Tuesday, June 25, 2019

LONGER planned transition of power???

Star Online - Anwar: No issues over planned transition of power

Look at their faces, and tell me what they could be thinking - I'll provide examples below the photograph to help you in this exercise of 'imagining their inner thoughts', wakakaka.


M: 2 years, 3 years, 4 years - eff him

A: MF, I am gonna kerabu him, that treacherous bastard

M: Wakakaka, WTF can he do?

A: [censured ... something about no necessity for palm oil ...]

should we ch'ap soo, Papa?

* ch'ap soo = intervene 

Chye-Chye, just focus on your Sudoku 


  1. Wakakakakkakaka

    Whatever it is, at least it keeps UMNO-PAS, BN, GPS or other defeated parties at bay hoping and hoping for a "Return of the Jedi (Kleptocrats)" soon in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years and then when time is up, another battle of GE 15 for public opinion again, instead of them troubling and creating unneccessary disturbances and non-stop politiking which doesn't benefit the majority of Malaysians in this term of the PH Govt.

    Meanwhile, the PH Govt. should continue with it's job of good governance and of course slaying it's opponents one by one so that by the next GE 15, there would not be any Kleptocrats left to lead their Generals/Warlords and soldiers/supporters into battle.

    Let the opponents and their supporters decide whether their party survival/revival in the next GE 15 or in future GEs to be the ruling Govt. is going to be worthwhile and decided by continuing their blind loyalties and support to their Kleptocratic leaders or to overthrow/change their leaders who are no more credible in the eyes of most Malaysians to be even a fairly credible opposition party to lead the Nation once again.

    Like religion, when you make your opponents/parties depend on false hopes in the face of championing lost causes for their own/party salvation, when they are unable to think rationally or intellectually for themselves/parties, they are as good as demoralized unreluctant soldiers heading for the battlefields fighting for a lost cause.

    And the Empire is saved.


  2. Just say 4 years...then it will be next GE with Azmin tonlead

  3. what anwar can do now is sleep earlier, not in a hotel, do exercise n stay healthy.

    i believe its a tic-tac-toe la, sudoku require intelligence.

  4. why is it so difficult for people like kt to read what maddy is saying, that is he will step down when he is ready, on prime time news no less, he will probably step down one year before ge15 for anwar to deal with a fresh mandate wakakaka nobody can argue he didn't keep his promise wakakaka again