Sunday, June 23, 2019

Mahathir will NOT hand over to Anwar

From MM Online:

Rais Yatim insists no black and white for Anwar to become PM, says Dr M likes Azmin better


Rais said Dr Mahathir is in no hurry to step down

Picture by Hari Anggara

KUALA LUMPUR, June 23 — There is no official agreement for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to succeed current Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad despite the promise as per Pakatan Harapan’s election pledges, veteran politician Tan Sri Rais Yatim has claimed.

The Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia supreme council member was reported telling English daily The Star that while PH leaders would want to discuss the matter, he said he doubts Dr Mahathir wants to do so.

“I don’t see that there’s an agreement. In politics, there is no agreement unless it’s black and white.

“Although PH has spoken about this, this is not something concrete — that he shall be the prime minister after two years. So, politics and government being what they are, I think the public has a better flow of thought to determine it,” Rais was quoted saying.

Rais said Dr Mahathir will likely choose a wholesome successor to become the next prime minister, and said economic affairs minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali is closest to the latter while claiming that Dr Mahathir favours the PKR deputy president over others.


The former minister, however, said Dr Mahathir was in no hurry to step down.

He got his third national car programme. He got a good list of things to do that he does not need to leave just now. After all, there was no schedule of leaving — tentatively or completely.

already a monumental expensive failure

are we so rich that we can afford to suffer another one?

On Friday, Dr Mahathir had again reiterated his promise to relinquish the prime minister’s post within two years of taking office, but fell short of saying he trusts his apparent successor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Rais Yatim is one of Mahathir's hanger on's, a yesterday's man but who is still being used by the Old Man to voice the Imperator's unofficial policy and 'test the waters'. So I could say Rais Yatim said what the Old Man wanted him to say, to wit:

(a) Eff the so-called promised handover to Anwar.

Even though Pakatan went to the last election on that basis (of Anwar taking over as PM), Mahathir appears not to be bothered by such manifesto BS, as he had previously indicated his disdain for such (to him, nonsensical) pledges.

Rais Yatim is saying so deliberately and in your face so as to check (for the Old Man) coalition partners' reaction to this to-be-broken promise. If PKR (minus the Dwarfs) and the DAP keep quiet, Anwar Ibrahim is a goner.

There are already (deliberately spread??) rumours that the younger set of DAP politicians favour Azmin over Anwar, wakakaka. It'll be a miracle if DAP pollies ever like or trust Azmin and his Dwarfs.

Anyway, whether Mahathir wants Azmin or Muhyiddin to take over as 8th PM to prepare the grounds for Mukhriz to be 9th PM is a separate subject but which was discussed in my earlier post (2 days ago) titled Azmin-Haziq saga - plot after plot, set to hentam Anwar.

Verdict thus far: 101% Mahathir will NOT hand over to Anwar.

And in my yesterday's post What does Mahathir mean by "... or so" in staying on as PM? he has been obviously and deliberately ambiguous as to when he will hand over to Anwar, with that '... or so' possibly meaning 5 years (full term), so I asked:

Mahathir said he need "2 more years or so" to resolve the national debt problem. Anwar was a far better FM than Mahathir, so why has it to be only Mahathir who can solve the national debt? And WTF is Lim GE doing?

More importantly, what does Mahathir mean by "... or so" in terms of his desire to stay on as PM?

Rais has let the 'cat out of the bag' in his announcement, maybe deliberately so to 'test the waters' as to how the Malaysian public and coalition members react to such a Mahathir intention - oh, the Old Man is deviously Machiavellian.

But underlying his treacherous well-known nastiness has been his personal invincible hatred for Anwar Ibrahim (in as much as he hates Najib and KJ, all three responsible for affecting or threatening his sons).

And Rais Yatim really poked his grubby fingers into our faces and eyes when he said:

Mahathir was in no hurry to step down.

He got his third national car programme. He got a good list of things to do that he does not need to leave just now. 

