Thursday, June 27, 2019

Racism in school - Malaysia Boleh

From Malaysiakini:

Racial slur and beating - another teacher violence claim

Just as the dust settles on the incident where a teacher caned a student in Johor, a new allegation has surfaced in Kuantan, Pahang.
A secondary school teacher has been accused of assaulting a Form Four student following an argument over homework.
The student, according to China Press, lodged a police report on Tuesday and complained that the alleged assault left him with abdominal pain and bruises to his face.
The news report said a teacher had demanded the class to submit their homework and when the student told the teacher he had already handed it in, the teacher purportedly threw an exercise book at him and ordered him to pick it up.
The student then turned to his classmate and reiterated that he had submitted his homework.
Incensed with his behaviour, the teacher allegedly called him k****g and threatened to beat him. The student retaliated by calling the teacher “babi” (pig) and started banging on the classroom door.
The commotion drew the attention of another teacher. The latter then allegedly dragged the student to the school's chemistry lab.
At the lab, the teacher was accused of picking up a metal chair and appeared poised to hurl it at the student.
When the student attempted to flee, the teacher called on other students to stop him.
After the student was brought back to the lab, the teacher purportedly shut the door and started to assault the complainant.
The student later lodged a complaint with the district education department and school authorities also advised him to file a police report.
Kuantan district police chief Mohamad Noor Yusof confirmed that a report was lodged and the matter is being investigated.


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  2. an interesting but grossly unfair comment, as to be expected of dedak-makan-er Monsterball

    to get a context of my using the 'keling'; word, please see my post

    1. I am not holding you to the standard of your personal conduct.
      You labelled the incident where someone used the word "Keling" as offensive, yet we know you already commonly use that word.

    2. different character different levels of usage, as in mine and yours

    3. Isn't it So what is good for the goose is also good for the gander?

    4. I talked about 'keling' with respect and historical awe, you implied a derogatory meaning to it, but then such is your character, ill will and Schadenfreude

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      Suddenly an inherently derogatory term CAN be given respect due to historical awe!

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  3. Gone are the days when teachers can willy-nilly meet out punishments, insult by derogatory name calling, abuse of their positions as teachers to demand total obedience and respect, politiking and religious indoctrination and worst of all acting out their hidden personalities of sexual desires on children etc.

    Generally, most children (ie under the age of 18) do not lie unless they are the real naughty ones, brought up in broken homes and families or translate their anger and emotions into violence like adults in the environment they were exposed to.

    A very simple test to know whether a teacher is abusive, racists, religious bigot, sex maniac etc is to ask the generally well behaved and good pupils in the school they are in, especially within the classes the teacher is assigned to or teaches and should include pupils who were taught before by the teacher concerned.

    When you have several or worst practically all the good and well behaved pupils testifying as to the teacher's bad attitude or character and it isn't just a coincidental instance of temperament or emotion as sometimes made out to be, it is a clear sign the teacher has abused his/her position and may make future monsters like him out of all the students under his care or whom he/she is teaching.

    A teacher who commits violence or abuse to children unless it is for self defense whatever the circumstances may be or whether the child is a real brat or a monster is totally indefensible for an adult and definitely worst if it is committed behind closed doors. Such teachers have committed a criminal act against a minor.

    If a teacher do not understand such basic principles in child education and laws for children below age of 18, he/she is not qualified and should not be in the teaching profession whatever normal human frailties of an adult one may give as a justification.