Thursday, June 27, 2019

The legacy of Mahathir's previous 22-years' rule

From FMT:

Peninsula remains stumbling block to achieving national unity, claims don

Prof Jayum Jayam says race and religious problems all come from the peninsula.

PETALING JAYA: An academician from Sarawak says the peninsula remains a stumbling block in achieving unity in Malaysia.
Jayum Jayam, who is now with the Human Ecology Department at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), said the present ethnic and religious problems began in the peninsula and they are “being imported into Sarawak”.
He said Sarawakians do not have problems with any religion, be it Islam, Christianity or Buddhism.
“Many native Sarawak families inter-marry. They celebrate Raya and Christmas. They sit together; some eat pork.
“Those who don’t eat pork don’t touch it.”
Jayam was speaking during a forum called “Are we more united as a nation after GE14”, organised by Taylor’s College.
He said it was also the norm for stalls operating under one roof to sell pork, Indian food and nasi lemak.
But he cautioned that Sarawak is facing a problem as it imports racial issues from the peninsula, adding that “if you want to bring your problems here than you should not be welcomed (in Sarawak)”.
He said there was also a fair distribution of work among the Melanau, Bidayuh, Malays, Iban and the Chinese.
However, Jayam said the same cannot be said about job distribution in the civil service in the peninsula.
For instance, he said the directors in the education ministry, who deliberated on policies and brought them up to the minister, were mostly made up of one race.
He said there are about 30 directors.
“How many Indians? Only one. That was three years ago when I did profiling. But for the last two years, there was none. Chinese? Zero,” he said.
He said he was taking the education ministry as an example but it was almost the same scenario in other ministries.
Jayam asked how the directors would understand the needs and aspirations of the Ibans or the Indians.


  1. East Malaysians would be better off governing themselves autonomously rather than continue to be dependent on the Federal Govt. where the most they can have are just a few posts of Minister/Deputy Ministers and breadcrumbs thrown to them when some noises are made.

    Times have changed since the day East Malaysians politicians are not considered as a worthy power block and deemed only as fixed deposits to be renewed now and then and whatever interests accrued taken only by their own Kleptocratic leaders and politicians.

    Can't the East Malaysians see, they are now the Kingmakers, when West Malaysians are divided in power and most West Malaysians voters are also divided by race and religion which will ensure no one major party can form the Federal Govt. without them and this scenario will remain so, for at least the next 10-20 years?

    Why continue to bow down and be dictated by West Malaysians politicians thru their control of the Federal Govt. and continue to live like 2nd class Malaysians and the rich resources of the land being plundered to benefit mostly West Malaysia?

    Get rid of your Kleptocrats/politicians first, who sold their souls and rights of East Malaysians to bow to West Malaysians tyranny since joining the Federation in 1963 and caused so much miseries to East Malaysians since then.

    Change your own destiny now for the sake of a better future for all East Malaysians.

    Otherwise, East Malaysians can continue down the road with their future generations of being made slaves to Masters of Race and Religious parties from West Malaysians.

  2. Don’t put words in the Professor’s mouth. He did not mention Toonsie’s name even once so how does the terrible state of our education become solely Toonsie’s fault?