Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Anwar may gain from Pribumi split over sex scandal

FMT - Anwar faction gains ground in PPBM Pribumi as sex saga continues (extracts)

There is speculation that the much talked-of Anwar-Azmin rift is being replicated in PPBM

(Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: With the gay sex video controversy threatening to ignite PKR’s much talked-of infighting, sources say the cracks are now being replicated in PPBM Pribumi, with factions torn between supporters of Dr Mahathir Mohamad and those insisting that his time in office is up.

PPBM Pribumi source who has access to the party’s inner circles spoke to FMT about the existence of a “pro-Anwar Ibrahim” faction in the party.

He said calls for Mahathir to retire and pass the baton to Anwar, as promised by Pakatan Harapan (PH) during the general election campaign last year, have been gaining momentum among some within 
PPBM Pribumi.

The faction has become more vocal in recent days in the wake of the gay sex video saga targeted at Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali.

Top PPBM Pribumi leaders have echoed Azmin’s claim of a political conspiracy to bring him down. They include its chairman Mahathir who backed Azmin, the man he handpicked to be part of the federal Cabinet after PH’s election victory last year.

But one source said those backing Azmin in the gay sex saga were not really fans of the PKR deputy president.

“They don’t have a preference for Azmin and would follow the succession plan for Mahathir. In any case, Azmin has been supportive of Mahathir’s leadership,” he said.

Wakakaka, it's not just PKR splitting into pro Mahathir (mainly Dwarfs) and anti Mahathir factions(mainly Cats).

(Top) Dwarfs - previously include also Latheefa Koya
(Bottom) Cats - include also the Anwar family

Factional strife has also begun in Pribumi (Mahathir's racist party), splitting into Pro Anwar and anti Anwar camps.

And do you know why?

They preparing themselves for the PM's gravy train, wakakaka.

But wait, there is yet a third candidate for PM-successor to Mahathir, to wit, Malaysia's 8th PM.

"I'm Malay first, then only a Malaysian" Moody has been touted as a compromise candidate selected by Mahathir.

Yes, as we learned yesterday from Wow, a 3rd party MASTERMIND in Azmin-Haziq story - Unbelievable lah!!! Mahathir may NOT trust Azmin as much as we thought, and may now be poised to destroy the young arrogant upstart. And Maddy hates Anwar so who else is there (as his PM-successor) to provide an iota of 'support' to his sons.

In the end, it's always his dynasty, his sons. The 3 people Mahathir hates most have been blokes who has either upset or ignored his sons' business interests or political progress, namely, Anwar, KJ and Najib.

But given that Party Pribumi now has even a pro Anwar section (just in case DSAI becomes PM, wakakaka) and the DAP might just stay put with Anwar, RPK could well be correct when he posited that Anwar may be Malaysia's 8th PM before Christmas this year - see RPK's Anwar May Be PM Before Christmas though he gives a different reason.

That is, provided of course Moody doesn't jump the queue, courtesy of Mahathir Mafulat-ish Machiavellian Manoeuvres against Anwar, wakakaka.


  1. Just shut down PKR.

    The Malays can join UMNO, Pribumi or PAS.
    The Chinese can join DAP or MCA.
    The Indiams can join DAP or MIC
    The East Malaysia natives have plenty of choices.

  2. Wakakakakakaka

    Throwing red herrings and tall tales by your Sifu more often nowadays. What happened? Getting too hot to handle or misjudged where the plot is heading to?


  3. Not going to happen. It will be a snap election in September 2019