Saturday, June 29, 2019

A 13-MP party controls 222-seat government

From financetwitter (14 Dec 2018):

How 93-Year-Old Mahathir Brilliantly Controls A 222-Seat Government With Only 13 Seats (extracts)

The fact that his party – Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) – commands almost the equal share of ministry portfolios among the 4 partners in the ruling coalition, despite being a minority party, was already impressive.


After the historic May 9th win, Anwar’s party (PKR – People’s Justice Party) possessed the lion’s share of 47 parliamentary seats, while DAP (Democratic Action Party) grabbed 42. Mahathir’s PPBM (Malaysian United Indigenous Party) won only 13 seats and Amanah (National Trust Party) managed 11 seats, giving the Pakatan Harapan coalition the required 113 simple majority.

Sure, Mahathir was sworn in as the country’s 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia primarily because all the component parties had agreed to the arrangement. Another factor was due to the fact that there is no dominant party with super majority seats in the coalition. Still, after Anwar was granted a full pardon by the Agong (King) and released from prison, he can kick Mahathir out of the government.

There were strong rumours that Anwar Ibrahim was plotting to partner with either UMNO Malay nationalist party (which was dethroned for the first time in 61 years) or PAS Islamist party or both so that he can instantly grab power. After all, how hard could it be to replace Mahathir’s 13 seats party? Anwar’s advisers believed Mahathir might play him again like in 1998.

Mahathir easily checkmated Anwar, pampered PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali with a very powerful portfolio – a specially created Minister of Economic Affairs. The divide and conquer tactic has essentially split PKR into half. To ensure DAP and ethnic Chinese loyalty to his premiership, Mahathir rewarded them with 6 ministers, including the powerful Minister of Finance.

After ensuring stability and no rebellion within the Pakatan Harapan ruling coalition, Mahathir proceeded to break up the opposition Barisan Nasional coalition. Out of 79 parliamentary seats initially won by the old regime, UMNO alone had in its possession 54 seats. Like a skillful sushi chef, Mahathir skinned Barisan’s so-called fixed-deposit Sarawak Barisan Nasional.

About a month after its humiliating defeat, the extremely corrupt Barisan was shocked when it lost 19 parliamentary seats in June. All the Sarawak parties – PBB, SUPP, PRS, and PDP – abandoned the coalition. Including UPKO (1), PBS (1) and PBRS (1), the Barisan was reduced from 79 to 57. The once arrogant former Deputy PM Zahid Hamidi was reportedly begged the Sarawak Chief Minister not to quit, but to no avail.

It was not a coincidence that Sarawak former Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud’s party PBB, the biggest in the state with 13 parliamentary seats, launched the rebellion after his meeting with PM Mahathir and Daim Zainuddin. In exchange for not investigating Taib’s decades of corruption and illegal logging, Mahathir single-handedly took away Barisan’s fixed-deposit.

UMNO plunged into disarray almost instantly. Its self-proclaimed 3-million members were running around like a headless chicken. From a mighty coalition of 13 component parties, the Barisan Nasional is now reduced to just 3 parties.With MCA and MIC holding 1 seat each (after MIC’s Cameron Highland was declared null and void), the coalition was reduced to 56 seats.

But the slaughtering has just begun. With UMNO members already disillusioned and demoralised by their clueless president Zahid, Mahathir didn’t have to do any heavy lifting. Like it or not, the old man was a master strategist. 


At least 32 UMNO MPs have allegedly switched loyalty to Mahathir Mohamad. If that happens, UMNO would be crippled with only 11 MPs left, presumably the most toxic and unacceptable even to the “garbage collector” Mahathir. The PPBM now possesses 16 MPs, up from 13 after three UMNO MPs jumped ship earlier on.

If Mahathir’s PPBM decides to accept all the 32 UMNO frogs, it would be boosted with a whopping 48 MPs, just second to Anwar PKR’s 50 MPs. To be fair to him, the prime minister did not say all of UMNO MPs will definitely be accepted. They must first become independent or Pakatan-friendly. This is important because the frogs can be used to initiate institutional reforms.

Yes, as a 13 MPs small “mosquito party”, as previously mocked and insulted by former Tourism and Culture Minister and UMNO warlord Nazri Aziz, it’s incredible that Mahathir could control the 222-seat government. Even without the 32 UMNO frogs, the 19 (Sarawak) and 5 (Sabah) respective friendly votes means Pakatan has 146 votes, just 2 seats shy of two-thirds majority.


