Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Not yet end of Seafield Inquest

From MM Online:

Former ministry lawyer to stay in Adib inquest as family’s rep, sees bid to disrupt proceedings

Published 51 minutes ago on 12 June 2019


Lawyer Syazlin Mansor speaks to reporters in Wisma MPM, June 12, 2019

Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

KUALA LUMPUR, June 12— Lawyer Syazlin Mansor said today that she will continue representing the family of the late Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim in the inquest into the firefighter’s death.

The lawyer, whom the Attorney-General told to withdraw from representing the Fire & Rescue Department and the Housing and Local Government Ministry in the inquest, also questioned why her appointment was disputed only when she brought in an expert witness who testified that Adib had been assaulted.

“The chronology of events that happened, in my opinion, clearly shows attempts to disturb the proceedings of the inquest, especially in relation to the testimony by expert witness Prof Dr Shahrom (Abd Wahid),” Syazlin told a press conference here organised by the Muslim Lawyers Association Malaysia.

It's true, that circumstances surrounding the Seafield Temple Rioting Inquest showed, at least to me and mates, a reluctance to accept that poor firefighter Muhd Adib might have been killed by rioters.

Note I have written 'might have been killed' and not 'were killed' by ........ because until the inquest and subsequent investigations prove so, no one knows with certainty.

And precisely because of that, there is a deep suspicion that the inquest is too clinically "sanitised", well, until Syazlin came along, wakakaka.

Thus, Adib's family wants lawyer Syazlin Mansor to act on their behalf because she proved to be very competent and assertive in her interrogation of the HKL forensic expert, like a lawyer in a John Grisham novel, until that HKL forensic expert complained of being humiliated by Syazlin - eff him, wakakaka.


  1. So finally Syazlin sees the childishness of her earlier behaviour when she withdrew as counsel for both Zuraida's ministry and Adip's family, after it was pointed out that that was a clear conflict of interest. Now she will follow Tommy Thomas' advice, ie just represent the family so the inquest can continue properly. Her poor judgement has cost her husband his job at Zuraida's ministry. Serves her right...wanted to win the case, not sure which side would win so she took both sides....drama queen. I am surprised the Bar Council did not suspend her licence, even a first year law student would not have taken on the double representation due to clear conflict. And poor Tommy is so busy attending Jibby's court case everyday and nobody else in the AGC dared to go against a minister, especially if the minister is Zuraida.

    1. wakakaka, again just your interpretation

    2. AG Tommy is given this lalang & ethically corrupted half-cooked 'legal' minion a chance to do an act so perfectly executed by one of her past model - DPP Abdul Razak Musa who demonstrated during the Teoh Beng Hock inquest as to how a person might strangle himself.

      She might work her hot wonder to prove what causes the crashing ribcage, both anterior & posterior.


  2. very competent and assertive but also good at merajuk, just wondering what changed her mind, untuk agama Dan bangsa? she can be all that but the coroner normally based their findings on the credibility and reliability of witnesses certainly not the prowess of John Grisham lawyers

  3. How could Adib "might have been killed by rioters" when it should be "might have been injured by rioters"?

    Wasn't he still alive when brought to the hospital and died many days thereafter?

    Even all that is based on the assumption, he was not accidentally injured when the fire tender reversed into his EMS vehicle instead of the rioters dragging him out and bashing him up.

    As for the competence of lawyer Syazlin, it would be best the family hire another better lawyer to represent them in case they need to sue the Govt. (ie Bomba) or hospital for negligence causing his death instead of Syazlin who seems more interested in absolving the blame of the Govt. and hospitals from being sued kau kau.

    1. wakakaka, injuries lead to death

    2. Wakakakaka…

      Injuries THAT could be cured BUT both medical incompetence & unprofessionality finally done him in!

  4. BOO SU-LYN has written a highly prejudiced interpretation of the situation.

    And not surprising.
    One of the wonders of the Internet is that it never "forgets".

    Boo's writings before May 9 2018 make it very clear where her political leanings lie.