Saturday, June 29, 2019

The ribbons of Latheefa Beebi Koya

Since our military and police follow their British predecessors in terms of protocol and traditions, I am for and as a start mentioning the British Armed Forces recognition of service and personal accomplishments of individuals while serving as a member of the British Armed Forces with the awarding of various awards and decorations.

Together with rank and qualification badges, such awards are a means to outwardly display the highlights of a service person's career. And since the MACC had been an offshoot of the Royal Malaysian Police, I assume it follows police procedures (and thus British military-police procedures) when wearing awards and decorations.

A side issue, just as a matter of interest, the US military called their awards and decorations which their service people wear on their left chest as the "fruit salad bar." I like this catchy American term so I'll be using "fruit salad bar" regularly in this post to refer to service awards and decorations.

The ribbons (or fruit salad bar) represent the actual medals, decorations and awards won. The latter (actual medals cum ribbon) are only worn on the formal official uniform whilst the former (just the "fruit salad bar") would be worn as an part of the daily working uniform (both on the left chest).

In short, it can be summarised as (a) miniature medals on dinner dress, (b) full medals on parade dress, (c) ribbons on dress shirts, (d) but no decorations on combat dress and working clothing for the same reason as for regulations regarding display of rank insignia and saluting of more senior ranks, mainly for fear of enemy identification of senior officers.

The order of protocol is usually:

(1) gallantry awards (recognition of acts of bravery) first and foremost on the most top right hand end of the 'fruit salad bar', followed by,

former Supt of Police Paul Kiong, an ex-police who fought the communists, showing his 
Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP), Malaysia's HIGHEST gallantry award for bravery in the face of enemy beyond the call of duty

(late) Supt of Police Sia Boon Chee was awarded the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa in 1983 

(2) royal or state awards (for being a jolly good fellow who is recognised by HRH or federal/state government for service to the state), then

(3) campaign awards (military or quasi-military campaigns, eg. Confrontation, Emergency, anti-piracy ops, etc),

(4) general service/good conduct awards (eg. 25 years good conduct, etc, with the American military awarding for such achievements as master-sniper, etc) and

(5) foreign awards (UN military campaign, foreign awards, etc).

(6) In certain circumstances (eg. US army), some unit awards (any type) are worn as a separate grouping, and on the right side of the chest/uniform, with and without frames.

In Britain the first medal or ribbon (most right end top of "fruit salad bar") would be the Victoria Cross.

The VC was introduced on 29 January 1856 by Queen Victoria to honour acts of valour during the Crimean War. Since then, the medal has been awarded 1,358 times to 1,355 individual recipients

Only 15 medals, 11 to members of the British Army, and four to the Australian Army, have been awarded since the Second World War

It is the highest gallantry award the British Empire confers on bravery 'in the presence of enemy', sometimes described as bravery 'beyond the call of duty', and precedes all other medals and ribbons.

On the Queen's (or before her, the King's) birthdays, if the Victoria Cross is to be awarded, it takes precedence in its presentation over all other awards, in other words, the Victoria Cross will be awarded first and foremost (and mentioned first and foremost in the honours list) before the Queen (or King) confers other awards.

The Malaysian equivalent of the British Victoria Cross is the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP) but being typical Malaysian we subordinate this most highest of all gallantry awards to the mere Tun-ship. Thus the Tun-ship will be announced/published first, taking precedence over the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP) - what a typical Malaysian screw-up and shameful tok' ampu cringe.

So, of gallantry sacrifices, royal/state/federal recognition, campaign achievements and participation, or foreign awards, which would these would apply to Commissioner (MACC) Latheefa Beebi Koya's 'fruit salad bar'?

Latheefa Beebi was asked this when she appeared in her MACC parade (No 1) uniform.

Malaysiakini reported: Latheefa explained that her uniform does not carry any medals as claimed, but instead bar ribbons mandated for the post, according to the Standing Order of the MACC chief commissioner, Chapter A (Policy) No 1 of 2012.

"(It) directs that a chief commissioner by virtue of his/her position is to wear a certain number of bar ribbons"

I haven't heard of this meaningless uniform decoration unless the mentioned MACC standing order was conceived due to a lack of self confidence or self esteem in a previous MACC Commissioner.


  1. let this bitch enjoy what others bitch in her, just like when she bitch on others.

  2. Wakakakakakakakka

    Reminds me of those idiosyncratic politicians who dress up like the Pahlawan/warriors of the old days waving/carrying Keris and pretending to be one during their political party elections.

    Nowadays, even some Islamic politicians have discarded their Arabic dress and headgear to look like Malay Pahlawan/warriors.

    So, when will someone also dress up like Admiral Cheng Ho, Guan Yu, Shiva, Vishnu?

