Friday, June 28, 2019

BN or PH, Same Old Same Old

From FMT:

What’s happening with the PH govt?

The opposition in Malaysia today is in a pathetic state. With so many of them under investigation or charged with corruption, I think they are in the least position to monitor the government’s actions and performance.
For those not under investigation, it is unfortunate that many of them are wallowing in their own religious and racial utopia to be of any use to the people. They would prefer to stay in their own cocoon than to be concerned with substantive matters affecting public policies and the well-being of the people.
Because of opposition’s apathy and the absence of vociferous voices like in the past when Barisan Nasional (BN) was in power, I can almost sense that the new government is regressing quickly. There is a general lack of impetus to handle pressing national issues. Everything is lackadaisical, lethargic and lacking a sense of urgency.
Just take a look at the pollution in Johor and other parts of the country. I would have expected the new government to be much more resolute and effective in handling this problem than in the past. But I see no difference compared with the attitude of the previous government.
The same goes with the way we handle Lynas. It was a big election issue but since then this problem has gradually withered. Does the new government have a new perspective of this problem? If so, can we hear more about it? I believe public safety and interest should take precedence over strategic and profit considerations.
What about the endless landslides? Should we rename Penang “Landslide Island”? Again, with the federal and state governments under the same coalition, I would expect better coordination and higher ethical and compliance standards all around. Thus far, it has been one disappointment after another.
What about disorderly and high-density development? Have we discerned any significant change in this regard? Have we seen less of vested interest groups taking precedence over public interests? We were very unforgiving of the BN government when it came to haphazard development. I hope we can impose the same standards for the present government.
Then we have high-profile cases such as Teoh Beng Hock, Pastor Raymond Koh and Amri Che Mat which have remained unresolved. Before the election, most people were of the view that these cases would never see the light of day if BN remained in power. Now we have a new government, but I think the feeling of déjà vu has come back to haunt us all over again. We have probes over probes with nothing much to show.
Maybe I am just a simpleton – I always thought that if we had a new home minister, a new IGP, a new MACC chief and a new AG, we would be able to solve all the “unsolvable” cases. I think I was being naïve.
Even for the schoolgirl caning case, should the parties involved just meet and make up, pretending that nothing happened? What problem resolution is this? I don’t think it is so simple. There are rules and regulations and there are consequences of one’s actions. What if similar cases happen in the future? What precedence shall we use?


  1. Teoh Beng Hock's murder, and the enforced disappearances of Amri and Pastor Koh are the toxic legacy of Najib's 10 years (and BN) mal-rule.

    PH did NOT cause these problems.

    Who says its same old, same old ??

    1. "PH did NOT cause these problems."

      The UMNO members who have moved or are moving to Pribumi and PKR did.

    2. Idiots are easily impressed by new bottles and packaging.

    3. Wakakakaka…

      Memang otakrosak!

      Have u forgotten what u have been farting all these while?

      "Our society has reached a new equilibrium that is not only favourable to us, but superior to the previous arrangement.

      Our power is no longer dependent on a
      single party but is now structurally
      part of our politics. No matter what
      happens at the ballot box, our interests are protected."

      Ain't these new bottles and packaging that u r so craving for as in chanting the cinabeng's cry of wan sui wan wan sui?

      Though NOT for yr mimpi putih of ketuanan melayu le!

      Who's the idiot that is easily impressed by simplistic Jingo's?

      Back to the tempurung to rework yr shattered dream lah!

    4. You are so fucking bodoh that you are agreeing with me without realizing it.

      You and Monsterball are doing exactly what useful idiots do lah bahlul.

      Wan sui wan wan sui Ketuanan Melayu!

    5. Read & reread what u have ACTUALLY written lah!

      Don't seem to understand?

      Pointing to

      1) otakrosak

      2) lousy communication skill caused by self-imposed tempurung culture of ketuanan me-layu (tau beza ke, rd f*ck?)

      With moron likes u, chanting alifbata it group of Pak pindah WOULD definitely goes far - into the the bottom!

  2. I think Malaysians starting to realize we just don't have enough leaders among the politicians whether it was the previous BN regime or the current PH Govt. to lead the country. Many were found to be just choir boys and girls tagging along to be elected without any leadership skills or qualities.

    Part of this inaction or lethargic state of affairs is also because of the Govt. machineries which are crippled by actions of indoctrinated Deep State players with their loyalties and allegiance more to opposition political parties ideologies than to serve the country irrespective of the political party in Govt. There should be a major clean up of such Deep State players/actors before the Govt. machineries can work and start to govern smoothly and efficiently under a Govt. helmed by a new political coalition of parties.

    And the unfortunate part is Malaysia also has an Emperor who thinks he alone knows everything and wants to control everything with so much centralization of powers under the PM Dept that it makes other Ministers and departments like lame ducks queuing up to receive approval or instructions from him or the PM Dept.

    So, live and bear with it, for it is indeed a real Malaysian Dilemma.

    Some countries, when faced with this same dilemma will find the Govt. being overthrown by military coups because most military commanders will start believing they will make better leaders to govern the country just like how they command and govern their soldiers.

    Malaysians is getting closer to such a state like Thailand.

  3. very diff, bn cant win any award except best robber, ph easily triumpth in best actor, best actress, supporting n director.

  4. Pro-Pakatan Chinese Malaysian scums: you deserve you lousy fate. When Anwar becomes PM, the Chinese Malaysians will SUFFER big time. Reap what you sow!

    Your only hope is a snap election. Then you can ask Najib back as PM. He had treated you well but you betrayed him by voting Pakatan. Ask Najib for forgiveness for the wrongs you did against him especially that nonsense 1MDB issue, pink diamond, C4 kaboom rubbish etc.

    Otherwise the Malays will vote PAS and teach all the Chinese Malaysians a permanent lesson: An IRREVERSIBLE Islamic State.

    I am too old to suffer under an Islamic Govt but those impressionable young Chinese Malaysians must SUFFER for voting against Najib. Let them suffer!

    1. Too old?

      Then where's yr f*cking accumulated 'insights' over the yrs?

      Or perhaps, it's no money no talk for an old fool who still reminisces about his younger days of pure indulgences with jibby!

      Stop counting, it's near!