Sunday, June 30, 2019

Betrayal in Pakatan (extracts):

Compared to the unity between Umno and PAS both for survival and vengeance, PH's component parties appear to be less cohesive when it comes to sharing the power.

Tun Mahathir is attempting to enforce his “divide and rule” strategy to further consolidate his leadership, but such a move will invariably erode mutual trust among the allies and create suspicions.

The sex video scandal, for instance, has entailed all sorts of conspiracy theories, with some suspecting that it was done by people in PPBM with the motive of creating a rift within PKR, while others speculating a plot within PKR itself aimed at stopping economic affairs minister Azmin Ali from becoming prime minister.

Anwar has reiterated that he has faith that Mahathir will hand over the baton to him as promised, but Reuters reported recently quoting an aide to the prime minister that Mahathir was prepared to fulfill his promise, but “if Pakatan Harapan, or the people, want someone else, then that’s different.”

So, does it mean if PH, or the people, want someone else to be PM, then Anwar will not get the chance at all?

kaytee notes: Malaysian parliament is of the Westminster model, where the PM is decided by the majority of the House (Dewan Rakyat). Based on Pakatan agreement the majority wishes Anwar Ibrahim to be the succeeding PM

There are many in PPBM who do not really like Anwar Ibrahim.

Supreme council member Rais Yatim insisted that there was no black and white for Anwar to become PM, and said Azmin Ali was Mahathir's favored successor.

kaytee notes: As mentioned above, it's not for this 'nobody' to decide, nor shall it be the decision of Mahathir, but the majority of the House. Thus if the majority of the Dewan Rakyat decides on Maszlee (wakakaka) as the next PM, so shall Maszlee be.


So, when will Mahathir hand over the baton? In two years' time? Two to three years' time? Or three years?

There has been no definite timetable. If Mahathir is really serious about preserving the stability of the PH administration, he should have struck an accord with his PH allies and announced a deadline for him to step down in a bid to avert division and unnecessary speculations.

If Anwar eventually fails to become PM, then PH has betrayed the people's trust. The PH administration could face an imminent collapse and an early election may have to be called.

PH could very likely succumb to Umno-PAS for reneging on its election pledges and failure to revive the economy and implement the promised institutional reforms.

The future of PH lies with the will of Tun Mahathir.

PH is walking on a tightrope and has created for itself a crisis that could see it plunge to its death, giving Umno-PAS renewed hopes of capturing Putrajaya again.

The Man with The Minus Touch

He destroys(ed) everything he touches eg. Maminco, Mukawasa, FOREX, Perwaja, MAS, BMF, Proton, Memali, Judiciary, Senate, Civil Service, M'sia's international relationships, even UMNO (twice) and who knows, in the near future, Pakatan and eventually Malaysia


  1. Looks more like an article from a certain politician's point of view rather than journalistic professionalism in a so called news media.

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