Thursday, June 06, 2019

Will Latheefa's first target be Peh-Mor?

From Malaysiakini:

PSM: No-nonsense Latheefa's first task is to probe Taib

PSM has described MACC's new chief commissioner Latheefa Koya as a no-nonsense individual who would not compromise on wrongdoings.
Therefore, party central committee member S Arutchelvan is hoping she would investigate Sarawak Governor Abdul Taib Mahmud, who has been accused of corrupt practices during his tenure as the state's chief minister.
“Why is there no investigation against Taib continues to be the biggest question. So her first task should be to look into this.
“Given her track record, we hope she would not buckle under pressure or allow certain politicians to dictate who MACC should or should not investigate,” he told Malaysiakinithis evening.
Arutchelvan (photo) also claimed that numerous reports have been filed with the authorities against Taib over the years.

“However, no action has been taken. This is extremely disappointing. Is Taib so powerful that he is untouchable?
“Pakatan Harapan must uphold its pledge to probe all without fear or favour. This is where we hope Latheefa can make a difference,” he added.
In July 2018, former MACC chief commissioner Mohd Shukri Abdull said the commission is unable to take action against Taib despite opening 15 case files against him.
He said the files were opened in 2015 and 2016, with investigations showing that there were no cases that could be linked to Taib, as the decisions were made by others.
Taib served as the chief minister of Sarawak from 1981 to 2014.


  1. This is why we need Latheefa who is a lawyer leading the MACC. The foxhound is now on the loose, and with a loose cannon in hand too (ha ha ha), let the chase of the white hair rabbit begin...

    And with state elections due by 2021 things will get exciting for PBB / GPS etc etc....for ulangkaji let's watch that Global Witness video again...

    Despite endless protests over this outrageous situation, statements from the MACC have till now stuck to an unaccountable assessment that investigations by the agency could detect no evidence of wrongdoing or corruption.

    One reason proffered by certain spokesmen has been that according to an interpretation of some piece of legislation passed in 2009, unless the minister who stood to benefit from any particular state handout was in the room at the time and signed the concession/contract in question then they could not be held responsible for having corruptly acquired the contract.

    This strange interpretation of the law has led to an acknowledged ritual, whereby the likes of Taib Mahmud (who was chief minister, finance minister as well as the planning and resources minister for decades in Sarawak) would step outside the cabinet room whilst his juniors and deputies signed over lucrative chunks of the economy to his family and business and political cronies.

    Any half decent lawyer could construct an overwhelming case for Criminal Breach of Trust under such circumstances. However the MACC has till now failed to present the overwhelming dossier of evidence confirming this pattern of malpractice over to the AG’s Chambers to review and prosecute.

    This is despite the fact that the MACC plainly recognised the problem of severe corruption in Sarawak in its own report, submitted back in 2014 to parliament.

    Under a section dedicated to the anti-corruption agency’s own review of the procedures governing land approvals in the state, the report acknowledged that the present set up was open to “abuse” and “manipulation” and suggested alterations in the land code to prevent ministers handing concessions to their own families.

  2. Dunno.

    The FBI was also unable to prove all the allegations of Al Capone's complicity in murder , extortion, protection rackets and all kinds of organised crime.
    What they finally got him convicted of and jailed was quite lame, evading taxes on his undoubted huge income.
    Still, jail is jail, regardless how you "got" him.

    Maybe something on Pek Moh ?

    1. Convicting him of tax evasion is enough. After all he is already 83. Convicting him of corruption may take longer than years he has left on this earth. After that go after his relatives and cronies. The important thing is to stop the theft and the return of whatever has been stolen.

  3. Actually the Indians have slowly but surely taken over the government by stealth. Just look at all the prominent players starting from M.

    They seemed very organized in various Anglo countries as well....where is this going to lead to?

    1. My prediction is India and the Indians wil lead the world of the 21st Century.

      Not China and the Chinese as they are assuming today...

      Either way, the centuries of European domination is drawing to a close.

    2. Scary. India is chaotic and constant instability. If you think ketuanan Melayu is bad wait until ketuanan Indian comes.

  4. Watching the Global Witness video above makes my blood boil. Sarawakian politicians complain all the time that Putrajaya is stealing all their natural resources, land, timber. oil and gas etc. They demand 20% royalties. They say the state is poor because Putrajaya makes them poor.


    Their own politicians steal their money and cast blame on Putrajaya.

    All the tycoons are Sarawakians, you can name them one by one. All of them, locals.

    I wish Latheefa all the best.....let the foxhound chase begin and catch the white haired rabbit, and start before the state elections due in 2021.

  5. No point getting the white hair NOW while there r so many moles, conspirators lying low within the various govt depts!

    It would be a bloody waste of time to get ANYTHING done with these self-interested low lifes working at the background. They will delay, detour & deflect the right issues every which opportunities they can get.

    This carpetbagger SHOULD set all these houses in order first before she will be branded as a braggart!

  6. this lady is very bias, thats y mahathir pick her.