Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Mafulat-ish Mamak an evil callous-minded monster of Leviathan hypocrisy

From Benar News:

Malaysia Extradites Thai Woman Wanted Over Anti-Monarchy Activities

by Muzliza Mustafa

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad gives a thumbs up during a news conference in Putrajaya, the nation’s administrative capital, May 9, 2019.

Malaysia extradited a woman wanted by Thailand for anti-monarchy activities after Bangkok requested her deportation, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said Tuesday, but a leading human rights group said the move violated legal obligations because the deportee had sought asylum abroad.

Praphan Pipithnamporn, who was registered as an asylum seeker by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), was sent back to Thailand on May 10 after Malaysian police arrested her last month on Bangkok’s request, New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) said.

Praphan Pipithnamporn

“If there is a request, then we will send back,” Mahathir told a news conference. “(We are a) good neighbor.”

... “Malaysia’s flouting of international law has placed a Thai activist at grave risk of arbitrary detention and an unjust prosecution in Thailand,” said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch.

“Malaysian authorities have an obligation to protect asylum seekers like Praphan from being forcibly returned to the risk of being persecuted for their peaceful political views,” he said.

So Mafulat-ish Mahathir believed in being "good neighbours" by extraditing foreign residents on request from the home nation of the resident even if there could be adverse consequences for the residents.

Yet, only a couple of days ago, he said that Malaysia has the right not to extradite controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik to India, wanted by Bharata Mata (Mother India) to face charges on alleged money laundering charges and alleged incitement of terror and delivery of hate speeches, as Mamak (of Malaysia) feels Zakir will not be accorded justice.

But hey, what about being "good neighbours" with India, the largest purchaser of Malaysian palm oil?

What about UN asylum-seeker Praphan Pipithnamporn who, sure as hell as Tom-Yum is Siamese, would now be facing damnation persecution in Thailand for her alleged anti-monarchy activities? And all because Mamak ignored her UN refugee status.

Doesn't Mafulat-ish Mamak feel that Praphan Pipithnamporn will not be accorded justice? Just tokking-kok?

In the end, we have to conclude (though we already know it) Mamak is an evil callous-minded monster of Leviathan hypocrisy. 


  1. Wakakakakakakaka

    "Evil callous-minded monster of Leviathan hypocrisy?"

    Trying hard to be a clone of P. Ramasamy junior?

    Have some originality please lah.

    1. wakakaka, I wasn't even aware of what Ramasamy had written to use those words

  2. It’s all about religion, this particular one does things to your brain.

    1. the Thai woman served no local political benefit for him and his Pribumi Party, whilst Zakir Naik does - that's all he is interested in, not human rights, compassion or decent care for others

  3. It’s about religion. Muslims cannot surrender to Hindus. But it is unfair to blame Toonsie. If BN/UMNO is in power today Jibby would make the same decision not to extradite the aphrodisiac peddler Zakar Naik. Jibby had him over for tea and PAS feted him like a messiah. They love him too. I don’t hear them crying for Zakar Naik’s you?

    1. Tell u so!

      This shameless jibby asslicker CHOOSES not to see that it's about politic.

      Die2, must associating a Machiavellian act to mamak's personality!

      If mamak is an evil callous-minded monster of Leviathan hypocrisy. Then, what makes of his idol jibby?

      2x5, sama2 lah.

    2. poor take, all based on defending Mahathir but only BY attacking Najib, wakakaka

    3. And yr takes?

      Those that never been sieved through that grey matter of yrs, iff u have a functional one in the first place!

    4. Wakakakaka…

      Another one of yr famed one-liner shit to hide yr incompetency (or more cottectly, the true dedak-induced udang!)

  4. If anyone goes and check all the Indian Moslem converts in India, do not be surprise, one of the major reason for Hindus converting to Islam is to escape from their bottom social class of Dalits (Untouchables) in order to climb up the social ladder.

    Likewise for most Hindu migrants of the Dalit class who migrated and converted to Islam, Buddhism or Christianity in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore where Hindus form a majority of the Hindu minority in such countries. It gives them a new and better social class and life for themselves and their future generations instead of being condemned thru generations after generations as being the untouchables and socially shunned.

    With the knowledge of countries where the Abrahamic religions gives them a new path and hope to jobs, wealth, power and social standing among societies, most Indian Moslems are thus more fervent in their outlook and behaviour to outdo even other believers of other races, religions in the places they decided to migrate to where such possibilities in India would be practically impossible.

    Only those who are Indian Moslems or Hindus converted to other religious faiths understand this behavior among themselves in which they would, like the Jews be always supportive and ensure the successful progress of their fellow brethen and bond of brotherhood of those born and designated for thousands of years as Dalit (Untouchables).

    In Malaysia, such a bond of brotherhood can be seen in politics, Govt., businesses, religious institutions and authorities, jobs etc.

    Is it any surprise that Zakir Naik is being overtly protected in Malaysia by those in power as well as dumbos and religious bigots who thinks it is a religious obligation to protect their evangelical preacher or cleric giving excuses of religious persecution, fair trials etc when their original domicile country's Laws have being broken?

    And what moral standing have Malaysia to champion under the guise of Human Rights when it can't even endorse and ratify all the UN Conventions guaranteeing Human Rights for it's own citizens?

    Being labelled a Kleptocracy or a totally corrupted country is bad enough but to be labelled as a country which does not even cherish it's own citizens access to basic Human Rights must surely be known as a 3rd World Pariah country.