Sunday, June 30, 2019

Mahathir and his 'Lu tolong wa, wa tolong lu'

From Sun Daily:

Govt will return favours to the people for mandate given to PH: Dr M

KULIM: The government will return the favour to the people for the mandate they had given to Pakatan Harapan (PH) as the preferred coalition to govern the country at the last general election.

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said despite the allegation that nothing was achieved after the PH took over the country’s administration, the facts proved otherwise.

“We have solved many problems left by the previous ruling party and we believe that our country will recover soon.

“We have promised to share the country’s wealth and we have introduced a new policy of shared prosperity ... we will make sure that no one will be left behind,” he said at the national-level Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) Aidilfitri Open House here last night.

Dr Mahathir said the new policy could be realised as long as the people continue to support all the plans lined up by the government.

He has given you Car No 3 (financed by Sil Terra, a subsidiary of Khazanah = public money), clowns as ministers, non-ratification of Rome Statute and ICERD, shameful international relationship for Malaysia, extradition of UN refugee Praphan Pipithnamporn back to Thailand to face wrath of Thailand's horrendous lèse-majesté laws, Zakir Naik for your peace of mind (and possibly lectures on alleged money laundering), more ketuanan Kerbau's, more divisive policies so on so forth.


  1. no need share wealth, i work for this myself, my taman many issue n problem yet to settle, can mahathir request gobind n mpsj to speed up?

  2. Yes please watch the speech, around 2:30s:

  3. Wakakakakakkaa

    I wonder whether most of the problems claimed solved has also included his own political agenda of regaining back his Kingdom and slaying all those who betrayed and left him high and dry when he was in self-exile.

    Anyway, nothing wrong for his allies and his party/army and warlords/generals to depend on Hope of whatever that the Ceasar will reward them for the victories in the battlefield in GE14.

    I am only perplexed as to how the Loot and Booty seized and recovered will be distributed only to those who have fought/voted for his Grand Armee? Is it by checking voting slips, party membership or what?

    Or is it going to be distributed via his Generals/Warlords to determine who can get part of the booty and loot?

    Does it also include those hypocrites who lost the great battle and sworn allegiance and Hail him as Ceasar as well, to save their own lives?

    Or perhaps, what Ceasar actually meant was not Loot and Booty but actually just a grand spectacle/show to witness the beheading and mutilation of his enemies/traitors/kleptocrats publicly in the town square.

    Anyone dare to deny, that also meant as a favour done by Ceasar?