Friday, June 21, 2019

Azmin-Haziq saga - plot after plot, set to hentam Anwar

From Malaysiakini:

'No confidence vote against Dr M' claim crafted by sinister minds – Kit Siang

Sinister conspirators and cybertroopers are working overtime to churn out lies and falsehoods, according to Lim Kit Siang.
Among them, he said, is that a motion of no confidence would be moved against Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad during the next Parliament meeting from July 1-18.
“As next month will prove, this motion of no confidence against Mahathir is only the creation of the fevered imagination of sinister conspirators and cybertroopers,” he added in a statement this afternoon.
Although the DAP veteran did not mention names, it is believed that he was responding to blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin, who claimed that Anwar Ibrahim had the numbers to oust Mahathir.
Quoting sources from Anwar's camp, the blogger said the PKR president has the support of at least 37 of the MPs from Sabah and Sarawak and another 103 from Peninsular Malaysia whereas Mahathir has only 40 seats in total with 42 abstentions.
“Parliament will be sitting soon and if Anwar does not make his move, then that would mean he is never going to be the next prime minister.
“Mahathir has about two weeks to decide what he is going to do unless he wishes to throw in the towel and call it a day. As it stands now, unless Mahathir has a golden bullet hidden up his sleeve, it is more or less a foregone conclusion that Anwar will be celebrating Christmas in Seri Perdana… finally,” he had added.
Kaytee Notes:

Yet there is another rumour (khabar-angin, wakakaka) that the above mentioned numbers in favour of Anwar, to wit the RPK's "Anwar 140 vs Mahathir 40 (42 abstentions)", has been a TRAP designed by "someone" really Machiavellian to hentam Anwar kaukau should DSAI fall for the perangkap.

Those 100 plus MPs supposedly supporting Anwar have been dedak-rised (in the tens of millions) to pretend they back DSAI so that the PM-in-waiting becomes overconfident and on hearing of Mahathir's blue-eyed boy being 'caught' in an alleged illicit sexual escapade, may call for a vote of confidence, when he will then be kaput-ed kaukau, wakakaka.

But the perangkap is dependent on sembileh-ing poor AA who has to become the bait to entice, excite and galvanise the impatient salivating leopard.

hmmm, I think I am eff-ed 

Three objectives have been alluded to in the necessary sembileh-ing of poor AA, namely:

(a) revelation of his illicit sexual adventure will excite DSAI into believing the time is now opportune for him to strike, thus falling into the prepared Claymore-ish perangkap, 

(b) revelation of the alleged sexual fornication will also insinuate DSAI has been responsible for the sabotage of AA, thus putting poor DSAI in bad light, and

(c) a more strategic plan, enervating AA so that, should/when he become the 8th PM, he knows (unlike AAB and Najib) where his loyalty should/must lie with, and he must nurture the young Crown Imperator into becoming the 9th PM (or else he would be demolished a la DSAI) - the Emperor's Sword (even when the Emperor has long gone) hangs perilously over his head (the one on top of his neck, wakakaka)

Wakakaka, sweet, very sweet and decadent. 

very sweet and decadent 

But thus far, Anwar has exercised caution, wariness and it has to be said, political wisdom, in restraining himself from taking the reckless plunge to challenge Maddy in a show of parliamentary confidence.

It seems he has learnt his 'lessons' well and is waiting patiently - though kaytee has often pointed out, Mahathir with his super-longevity genes may yet outlive most of the older politicians like Lim KS, Hadi Awang, DSAI and even Najib, wakakaka.

There is yet another source, but admittedly with a far more implausible tale wakakaka, one with Peh Mor interfering but seemingly with Maddy's nod of assent (because Peh Mor's plan suits his own, wakakaka).

With Latheefa Beebi Koya appointed as MACC Boss, Peh Mor wants to send a none-too-subtle message of 'Don't eff around with me' to the PKR Dökkálkar Dwarfs. He deliberately set the perangkap and exposed the alleged sexual tryst, bearing in mind Haziq is from Santubong, one of the PBB's stronghold where its incumbent won with a 20K majority.

Anyway, whichever source we pick, there are two common denominators in the alleged homosexual copulating (why call it 'gay' when it's homosexual) , to wit:

(1) Anwar is NOT the Puppetmaster, and

(2) "Someone" is, wakakaka.


  1. lks so free y not commenting the performance of those dap minister? y wasting time to talk on something from a liar?

  2. I hope Sarawak is next on Latheefa's To-Do List. How can a Syrian woman magically become a Melanau overnight? Abuse of power surely, as this status comes with untold riches. And yet poor Sarawakians are told it is Putrajaya that is keeping them poor, by denying Sarawak 20% oil royalty. Once given of course, the royalty will also be siphoned off.

