Saturday, June 22, 2019

Interrogating Haziq kaukau

From FMT:

Police quiz Haziq for second time over gay sex video

Haziq Aziz admitted in a video recording he was one of two men filmed engaging in homosexual acts.

PETALING JAYA: Police have questioned Haziq Aziz for a second time following his claim last week that he and Mohamed Azmin Ali were involved in homosexual acts.
Haziq’s lawyer, Ramesh Sivakumar, said his client was questioned for seven hours between 8pm yesterday and 3am today at the federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman before he was freed.
“He answered all their questions and everything went on well,” Ramesh told FMT.
Kaytee notes:
"... for seven hours between 8pm yesterday and 3am ..." - wah, the police are still their old Kempetai clone-self.
Why the unholy hours up to 3am?
Why eight hours long?
Anyway, eff the police Gestapo-style interrogations, I have always entertained notions of becoming a policeman, questioning people like Haziq very clinically, civilly and compassionately, wakakaka.
Hmmm, I wonder what questions I would have been posed to him? Could I have thought up:
(1) Were you the 'tiger' or 'tigress', or perhaps just a 'meow meow' cat?
(2) Were you patriotic enough to use palm oil? Teresa please take note, am supporting you, wakakaka.
(3) Endurance per session? Or, was it over in a few secs? Podah, like that where got meaning.
(4) During tryst, did you hear anything politically confidential, like for example, who will be the candidate for Langkawi in GE15?
(5) and Gelang Patah and Port Dickson?


  1. 7 hours questioning for a self-confessed wrong-doer is normal.
    Even Najib was subject to long questioning sessions.
    Questioning until 3 am is highly dubious though not illegal, as long as he is not physically threatened or otherwise abused.

  2. more like, did maddy put you up to it? how much maddy paid you? did he provide you with enough lubricant? did maddy also pick the bed for you? give me enough evidence to nail him and you can come down under to stay with me

  3. I support Teresa. I support question 2 above. Glocal - go local. Say no to KY Gel.. Wakakaka..

    1. wakakaka too, hope Teresa reads this and introduce a new (perhaps even global) fad