Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Siap Siaga, Bang Anwar, Latheefa is new MACC Chief

Latheefa Koya of Lawyer for Liberty, and also of PKR, has been appointed as MACC Chief Commissioner DIRECTLY by the Prime Minister's Office (PMO).

Latheefa Koya 

Latheefa is not unlike Sangeeta Kaur (daughter of the late Karpal Singh), a lady certainly and eminently most suitable person for the job of Chief Commissioner of MACC - both speak up courageously where wrong has been done, especially and particularly if the wrong has been committed by their own side (respectively PKR and DAP).

Sangeeta Kaur 

I respect such people which include Zaid Ibrahim, Ram Karpal, Dr Boo Cheng Hau, Dr Tan Seng Giaw, and of course my old Penang lang, the late Zulkifli Mohd Noor (who sadly left us forever in January this year), etc, though each individually would be immensely disliked if not hated by his/her respective political party for not toeing the party leader's line or the DAP official stance (unless if it's Lim Kit Siang himself who dares buck his party's principled ideology for being anti-every-thing-Mahathir), wakakaka.

courageous and principled DAP leaders who each has the guts (courage), principles, integrity, honesty and self-confidence and independence to hold steadfast to each's conviction and political belief even against official party stance

these are people who don't suck up

Though I expect Latheefa to continue to be outspoken, courageous and to take no-shit from anyone, somehow I smell someone fishy in her appointment, which to be frank has dropped out unexpectedly from the dark dark dark sky, all made even worse by being a move directly from the PMO without going through proper channels, and mateys it's not ikan masin or belacan - I suspect it's Naadan Ayila curry, heavily spiced with Machiavellian peppercorn, wakakaka.

Latheefa's appointment has undeniably caught many by surprise, even and especially those within her own PKR party. Hasn't that been ridiculous? Hmmm, as ridiculous as Wan Azizah caught by surprise when Azmin Ali was abruptly plucked from the latter's Selangor MB position to be Mahathir's new Economics Minister, wakakaka.

OK, let's read what Malaysiakini has published in its Select committee in the dark over MACC chief appointment, extracts as follow:

The parliamentary special select committee on public appointments had no knowledge that PKR member Latheefa Koya would be appointed as the MACC chief commissioner, said its head William Leong.

"It (her appointment) should have been brought to our notice for us to discuss the matter, but we were not aware of it," he told Malaysiakini this evening.

The Selayang MP said he disagreed with the lawyer's appointment despite the two being members of the same party.

Leong said Pakatan Harapan has been advocating that politicians should not head such agencies, particularly an independent body.

"All along, we have been talking about the independence of MACC. When there is someone from one particular party (appointed), then it (the appointment) is politicised," he added.

Leong said PKR would discuss Latheefa's appointment.

The special select committee was formed to discuss public appointments as pledged by Harapan in its 2018 general election manifesto.

Meanwhile, Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah congratulated Latheefa (photo) on her appointment as the first female MACC chief, but also questioned why it was not first discussed by the special select committee.

"Firstly, I would like to ask whether her appointment had gone through the parliamentary select committee on public appointments.

"This committee was formed for appointments like this in order to ensure that there is better transparency when it comes to key appointments," she said.

Maria added that Harapan had made clear in its manifesto that it is against political appointments.

Indeed, most questioned Latheefa's direct appointment by the PMO, as seen in 
TMI's Why didn’t Latheefa’s appointment go through Parliament, ask activist, lawmakers, extracts as follow:

Latheefa Koya’s appointment as Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner has taken many by surprise, including her friends and activists who had previously worked with her.

While they welcomed her as the MACC chief, some have questioned the nature of her appointment by Putrajaya, saying the process should have been more transparent.

When Putrajaya (ie. Mahathir) moves suddenly as,  mentioned earlier, he did in appointing Azmin Ali as Economics Minister without even consulting Azmin's party, most people see it as a sinister Machiavellian design behind such non-transparent non-procedural non-consultative move.

We already know that there are two factions in PKR which I have endearingly (wakakaka) named as the Dökkálfar Dwarfs and the Pandan Cats.

Latheefa, who has resigned her membership from PKR, used to belong to the former together with Azmin Ali and Tian Chua, whilst Rafizi Ramli and the Anwar family are in the latter. Both factions are what they are, factions hostile to each other, as to be expected in any political party, wakakaka.

above (Latheefa not presented here) are the Dökkálfar Dwarfs

below (Anwar family not presented here) are the Pandan Cats

recall William Leong (in above paragraph) disagreeing' with Latheefa's appointment as MACC Chief?

Questions running wild in our imagination now are:

(a) Why has Mahathir deliberately broken Pakatan's manifesto promise (again) NOT to appoint a politician to the MACC Chief's position?

(b) Why select a candidate from a "certain" faction of PKR?

(c) Why has this particular appointment been non-transparent, non-procedural and non-consultative?

(d) What is Mahathir's motive? [Though we are now speculating like mad, wakakaka]

(e) Was the DPM or Anwar as party president of PKR consulted prior to Latheefa's appointment? If not, why not?

Much as many of my readers don't like MCA President Wee Ka Siong, we should NOT simply exclude his opinions, unless we're afraid [of hearing any unpalatable truths from him]. Today he was reported by Malaysiakini:

Wee Ka Siong said today that
he feels "disturbed" for PKR president Anwar Ibrahim over the appointment of a former member of his party, Latheefa Koya, as the new MACC chief commissioner.

"I feel disturbed for Anwar, as it was well known that Latheefa has always targeted him," the MCA president claimed in a statement today.

you mangy feline, I'm coming for your flea-infested bod

WTF, shit-time is here 

"I hope her appointment is not some grand conspiracy scheme to stop Anwar from becoming the next prime minister."

