Saturday, June 01, 2019

Rabies deaths reached 18 - cull ALL strays immediately

From FMT:

Ministry confirms 17th death due to rabies in Sarawak

A dog owner having her dog vaccinated in Kuching following the rabies outbreak in August last year
(Bernama pic)

KUCHING: The health ministry has confirmed the death of a 26-year-old man due to rabies here yesterday, bringing the death toll to 17 since the outbreak of the disease in Sarawak.

In a statement today, the ministry said a laboratory test was conducted yesterday on a sample from the case and it was confirmed to be rabies.

“With the confirmation of the latest case, the number of rabies cases in Sarawak, since the outbreak of the disease was declared on July 1, 2017, is 18, including 17 deaths.

Kaytee is a dog lover but nonetheless I am consistent in my call, nay, appeal to the Sarawakian authorities to cull ALL strays, including dogs and cats.

even bat bites can cause rabies 

It is NOT cruel to cull dogs and cats as some extreme animal lovers would have you believe. The RSPCA of various Western countries (of people who truly love animals especially dogs and cats) euthanize strays and unwanted animals on a regular basis. It's kinder to put those poor wretched animals out of their misery.

One of the most bizarre and indeed stupid suggestions I have come to hear about treatment of strays has been the moronic 'capture-inoculate-release' proposal.

'Capture and innoculate' is good but how would-could the 'release' be acceptable when the problem of menacing 'strays' will continue to be present, an imminent danger to kids, elder citizens and the informed. For example, in Penang some tourists were bitten by ferocious strays on the beaches.

But back to the current issue, Sarawakian authorities, please cull ALL strays, dogs and cats, immediately, for the well-being of our citizens, and do not be deterred by animal do-gooders. Don't allow death-caused-by-rabies to reach 170.

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