly called 'effeminate' is a very hurting insult, especially when that came from a student.
And students, especially from secondary schools should be more discipline and well-mannered - don't call your teachers 'Ah Qua' - that's rude, biadab and reflect badly on your parents for not teaching you better manners. I personally would like to see you caned but alas, not by the teacher but by your own parents.


  1. Why you say TNC quiet as a mouse then you quote what she said in SEVEN paragraphs?

    1. she normally shouts out and rants around 700 paragraphs, not a misery 7, wakakaka - hence today she's quiet as a mouse, and even dares not say anything about UEC

  2. So, the Deputy Minister correctly chose to allow due process to be carried out, instead of wading into the issue.

    What's wrong with that ?

    Only that Ah Mok is seeking to Hentam the Administration whichever way he can.

    1. not talking about her on THIS issue, but in general, where prior to GE14 she was raving and ranting, wakakaka

    2. So...before GE14 , Ah Mok was quiet as a mouse on major issues surrounding his Ah Jib Gor administration.

      Now he is ranting and raving about everything regarding the Pakatan Government, including cases like this where they are acting correctly.

      I call this bias and hypocrisy.

  3. DAP ministers and MPs are quietly watching as Bersatu and PKR slug it out for the PM post. Don't have to make noise. Play Sudah-Aku Punya.

    Toonsie vs Anwar/Azmin
    Bersatu vs PKR
    Gajah lawan Gajah

    Finance sudah dicapai...sikit sikit lama lama Sang Kancil jadi...DPM... Ini Kali Lah....Sudah-Aku-Punya..

    Teo Nie Ching just smiling and waiting patiently. The more the boss Maszlee mumble and stumble the better the deputy looks...

    1. interesting, a new definition for lame duck kah?

    2. Hmmm.. a new definition for lame-duck? Perhaps, kakistocracy too eh?

  4. Homo or Cina, lu boleh ubah.

    Pray the gay away and masuk Melayu.

    If you don't, then don't complain about the consequences.

    Cari pasal saja.

  5. Anyone can remember who are all the previous Deputy Minister of Education?

    How come this one is so prominent compared to previous ones?

    Is it because she is from DAP and a woman which is easy meat for bashing?

    She is just playing her role as a Deputy to a lame duck Minister of Education who got the post thru the backdoor.

    I believe she can shine well if she gets to be the Minister and the Minister becomes her Deputy.


    1. Very well said, the 5 most dislike of KTemoc, Tun, LKS, LGE, TP, and most of DAP, especially this 2 ladies HY and TNC, wakakakaka ..........

    2. Wakakakaka…

      U should have spelt out the name properly instead of using initials!

      Some moronic ball-less idiot is going to have multiple orgasms!

    3. Cunt Kisser, he did say from dap. use more of yr brain n mental, use less of yr tongue n lips.

    4. RD moron, have I lured u out?

      WRT the dap part, couldn't u be just like those dap losers, aka boo, who turns sour for not been given what u want?

      Wakakakaka… I have a working brain for analysing. While u, days in & out can only think of those tongue & lips to stimulate yr orgasmic desire. Tsk… tsk…