"Privately, PKR leaders regard Latheefa as a loose cannon. One cannot help but wonder if she is a suitable choice for the role."

Wee said Latheefa's appointment was "mind-boggling," and runs contrary to Pakatan Harapan's promise for non-politicians to head key institutions.

"Our MCA position is clear that no active politician should head the MACC and other relevant security agencies.

"Even though Latheefa announced her resignation from PKR to take up the post, the independence of the MACC now in question.

"Where is the impartiality, integrity and credibility of the MACC now? The image of the MACC is now in tatters, and any right-minded person would not condone her appointment, including even the PKR leadership," he said.

A former Transparency-International Malaysia president has criticised the appointment of lawyer Latheefa Koya as the new Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief, saying it will affect the agency’s credibility.

Akhbar Satar, who was formerly with the Anti-Corruption Agency before it became known as MACC, said that the new MACC chief should have come from within the agency’s ranks.

“MACC’s work revolves around investigations, so the MACC chief must have the necessary experience.

“People can say that Latheefa is a lawyer but leading an investigative agency requires different skill sets. How can she advise those under her when she does not have the experience,” he told FMT.

what to do now, papa? 

don't get involved chye-chye, just focus on your Sudoku 

a Kim Jong-il accolade for Pakatan Harapan especially for the Lims' "new" ideology, wakakaka


Akhbar said that even though Latheefa has resigned from PKR, everything she does will be questioned due to her political past. [...]

Akhbar said a politician should never be appointed to head an agency like MACC, and even if they were to resign, it would not change how the public views them.

Pakatan Harapan has broken its own manifesto promise and this will reflect badly on them. Even now, many are voicing their displeasure online.

“The government must explain its decision to appoint Latheefa. Surely, there is at least one qualified candidate within the MACC’s ranks.”

But as kaytee (and probably many as well) sees it, it's not so much a matter of no qualified candidate from within or without MACC who is not a politician, but more of, I suspect, Mahathir's Machiavellian Move, wakakaka.

And thus far and most significantly, no one from the Anwar family has made any comment on Latheefa's appointment. Are they all in shock or in immense outrage at Mahathir's unilateral and arbitrary decision?

Siap Siaga, Bang Anwar, Berwaspada, Wakakaka.

karn neen nare leh, mucho fed up kaukau
cheen chnea beh tahan
 liao lah 


  1. Just for the record Ambiga, Cynthia Gabriel, Thomas Fann, Maria Chin, N Surendran, Human Rights Watch Phil Robertson, Go go Gopal Sri Ram, and last but not least the Agong agrees with Toonsie on the appointment of Latheefa.

    I believe the CJ, EC Chairman, AG and IGP were all appointed in a similar fashion. If all these positions were put up for discussion there will be political gridlock, then people will be asking

    “why Harapan government so slow with the New Malaysia reforms? why Jibby not in jail yet, why haven’t we got the 1MDB money back yet, why haven’t we gone after Taib yet, why the IGP cannot find Indira Gandhi’s daughter, why MACC stop TBH investigation etc etc?”

    Ah Wee pontificates that active politicians should not head MACC which goes after crooks and corrupted people, but he forgets that two, or was it three past MCA Presidents were involved in Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal costing us 12 Billion and at the end only (one?) ikan bilis was caught and all the MCA politicians including one Tun are enjoying retirement. The ACA/MACC then was toothless. Lee Hwa Beng can tell you all about this. Don’t be so holy Ah Wee, just return the 1MDB money Jibby gave MCA.

  2. Utter nonsense from PBB. Using the same logic the Governor of Sarawak should be an apolitical person, completely neutral, with no previous political or partisan work, so past Chief Ministers and PBB chiefs like you know who should not be Governor. Perhaps he is worried that Latheefa will go after corrupt Sarawakians. Maybe Sarawak will bar her entry into the state....ha ha ha...

    PBB rep says Latheefa not the right candidate to head MACC

    Published on 04 June 2019


    KUCHING, June 4 — A Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu’s (PBB) state assemblyman today insisted that human rights lawyer Latheefa Koya should not head the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), although she had resigned from PKR to take up the appointment.

    “Quitting PKR does not solve it, she is still politically connected,” State Assemblyman for Muara Tuang Datuk Idris Buang said of her appointment which took effect on June 1.

  3. Less than 13 months ago if I had told you that after GE14 the following will happen:

    1. the AG would be an Indian Christian and the Lead Prosecutor would be Go go Gopal Sri Ram
    2. the CJ would be a non-Malay Christian, to be succeeded by a Malay woman
    3. the Minister in charge of law would be a Chinese
    4. the MACC chief would be a person formerly with the Special Branch and was investigating the previous PM for corruption and had to run away to the US to avoid arrest, then after a year of “rocking the boat” at the MACC this chief was to be succeeded by Latheefa Koya
    5. the new IGP will support the establishment of IPCMC, after it has been delayed for 14 years
    6. Anwar Ibrahim would be pardoned and would be an MP
    7. Guanee would be a powerful Finance Minister


    what would you have replied...?

    A: Malaysia Baru...?

    1. replace the crook n thief with a bunch of incompetent idiot.

  4. Forgot to mention Art Harun EC Chief

  5. Why does Ah Mok keep sounding like a MCA ventriloquist puppet ?

  6. Strange........the MCA fella didn't feel ' disturbed ' when Najib sack Ghani Patail and ' mind boggling ' when replace him with Apandi Ali.....when the circus ensued, Wee didn't feel 'troubled ' instead he was one of the more vocal ones who cheered him on.....!!!...But really, with political baggage and all things said, on scale of 10...Lateefa's appointment is still a 9 IMHO....!!