Friday, June 21, 2019

PPSMI not a good vehicle

From FMT:

Teachers, Malay groups up in arms as govt looks set to revert to PPSMI

Pakatan Harapan is rumoured to be considering bringing back the Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in English.
PETALING JAYA: Teachers and Malay advocacy groups are up in arms over the government’s plan to bring back the Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI), a pet policy of Dr Mahathir Mohamad to improve students’ command of English which was dropped in 2012 amid strong protest.
The National Union of The Teaching Profession (NUTP), the country’s largest teachers’ union, insisted that PPSMI is not the remedy to students’ lack of proficiency in the English language.
NUTP president Amiruddin Awang said the government should instead address concerns about the quality of teachers and undertake a review of the English subject syllabus.
There has been intense speculation that the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government is bent on reintroducing PPSMI, especially as its staunchest proponent is none other than the prime minister.
Kaytee Note:
I agree with NUTP that the students' proficiency in English can't be achieved through teaching of the language in Science and Mathematics.
Eg. Solve this and that, QED, etc - that's the quantum of English to be taught
A language (not just English) is best taught when the students have lots of personal interaction in that lingo, like in Civics, History, Literature, Culture, etc where there exist opportunities for the class interaction to be agile, dynamic and frequent.
Mahathir is keen on the PPSMI because apart from having a sinister objective to his policy, he thinks he cannot be wrong, like Car No 3, wakakaka.


  1. whats his sinister objective?

  2. "Mahathir is keen on the PPSMI because apart from having a sinister objective ..."

    Yah...what exactly us the sinister objective ?

  3. Make it optional for schools to choose just like some residential colleges and have the parents/students to choose their preferred schools.

    I do agree that English Language and other language classes like Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Japanese, french etc should also be increased and taught and if resources are lacking to replace subjects like religious studies, moral, civics etc which will benefit the students and country to be more productive in the real working life.

    In real life, you cannot compete and cari makan/find employment just by being more religious or morally minded unless one intends to be employed as clerics, preachers, missionaries, politicians etc.

    Get Real in the 21st Century and stop politicizing the education and schooling system.

  4. A large group of Malay "education" groups have had a sinister objective for 62 years to turn Malaysia into a mono-lingual Malay country by placing obstacle after obstacle against usage of other languages.
    Any and all efforts to improve the standard of English have been sabotaged at local school level.

    They did not fully succeed, but not for lack of trying.
    There is solid resistance towards using English in any form outside of English Language classes.

    In this, the Malay supremacists have had unholy aiding and abetting by Chinese Educationists for their own fears.
    The result is most Chinese school products (and that is 95% of Chinese youngsters today) have atrocious English.

    In the International field, today most Malay graduates almost cannot communicate at all, and most Chinese graduates mainly only good at dealing with China and other Chinese-speaking countries.

    I regularly have to vet and correct my younger employee's communications with overseas customers or suppliers.

    Sometimes I have had to do damage control when what they understood or wrote in their communications had deviated badly from the accurate meaning.
    They are not bad employees, but their English is really sub-standard.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      "most Chinese graduates mainly only good at dealing with China and other Chinese-speaking countries."

      R u sure u r a seasoned businessman?

      I have dealing with many these Chinese educated (note the keyword), within/without M'sia. Yes, the spoken & sometimes written England is atrocious. But that DO NOT hinder the progression of trade/business negotiations!

      The key IS trying & been persistent. Perhaps, what u have been described r the 'pampered' species only found in bolihland.

      BTW, M'sian written/spoken Chinese is quite difference from those used in China. Many misunderstandings happened due to different localised interpretations! So, DON'T jump into conclusion.

      Reading more deeply, perhaps deep down u r just like those anglophilic hongkies - deep in their heart, mother England is still the best, colony master or not!

    2. nothing to do with mother father, its all about independent judiciary, democracy n human rights which has none under emperor xi.

    3. For u, everything with main land China has to do with crying father mother due to yr selective understanding.

      Watch this:

      Turns everything u so treasured in bashing communist China upside down!

    4. this fella sound like u, is a idiot wakaka.


      u n that idiot, read the above. ccp has been telling lies in the last few decades, like what umno did. only now they want to present a more fairer view, after dpp getting stronger day by day.

      can u ask that idiot is it okay if govt block msiakini? so msian oso okay as long as we can climb over the wall?

      halo, dun show me this kind of idiot talkshow la.

  5. Wakakakaka…! U might as well credit voa for yr daily farts inducement!

    Never have a clear sight about the CURRENT development & progress within China!

    For u, the proverbial tempurung frog infused with a 'secondary' hatred of CCP, every successes that claimed & happened r illusions that built on air (farts, more likely).

    We have at least our time in China. Not as a tourist but actually working & staying with the locals for substantial duration to come to our OWN deductions.

    What have u?

    Talk historical facts, u have those loser kmt dwarves to mesmerize u with their 'sacrifices' of own indulgences.

    Talk current affairs, u have VOA & the (wakakakakak…) to massage yr demoncratic ego.

    Bloody moron. I show u that link bcoz I believe an alternative source, rather then coming from me, would be more convincing to u.

    Losed cause!

    Keep staying in yr tempurung & keep inundating it mind with commie hatreds that u like.

    Who cares? Definitely no me IF u don't cross my path!

  6. Mfer, let me annoys u with this video

    Sleep tight on it!