Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Kalau Haziq kena, Azmin kena juga

From Malaysiakini (extracts):

Anwar's aide - If PKR acts on 'confession', Azmin will be in trouble too

B Nantha Kumar  |  Published:   |  Modified: 
Should PKR act against Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz based on his confession, then it would have to train its guns on deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali as well, according to party president Anwar Ibrahim's aide.
"How do we take action against Haziq? Based on his confession? If you really want to take action against Haziq based on his confession, the same action will also have to be taken against Azmin.
"Remember, Haziq not only confessed to being the individual in the (sex) videos, he also confirmed that Azmin was the individual with him in the videos,” R Suresh Kumar told Malaysiakini.
Suresh, who is Anwar's private secretary, said this is the reason PKR is waiting for the outcome of the police investigation before taking action.
He was responding to Azmin's adviser Khalid Jaafar, who yesterday said that failing to act against Haziq would be perceived as a failure on the part of the leadership, especially its president.
However, Suresh (photo) described Khalid's remarks as “shocking and immature."

"Khalid has to understand, rash action against Haziq doesn't just tarnish PKR's name, but Azmin's career," he added.
Earlier today, PKR vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin said she would demand Haziq's sacking during the political bureau meeting, which is slated to start at 5.30pm this evening.
Zuraida, who is known to be a close associate of Azmin, said it is unwise for the party not to act against Haziq despite the latter having confessed to indulging in unnatural sex, which is a crime in Malaysia.

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  1. Whatever happened appears very much consensual.
    So....if Haziq is to be punished, Azmin should too...
    Unless the police investigation clearly absolved Azmin.
    That is why it is a lot wiser to avoid anybody judgement and punitive action until the case is properly investigated.