Sunday, June 16, 2019

Haziq released on police bail

Malaysiakini - Kit Siang fearful of sex video scandal destroying Harapan

4? or was it 5?

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  1. Maybe it was the work of Cats.

    Maybe it was initiated to make it LOOK like the work of Cats, to instigate Unlimited Warfare between Cats and Dwarves, with other PH members taking sides, to collapse the government.

  2. The song and video "YMCA" should be updated for 2019 and lyrics changed to "PKR".


  4. Malaysia entering dangerous phase now.

    It is all out intra-Pakatan war waged on one hand by (1) Parti Kunyit Raksaksa Rafizi faction and DAP against (2) Pribumi and Azmin faction in PKR (? also kunyit faction).. 2 giant pricks throbbing and clanking ferociously. Amanah, Hindraf and East Malaysian parties just waiting to see which faction prevails. Meanwhile BN just enjoying the Sandiwara...

    Zeus has decided: Pribumi + UMNO + PAS + Azmin faction new pro-Bersatu party will prevail with help from East Malaysia, Hindraf and Amanah!!

    Then the new alignment quickly changes the OLd Laws: begins decriminalization of Secular Section 377a and 377B ; abolished retroactively and all previous convictions expunged with immediate effect (including old Anwar convictions now null and void).

    Whilst maintaining the laws on non-consensual sexual activity (eg rapes, sexual assaults, incest, etc) under the jurisdiction of current Secular Courts, laws on Consensual Sexual Activity will now be transferred permanently to community self-regulation under a new Azmin Amendment haha to spare Malaysia for future scandals.

    Azmin Amendment (He will be remembered by posterity for inadvertently creating this law much to his discomfort haha!) stipulates :

    1. All consensual sexual activity (sama suka sama) between adults aged 18 years old and above, irrespective of gender, will be legal

    2. However, the State now empowers each community to self-regulate consensual sexual activity according to their tribal customs.

    3. Therefore the power to regulate consensual sexual activity falls on (a) for Muslims: the Syariah Courts
    (b) for Christian : the Vatican or any other denominational jurisdiction (c) for Buddhists : highest regulatory body recognised by the State
    (d) for Hindus: highest regulatory body recognised by the religion
    (e) all other communities including tribal commnuities : will be decided by each commnunity elders

    4. The punishment for consensual sexual activity cannot be more than the maximum allowed under the previous Section 377A. Anwar spent 4 years in jail for a conviction under section 377A. Therefore the maximum punishment under the Azmin Amendment will now be
    (a) a fine not less than RM2000 and not more than RM 10,000
    (b) OR a jail term of not more than 2 years for repeat offenders who had committed more than 3 such social transgression over a period of 3 years (c) a person who had served a jail term before will then return to his original status and his/her records will be expunged permanently
    (d) no punishment is a valid sentence under Azmin Amendment whenever each community/tribal community deems appropriate

    I believe Malaysians are ready to let each community deal with consensual sexual acitivity without wasting police resources or court time.

    YES to the AZMIN AMENDMENT!! haha