Friday, June 14, 2019

Mahathir, don't turn our black hair white

From Malaysiakini:

Reformasi group calls for PM handover timeline from Dr M

Anne Muhammad  |  Published: 
Otai Reformis has called on Dr Mahathir Mohamad to provide a clear timeframe for handing over the prime ministerial post to PKR president Anwar Ibrahim as previously agreed.
Its chairman, Dr Idris Ahmad, said the call was made because his side saw Putrajaya's "murky' performance.
"Are Malaysians really satisfied with the government's administration in Putrajaya?
"The confidence level, investment, economy, it's all sliding (under Mahathir) so how long will we wait (to hand over the post of prime minister to Anwar)?" he said at a press conference in Bangsar today.
Idris said he did not rule out the possibility of taking to the streets if Mahathir failed to fulfil his promise to hand over the post.
Idris also claimed that while Pakatan Harapan had formed the government, the "spirit of justice" in the new administration under Mahathir was diminishing.
"Our hair was black, and now it is white. We have reached Putrajaya but the voice, culture and the spirit of justice are very low.
"Our cause was just and we played a role in building the New Malaysia," he said.


  1. Haziq arrested....part 3 coming...?

  2. Another 2 tranches of videos soon to be released.
    Rumour has it, these are of unarguable HD quality....
    especially the final release...

    If that is true, Maha-Azmin will have no escape route.

  3. Wakakakakakaka

    OTAI Reformasi trying their luck to make TDM more committed to what he has promised to do.

    At least they understand Mamaks unlike other races will always forgets "Janji harus dikotakan" and "Promises are meant to be broken when not suitable".

  4. MCA complaining now but where were they for 20 years 1998-2019 when Anwar was put through longkang politics?

    MCA Youth condemns gutter politics; perpetrators must be brought to light

    Nicole Wong

    Published 1 day ago on 13 June 2019

    JUNE 13 — Gutter politics is unacceptable, regardless of the target’s political affiliation or race. We will never be able to see eye to eye with anyone who employs such despicable tactics to damage political rivals.

    1. MCA was shit scared of PM Mahathir then, wakakaka

    2. 2004- 2018 Mahathir was not the Prime Minister.
      MCA shit-scared of shadows ?
      Shit-scared of Ah Jib Gor and Pak Lah ?
      Or just plain sleeping ?

    3. habit of cringe started back in Maddy's time

    4. Bullshit...
      MCA was either silent or supporting the ugly politics on all manner of transgressions all these years because they were in the same bed as UMNO,
      partaking in the crumbs.

      In fact, they are still in the same bed.

  5. Why they never use Go Pro? So cheap nowadays. Go through all the trouble and skimp on the camera.