    Outrage In Sarawak As Taib Wife And Step Kids Are Given Native Status
    5 February 2018

    Syrian born Ragad Taib and her two sons have been fast-tracked into ‘fully fledged’ Melanaus, to the disgust of many Sarawakians, if comments going viral on Whatsapp are to be believed.

    “In normal cases a candidate has to speak the language, know the customs etc and attend an interview in Melanau. The Melanau are certainly not happy at this. Now she can own native customary rights lands, do bumiputera business and her children can inherit native lands too and live happily ever after in the forest!”

    was one comment received by Sarawak Report, although the idea that the Syrian born temptress, known for her love of jewellery and couture and all the luxuries of town life, would dream of living in or near the forest is somewhat laughable. Yet the order published last November is clearly genuine.

    The regularity with which the foreign spouses of the Taib Mahmud family have been accorded fast-track bumi-status has long-rankled with those who have lived and worked for years in Sarawak. Without exception these spouses have then been inserted into the business interests of the family.

    Lebanese Australian, Robert Geneid, for example was similarly fast-tracked, transforming in the process from a cash-strapped fruit stall trader to a multi-millionaire, thanks to subsequent local business and land deals. Arif Mahmud’s wives, who were Chinese born are similarly accorded bumi-status and all have been showered with top titles in the process.

    Another commentator working in Sarawak pointed out:

    “The likes of honest, working Malaysian folk, who have lived and served in Sarawak for over two decades still can’t get this sort of status. We can’t even stay longer than 3 months, having to go in and out and always at risk of being denied entry”.

    But, there is another deeper and darker scandal, which is that while the likes of Ragad have been accorded this status, ignoring all the normal cultural and language requirements, many of those who have lived for generations in Sarawak are denied it.

    Penan tribespeople, many who were never given birth certificates don’t even have Identity Cards. Their children may now have been allowed birth certificates, but because their parents genuinely lived in the jungle, these people are still not given nationality, let alone bumiputera status.

    This means that ‘Toh Puan’ Ragad will now be able to use the millions she can acquire from her elderly husband (who pretends not to be rich as he has no legitimate explanation for his wealth) to buy up native lands from under the feet of the real native people, who have been denied their own birthright.

    It is heady progress for a woman who arrived from the dusty deserts of the Middle East in her late 20s to marry a septuagenarian whom she had only met once before, presumably to seek her fortune in the process. Expect her to start acquiring plantations and shares in Bumi companies with instant effect.

    By contrast, no such opportunities for the genuine natives in Sarawak, who have been promised time and again by this present head of state that he would bring them ‘progress’ and ‘modernisation’.

    “Hundreds of thousands of Indonesian and Bangladeshi workers, many of them illegal, have been flooded into Sarawak’s oil plantations in the meantime. Expect them all to receive IC cards and full status in return for votes”

    was another sentiment expressed to Sarawak Report today that is widely held. Meanwhile, the genuine natives remain to a disgraceful degree disenfranchised.

  3. Wakakakakaka…

    Some worthless wordsmith is working hard to cement a very loose case AGAINST mamak - his pet punching bag!

    Articles after articles, mostly cut&paste, just to drive that illusive mamak-hatred nail deeper.

    Tough luck, & life, indeed when the idol is getting nearer & nearer to lodge in bamboo river resort.

  4. Wakakakakaka

    Why must LKS give credit to those with sinister minds, plotters etc by talking about the possible No-confidence vote against PM in Parliament now? It's quite obvious a lot of them do not know how to count and add up numbers and it's just a lot of noise at present.

    That No-confidence vote against the PM (Ides of March) can only come about when the 2 years interim period is up or when the PM plans to execute the "Night of Long Knives" before that.

    Talking about plots and sinister minds which is not in short supply among TDM and Mahathirists, the only recourse left to TDM with time not by his side is, if he wishes to prolong his dynastic rule or Mahathirist rule would be possibly 2 options left:

    1. Conduct a "Night of Long Knives" to totally cripple the leadership of his own coalition partners in PH as well as the opposition parties and take over/buy over/threathen the rest of the PH warlords to crossover or pledge support to his Mahathirist party PPBM as the Numero Uno party to rule. This option clearly needs more time to execute to ensure success before the PH mandated dateline to handover approaches which is just too near now. (Less than 1 year and counting)

    2. Split the empire into 2 separate regions ruled by 2 Consuls or Emperors like what the Romans did ie. West and East (Byzantine). This will effectively gained him support of almost all MPs from East Malaysia and thus letting TDM at least continue his dynastic reign over West Malaysia albeit a little bit poorer and a smaller region to rule.

    How's that, to add a bit more jest to the plots and sinister minds?

    Wakakakakakaka Never trust a Mamak on how he Counts numbers.