Monday, June 24, 2019

Non-sins of the Princeling

From Malaysiakini:

Kedah Umno: How Mukhriz can plead ignorance but not Najib?

Kedah Umno Youth has questioned former menteri besar Mukhriz Mahathir after the latter pleaded ignorance over the 1MDB funds the state Umno had purportedly received under his watch.
Its chief Mohamad Fadzil Zolkipli said former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak had also pleaded ignorance over the alleged misappropriation of SRC International’s fund, but this was deemed unacceptable.
“Just like the SRC case, Mukhriz had to sign off on the use of the funds in his capacity as (Kedah Umno) chairperson at the time.
“If (Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad) can accept Mukhriz’s statement, then Najib’s statement can also be accepted using the same logic,” he was quoted as saying through the party mouthpiece Umno Online today.
Kedah Umno was among the 41 entities being sued in MACC’s civil forfeiture suit announced on Friday, which is aimed to recover RM270 million that purportedly originated from 1MDB.
Mukhriz, who was Kedah Umno chief from 2013 until 2016, claimed he was unaware that the funds had been channelled into Kedah Umno’s accounts because he had left matters of expenditure and disbursement to its treasurer Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim. 

I admire all of them brilliant politicians as well as billionaires businessmen


  1. Najib received 1MDB is his Personal bank account.
    The others (total 42) received money from Najib.
    Legally next to impossible for Najib to defend that he had no idea where the money came from.

    The others received money from Najib, many in legal commercial transactions for goods or services .Quite defensible for them to say they had no idea on the source of the funds.

    For UMNO , it is less easy to defend, but nevertheless, the money came to them from Najib , not 1MDB , not SRC.

  2. lets wait for lks to express incredulity.

  3. One is the giver the other is the recipient ler, how to compare apple with orange ah? Don't talk rot by claiming don't know from where and who banked in money into his account ah. Account was opened only deposited with "those" money and not his salary nor donation, Ahjibgor signed all cheques finished paid out "those" money and then closed the account. Clealy he knew how much money was there and where the money come from and spent them ngam ngam ler.

  4. Wakakakakakakaka What sins? Are sins in religions and criminal acts in Laws made acceptable to society only when it comes out from politician's mouths and sermons? Is that why some politicians who are religious bigots have now created compliant and non-compliant religious sins and laws?

    UMNO Kedah should return back the illegal monies taken from 1 MDB, if just like the US DOJ cases where such funds/assets received are deemed illegal even if the recipients do not know where such monies were originated from or can prove their innocence to absolve themselves from criminal charges of abetment and wasting court's time and taxpayers monies if both parties are agreeable to such plea bargain.

    In the case of Ahjibkor however, likewise, Ahjibkor should also return back all the 1MDB monies/assets arising from 1 MDB scandal (about RM 40 billions), if he can also prove himself innocent/blur/dunggu as a receiver to absolve himself from the criminal charges now facing him in court with his good intentions of innocence or non-sinful acts or perhaps to a lesser jail sentence if found not fully criminally liable or as a party to stealing/misappropriating of 1 MDB funds.

    The test is whether Malaysians or organisations involved who plead innocence whether knowingly or unknowingly as an excuse in the face of facts already shown by all the world investigators/justices/prosecuting systems handling illegal monies have dignity, moral principles and the decency as upright non-sinful individuals/organisations to have the moral courage to return those illegal monies received in the first place whether it has already been spent or not?

    This, however do not apply to thieves, robbers, collaborators, conspirators, finally proven guilty of the charges in courts thru the Justice system and turning back to plead once again innocence or make redemptions for their sinful and illegal criminal acts.

    So, let this game of who knows better what is the likely end game results (whether it's political or non political) for themselves agonize over, think over, sleep over as to what is their best decision to take for both themselves and their organisations involved as recipients of such illegal benefits/monies.

    In the real world, do you honestly believe individuals or organisations who receive monies/benefits do not even have the slightest inkling of who their paymasters/donors/payor are and whether it is illegal or legal monies they are receiving from?

    Any honest, law abiding, morally upright, religious minded person/organisation would, unless they are also a party towards such corrupted and thieving individuals/organisations/politicians involved.

    For some politicians and their zombies, their abhorrent replies on where their morality stands, when their soul/conscience are tortured, is to deflect it by promoting themselves under slogans of "Apa nak Malu", "Apa Malu, Boss Ku" "Perpaduan Ummah", "Halal or Not-Haram", "Wajib or Harus", "Melayu dibangsatkan", "Kafirs, Kafir Arbi" or whatnot.

    Do these corrupted and morally no-conscious Malaysians really believe in God/Gods or Rule of Laws or the Universal Religious Laws?