That eff-ing 3rd car AGAIN - it's just too much that the Old Man has planned for Khazanah's subsidiary SilTerra to invest RM30 million (as an 'initial' investment) in that stupid idiotic obsession of his.

He has used Rais Yatim to mention it to, as mentioned, 'test the waters'.

And since Khazanah or its subsidiary will be using public money, what do or dare Lim Guan Eng and father Lim Kit Siang say to such a most un-reformasi act?

will they have the 'hood' to speak up and against Mahathir's nonsensical rule? 


  1. Rais Yatim is another lalang. We don't know which way he will lean next. And what about his infamous "academic exercise" PhD thesis entitled "Freedom Under Executive Power in Malaysia: A Study of Executive Supremacy"(opposing the ISA). Kings College should retract his degree.

    Saturday, 13 February 2010
    Rais Yatim: An Unprincipled and Untrustworthy Opportunist

    Rais, Ibrahim Ali, and many other Semangat 46 leaders, said at that time that they would never rejoin Umno even if they died and were reborn. They said they would never lick back their spit. They also said that when Dr Tun Mahathir Mohamad dies they are going to piss on his grave (saya akan kencing atas kubur Mahathir).

    And Rais was amongst those who said all this. But he later rejoined Umno while Dr Mahathir was still its President as well as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Rais, therefore, did lick back his spit. And he did not need to die and be reborn before he rejoined Umno.

    Rais got his doctorate for writing a thesis that was opposed to the Internal Security Act (ISA). When asked later why he has now changed his stand and supports the ISA when he was originally opposed to it, and even got his doctorate for his thesis that opposed it, he replied that his thesis was merely an ‘academic exercise’ and it does not necessarily mean that that is his stand.

    During his Semangat 46 days, Rais and his gang went round the country giving talks whacking Umno and Dr Mahathir. They said that Umno and Dr Mahathir have insulted the Malay Rulers and have eroded the powers of the Rulers. Umno and Dr Mahathir are traitors to the Malay Rulers and the Malay race, argued Rais.

    The Father of Independence and First Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman, hated Umno. He refused to rejoin Umno and died as a Semangat 46 member. The same for Tun Hussein Onn, the Third Prime Minister of Malaysia, who also refused to rejoin Umno and died as a non-Umno member.

    And, of course, the same for Rais who also said he would rather die than rejoin Umno. Today, however, he is not only an Umno member but also a minister and the ‘spokesman’ for the party.

  2. Rais Yatim insists no "black and white" for Toonsie to hand over power to Anwar, therefore there is no agreement.

    But even with a 400-page PhD thesis IN BLACK AND WHITE nah see here for yourself:

    condemning Toonsie and the ISA he then turns around and supports Toonsie and the ISA.

    This sort of fler must not trust.

  3. The game is up for RAIS Yatim and other Mahathirists.

    The only ones listening to him are his fellow Mahathirists.

    Everyone knows especially among all the PH MPs (except for the few hot blooded ones) that the Mahathirists in PH still believe they have the hold on power in PH thru TDM and to rule the country and reneging on their promises among the PH coalition (time has not come to confirm their betrayal yet).

    And their Ceasar keeping Mum and sidestepping sometimes to fully avoid implicating himself (as an escape route in case things do not go as he planned) because of one simple fact.

    Ceasar knows he don't have the numbers yet if the "Ides of March" happens. And time is just not on his side for a man wanting to play Emperor all the time till his last days.

  4. Nobody likes being a lame duck , and just as importantly, nobody who has to negotiate with a leader in power likes to deal with a Lame Duck.

    So, unless mandated by fixed term laws,
    e.g. US , UK, some Australian states, most incumbents will leave the exact date of their departure "flexible".

    As far as I can see, the handover agreement is solid, but Mahathir understandably does not want to become a lame duck.

    It is sinister if you want/ need to read a sinister meaning to the situation.