Thursday, June 13, 2019

Interesting (Intriguing) Question for 2019 (1) - Alleged ministerial sex

You know I have my series on Best Political Questions etc etc, and now I would like to start a new series called 'Interesting (or Intriguing) Question' wakakaka.

The 1st one for the new series, ie., the 1st Interesting (Intriguing) Question for 2019, is taken from the post PM 'die-die' supports Azmin, and contributed by regular visitor 'Unknown' (in its second paragraph), namely:

If Azmin treats Haziq with respect and hasn't committed any sexual misconduct; Azmin has nothing to worry about.

I would wonder why Hilman met Haziq at Zest Restaurant in Marriot Putrajaya and forced him to deny it was Azmin in the video?

Hilman Idham (left), political secretary to Malaysian Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali, has confirmed meeting government official Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz on Tuesday (June 11), when the videos first surfaced but refused to comment further.


Extracts from (Sing) Strait Times:

A day after igniting a firestorm with a video confession on Facebook, Malaysian government official Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz has returned with more explosive allegations about Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali – this time accusing the minister of trying to get him to lie about the affair which he said had begun three years ago.

In a Facebook post, Mr Haziq said that after videos allegedly showing him having sex with the minister started circulating on social media on Tuesday (June 11), he was urged by the minister’s political secretary Hilman Idham to lie about the affair.

“He forced me to deny that it was you in the viral video and asked me to lie for you. I asked for more time to consult my parents and this angered him. After I refused, he made threats and said ‘this’ will be shut down within 48 hours with or without my help to lie."

“It broke me that Azmin Ali, the man I looked up to, chose to tie his loose ends rather than owning up to his mistakes. I know you are a sick man because only you could have recorded the videos for personal collection after inviting me to your hotel room on all occasions,”
he added.

Indeed we kaypoh too would like to know why?


  1. Where in his official statement (below) does he deny he is in the video?

    I refer to the various media reports today publishing the allegations of an individual regarding a sex video purporting to implicate me. I categorically deny this vicious libel upon me.

    This is nothing but a nefarious plot to assassinate my reputation and character in an attempt to destroy my political career. Judging from recent political developments, this is clearly the latest in a series of concerted attempts over the past few months to vilify me, which includes intimidation against the safety of my family and I in the final week of Ramadhan, and vile and baseless accusations of corruption.

    I utterly condemn this brand of gutter politics. It has no place in this era of New Malaysia, where we are working to rebuild the nation through institutional reforms.

    I have instructed my lawyers to take the appropriate legal action against the individual who made these abominable allegations as well as against other perpetrators. I will avail myself of all legal means at my disposal to expose these culprits.

    I will not submit to these cowardly acts and heinous attempts to distract the public from the pressing concerns of the nation and the successes of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the planning and implementation of national development policies that are sustainable and inclusive.

    I trust the Royal Malaysia Police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission will take all necessary action with regards to this matter.

  2. come action from behind seems to dominate this party.....sighhhhhh...

  3. Mahathir needs Azmin, if not as his successor, at least to keep Anwar in check.

    Which law enforcement investigator now dares contradict him , now that he has made clear he considers the tape fake ?

  4. I have some intriguing whys to pose to you too but I don't think you'd be interested cos we know which side of your bread is buttered

    after several sexual encounters it suddenly dawn on him and made him realise his partner is not fit to lead, why? how come?

    less than 24 hrs made what looks like an anticipated confession after saying had no knowledge of recording, a normal chap would be panicking and would be at a lost on what to do, why is he so composed

    when he was approached to meet an aide it presented him a golden opportunity to record what went down or brought some company as witnesses and security but now we only have his words, why? how come?

    1. That is why I still have suspicion this is a smoke and mirrors job.
      Nothing is what it seems.

  5. There is a lesson here why it is so important that the nation's top law enforcement officials - IGP, MACC Chief, Attorney General should be appointed by a responsible body , and not by the Prime Minister personally.

    From time to time - in this case, much, much , sooner than anybody expected, a case may arise which impacts the Prime Minister's personal or political interests.

    When that happens, the relevant authorities MUST have the independence to investigate and act without fear or favour.

  6. Interesting, Intriguing Questions?

    1. What would any normal person whether holding a Ministerial post, senior Govt. Post, Private or Commercial Business empire or any position which commands and demands integrity and reputation suddenly found themselves being exposed or being framed by someone out to tarnish their character , reputation, opportunities job wise or monetarily etc?

    Wouldn't it be normal to first lodge a police report so that investigations can be lodged to identify who the actual culprit is and his accomplices are?

    Get a lawyer to send a demand to the accuser to withdraw, apologize or stop further actions before filing a civil suit for defamation, compensation, damages, injury to reputation etc?

    Then bring it to court to sue the balls of the accuser and their known accomplices or organizations, institutions involved so that whatever monetary gains involved by person/persons/organisation involved will bankrupt them.

    And finally, if criminal intimidation is involved and proven to parties involved, then the AG/Govt to file charges and send them to spend time in the lockup.

    There is no other way to stop these unwanted and unwarranted type of politiking, if that is the intention.

    OTOH, be a Man like CSL (the previous MCA President), who when caught in such sex videos, even though it wasn't even against any laws of the country, admitted guilt, resigned and paid for his own sins and mistakes.

    As for DSAI case, I am still wondering why he has not sued all his accusers, even after the change of Govt., to seek damages for injury to his reputation, loss of opportunities etc?

    1. Hi-ya, u r talking about matured governance WHICH is a nonexistent issue within/without all bolihland politics!

  7. Why KT hate Toonsie so much but never say anything bad about Jibby? The rakyat already forgave Toonsie for his past sins and re-elected him in GE14. But why KT cannot forgive and let go?

  8. Last SIX IN A ROW blogs hantam Toonsie.

  9. Anybody can say anything, but it doesn't necessarily mean it is true.
    I keep a sharp look out for inconsistent sequences of alleged events, tall tales, lame excuses, questionable motives....

    The Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy 1 and Sodomy 2 trials were full of manufactured "facts".
    We've been down this road before, so now I take everything with a BIG pinch of salt.

    This Haziq guy I find really dubious
    The great irony is Mahathir is now the one in defensive mode in "Sodomy 3"...wakakaa....what goes around comes around, as they say..