Monday, June 24, 2019

PAS unaware of Malay-dominated vernacular schools

From FMT:

Vernacular schools no hurdle to national unity, says Perak exco

Perak exco member Abdul Aziz Bari says the call by the PAS Muslimat vice-chief calling for vernacular schools to be abolished shows the party is not aware of current developments, especially what parents want. (Bernama pic)

IPOH: The presence of vernacular schools in the country is no obstacle to national unity and it gives added value to the younger generation, Perak Education, Science, Technology and Environment Exco Abdul Aziz Bari said.
He said Chinese national-type schools were the best platform to equip students with a third language like Mandarin, which was increasingly important now.
“Mandarin is now a global language. One of the languages used at the United Nations is Mandarin.
“So, if we abolish these schools, it would not only be racist but also illogical and affect the capabilities of the younger generation, especially the Malays,” Aziz, who is also Perak DAP vice-president said to reporters at his Aidilfitri open house here today.
He was commenting on a statement yesterday by PAS Muslimat (women’s wing) vice-chief Salamiah Md Nor who urged the Pakatan Harapan government to abolish the vernacular education system in the country as she claimed it was not contributing to racial unity.
Salamiah made the call when debating on the president’s policy speech at the 65th PAS annual general assembly at the Pahang Indoor Stadium (Sukpa) in Indera Mahkota, Pahang, yesterday.
Aziz, who is also a constitutional expert, said the call by the PAS representative showed that the party was not aware of current developments, especially what parents want.
“The call shows that PAS is out of touch. There are several Chinese schools where the majority of students are Malays.
“It seems that she is not aware of what is happening in society. Many parents are sending their children to Chinese schools as they see a future in the Mandarin language,” he said.


  1. Wakakakakaka…

    What a politically inmatured fart!

    Just wait for that report(prepared by a selective anglophile) from that kasut-hitam em to the cabinet within this week lah.

    It would be a Richter 7.0 trembling that will rock all M'sians! Take it from there lah.

  2. Let those parents of PAS who thinks politics and their politicians is more important than their own childrens future go ahead and listen to their half baked politicians who only knows how to live in their own small world of only religion, Arabic culture, Wahhabism, Talibanism etc.

    The ones to suffer later anyway are their own children or those who think they are their saviours and condemn their own children and generations.

    The smarter Malaysians parents who knows understand well their children will have less competition and more opportunities in the work force and ability to survive better in a competative world which is not dictated by such bigotted minds within PAS, UMNO, BN, PH, NGOs etc or even within Malaysia.

    It just goes to show the level of intelligence and knowledge in such politicians, and Malaysians better pray hard such such people do not rule the country to pull down others to follow their ways of living in a small world.

    How in the world did such people get elected to be their leaders within the party in the first place?

    1. "The ones to suffer later anyway are their own children or those who think they are their saviours and condemn their own children and generations."

      Thus, turning these marginated blurred f*cks into zombies & ketuanan freaks to continuously claiming the Nons for 'robbing' them blind!

      Meanwhile the elites, comprising the ulamas, the blue bloods & the kleptomaniac sidekicks, quietly enjoying the loots by injecting the alifbata chants to strengthen their conmanship!

  3. Don't Challenge the Foxhound Latheefa....

    Will Latheefa Beebi Koya have the guts to charge Mukhriz?

    So far MACC has only filed civil suits against the political entities that received 1MDB money, not the chiefs of those entities.

    If Latheefa charges Mukhriz because he was the Kedah UMNO Chief she would have to charge all the other state and/or party Chiefs whose entities received 1MDB money as well. This includes charging Najib THREE TIMES MORE, as UMNO National Chief, Pahang UMNO Chief and Pekan UMNO division leader because all three entities received 1MDB money. I would love for Latheefa to do that. So be careful what you wish for.

    28. Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu (Umno National)
    29. Kelantan Umno
    30. Selangor Umno
    31. Kedah Umno
    32. Johor Umno
    33. Sabah Umno
    34. Pahang Umno (Najib signed check to his own state ha ha ha)
    35. Pekan Umno (then he signed check to himself? Najib is Pekan Umno chief)
    36. Johor Bahru Barisan Nasional (who was the BN Chief?)
    37. Wanita MCA
    38. Pahang MCA (hope this was not Liow Tiong Lai...?)
    39. SUPP
    40. LDP
    41. Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah

  4. MCA is now in the same bed as PAS
    MCA Quiet as a mouse now.

  5. So how to respect these MCA jokers?.....when it was established, stolen 1MDB funds flowed into MCA, Ah Wee gave the excuse they did not know money received was stolen money. But now already know, also keeping very quiet. Returning the money back to the rakyat would be the right thing to do. Hokkein people say.....te tiam tiam...!!