    It'll make everyone's day to see someone dress up like the Kings of Kalinga or Chota one day.


  3. More Kong Kali Kong noise.

    First they say her appointment did not follow "due process"; now it's her attire. Next may be her marital status or sex life. But they don't mention what she has done over the first 2 weeks on the job. About that they are silent.

    The salad bar goes with the job status, not the person. When she leaves the commission she does not bring the salad bar with her.

    When people criticise what you wear (or don't wear) instead of your work you know you are doing a good job. Kipidup.

    Note: people also criticise Guanee's office decor because they can't find anything about his work to criticise. Ha ha ha...

    1. ribbons do NOT go with a job, but to a person

  4. The timing is just right. Parliament will be sitting next few weeks. Squeaky bum time.
    The foxhound Latheefa sans salad bar will unveil another 400 or so names that received money from Jibby. There will be a ruckus in the August house. Word has it that a few Harapan folks will be in hot soup. She did say she will expose corruption wherever there is corruption. No mercy.

    “Don’t stare at the ribbons on my chest. Look at my teeth...grrrr....and my claws....and the 400 names.....”

    And this Jibby has a real Minus Touch. Everything and Everyone he touches ends up in trouble.

    1. In trouble? You mean civil forfeiture suit eh? Hmmm..

  5. Ah Mok Tin Ko Song attempting to make maxinum noise out of nothingness.

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    3. wakakaka, the VAB bullshitter - when a person wears medal ribbons on his or her uniform, there has to be accountability, when asked, as to where they came from - it's blokes like you, a VAB bullshitter, who doesn't understand what lies behind those ribbons, thinking they are 'girlie' decos

    4. Who DOESN'T understand the protocol of office uniformity?

      Mfer, reread those two posts I have attached lah. Better still do a cut&paste to amuse yr own rd ego!

      Failed flyboy wannabe, u CAN never bullshit yrself out from the hole u dug. Thus, forever a failure chasing a dream u can never achieved!

    5. wakakaka, no you are THE mfer, and I have said this before, you have an obsession to comment on stuff you know fuckall about.

      refer to your own references - Latheefa Beebi said she is now learning about "the ‘rank badges’" which no one denies her as that goes with the post of Commissioner of the MACC.

      It's the eff-ing ribbons on her left chest uniform (NOT the rank badges on her shoulders and unit badge on the right chest uniform), the 'fruit salad bar' so to speak.

      Obviously you have no clue about such things so you should STFU before you embarrass your ancestors more, wakakaka, you eff-ing moronic imbecile

      'fruit salad bar' consists to types of medals (represented on working dress as ribbons) which can ONLY be won by the wearer, either as a gallantry award, an honours award, a campaign ,medal or a general service or good conduct medal. They canNOT be worn by anyone who did NOT or was NOT awarded the medal (ribbon)

    6. Only a failed flyboy wannabe would be so critical about those colour bars (rank badges, fruit salad bar), protocol of office uniformity!

      ie form over substance!

      Reread AGAIN those two articles lah. The essence of these articles r substance NOT form - as u so wanted to shout!

      Unlike u, who die2 must prove yr self-indulgent of these pageantry displays, I definitely treat them with the least regards - especially those been decorated as a formality rather than performing result!

      Thus, don't be so impulsively jump to conclusion about others due to yr single-mindedness in seeing what u want to see!

      AGAIN WHO's that moronic imbecile who embarrasses his ancestors more, due to his own rd tendency?


    7. no one should wear ribbons (fruit salad bar) that she has NOT won or being awarded with - only a VAB pompous bullshitter like you would want to argue your ignorant way out

    8. Failed flyboy wannabe JANGAN LARI!

      Unless u want to be that umno carrot man#2.

      The question IS form over substance. NOT pageantry formality!

      But what can one expect a pompous bullshitter (indeed) would give any other reasons than an all encompassing one-liner!

    9. "The question IS form over substance. NOT pageantry formality!"???

      wakakaka, I told you before not to get entangled in business you know fuckall about, just for the stupid sake of showing you know everything when you actually know nothing. You're going to have to swallow those above words you pompously uttered without understanding what they mean. I'll provide the chillie sauce and tau-yu

      Wearing a fruit salad bar without being awarded them or without having won the merit to don those ribbons is form, not substance.

      Wearing a fruit salad bar ONLY after being awarded them or having won the merit to don those ribbons is substance and not form.

      But biadap budak kecil like you know shit, wakakaka

    10. Still going on & on about pageantry formality!

      Is that ALL u know & read?


      Perhaps there is truth in tinkosong CAN only rumbling about issues of inconsequential.

      Like a old lady used to shout - where's the beef?

      Or for a half anek, maybe beef is not kosher?

  6. Since British standard is used here as the yardstick, why not go on with calling a spade a spade. Period.