  1. Betsatu desperately needs more frogs, GPS from Sarawak would greatly help. But Nancy Shukri still doesn’t get it. She still claims Sarawakians want Jibby back as PM because “he understands what we need” and “we miss you”. She doesn’t understand that Jibby is like the cane toad, poisonous if eaten.

    Sure Jibby understands Sarawakians’ needs and helps them a lot, but with ulterior motives.

    Jibby did say “I help you, you help me”.

    And Rosmah helped herself to millions in the solar panel project.

    After 5 decades of plunder it is shocking but not surprising their reserves is only 30B, while our national reserves is over 400B. Sarawak, which claims to be equal partner in the Federation, should be having reserves of at least 100-200B by now. But they gloat over 30B. All the timber is gone, Guanee is right, they have to dip into the 30B because there will be insufficient revenue collection. Putrajaya must not give them the 20% royalty just yet, they will plunder that too. Just watch the Global Witness videos on YouTube

    And just like UMNO when MACC start haulin’ in the sharks and all the money is frozen, PBB will disintegrate. Money is the only glue that keeps them together.

    Better be quick, the white-haired rabbit’s time is running out too. He nearly had a fatal heart attack when Toonsie appointed foxhound Latheefa as MACC chief. There was a subtle message in that appointment.

    “Join Bersatu and I’ll try to leash that foxhound. Refuse, then there is no telling what she will do, good luck to you”.

    It will be an interesting state elections due by 2021. Harapan vs GPS. Bring it on...!

    1. Very adorable that you call them Bersatu.

      Mamak understands the Cina.

      PPBM is like Cina medicine.

      Pribumi is the actual medicine, very bitter.

      That's why you have the sweet Bersatu.

      When you take the medicine, concentrate on the sweet.

      Take your medicine like a good boy.

  2. Wakakkakakakakaka

    The Heavens and God/Gods must be all laughing at TDM who is playing Machiavellian politics without any respite and giving him immortality to ensure himself and later his successor, his Boboi and of course his Party rule forever in his little kingdom called Malaysia.

    Such a recalcitrant scoundrel of a politician either deserves accolades for his unstoppable ambitious aims of what he wants done and inscribed in stone which he thought was completed in 2003 or deserve karma when the very men and party which he cultivated and formed betrayed him and cast him aside for their own ambitions and not his.

    Betraying his planned Legacy inscribed in stone by his very own warlords and army (party) during the period of 2003-2018, such is the wrath of this man, that he then set forth to raise his own party (army) and new warlords. Swallowing his pride and taking a bitter pill, he then made treaties with his arch enemies/foes whom he has battled for the past 22 years during his reign to topple and slaughter all the warlords/generals commanding the party/army who has betrayed him and crossed his path to shatter his legacy. The humiliation he suffered when powerless (2003-2018) and the betrayals must have taught him a very bitter lesson to not trust anyone and to finally understand that "Power resides for only those who sit on the thrones" and neither the Heavens nor the God/Gods nor even promises/treaties made by mere mortals are ever to be believed.

    to be con't Wakakakakakaka

  3. cont'd

    The slaughtering and mutilation of the betrayers and traitors and their party/army will not cease until they are completely obliterated just as like the old days when families, friends, neighbors are wiped out and not spared when an Emperor dictates so. It will be so complete that generations after this will just remember them via tombstones left scattered and their history rewritten as just like some illusion which died off after 2003. Such is the wrath and vengeance exacted upon anyone double crossing/betraying his edicts (fatwas) that even all his allies who knew what he is pursuing with all his might like a Megalomaniac tremble with fear to cross his path.

    The only recourse left for his enemies would be to go into exile or join the Emperor's kingdom as slaves and concubines to at least live out the rest of their days from being hunted down which is better than behaving like wild boars or deers being hunted down one by one.

    What do you think the Emperor allies who helped him defeat his betrayers and traitors should do in the face of such an immortal Emperor out still on a warpath of vengeance?

    Wouldn't it be sensible to serve as Eunuchs, not cross his path and hope time runs out for him before he can build his own little kingdom again?

    Better kneel and bow and Hail "Wan Sui", "Wan Sui" for at least Eunuchs are much better than being Slaves or Concubines.

    History has proven there are no Immortals, even among Emperors or Ceasars.

    And it definitely also includes those pretending to be Indian, Egyptian or Roman Kings.