Friday, September 27, 2019

Best political statement 2019 (15)

Extracts from Malaysiakini:

The Seafield temple riot

Based on the testimonies of 30 witnesses during the 41-day inquest, Coroner Rofiah Mohamad ruled that the firefighter had been assaulted by two or three unidentified assailants.

She also found that the police and FRU's failure to control the riot had contributed to Adib's death.

"Evidence clearly showed that there had been several fire incidents (during the riot) before the victim was involved.

"Firefighters had also been threatened by rioters who didn’t want the flames to be put out, but there were police officers on guard and the fires were successfully put out by the firefighters.

"It was unfortunate when two troops of FRU with hundreds of personnel and seven various types of vehicles, including water cannons, only watched the rioters attack the firefighters without doing anything.

"They were only standing by with their weapons because they didn't receive any orders to act, despite the tense situation," she added.

In a Twitter posting later, Zaid said he was perplexed with Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin's comments.

“Zuraida is perplexing in many ways. Coroner says Adib's death due to police inaction or failure to act by FRU on the rioters. She now says the matter should be left to the police.

“Can our ministers come up with something useful?” he asked.

Following the verdict, Zuraida said she would leave it to the police to decide on what further action should be taken.


kaytee notes:

Wakakaka, Zuraida's moronic wisdom, namely, to leave a matter the police had eff-ed up kaukau, causing a fireman to lose his life unnecessarily, for the police to decide on further action.

Thus I deem Zaid's comments on Zuraida Kamatudin as not only the BEST political statement thus far in 2019, but also indicative and indictive of Pakatan ministers' performance in general:


  1. PAS demands AG resign because of the findings of the inquest...?

    TT ordered to revoke Syazlin's appointment as lawyer for the Ministry of Housing and Local Government as well as the Fire Department, because she was also representing the victim's family. Although this was only an inquest and not a trial there is still clearly a conflict of interest for Syazlin to represent all three parties.

    TT as AG cannot possibly have oversight over the details of hundreds of ongoing court cases the AGC handles at any one time. He has to attend daily court hearings at the SRC/1MDB case.

    Any conflict of interest should have been stopped by the coroner from Day 1 of the inquest, not TT.

    In fact the AG did Syazlin a favour by removing her from representing the government. So now today she can celebrate for being on the "winning" side. Otherwise she would be on the "winning" and "losing" side. Ridiculous situation.

  2. The verdict has been confirmed when the Coroner Court allowed the committal proceedings filed by deceased adib's lawyer to proceed against the AG.

    Filling the thirst of an eye for an eye for a bunch of morons using every tricks of the crooked book to advance their feeling, in sacrificing TRUTH!

  3. If only the polis had acted earlier to arrest the “gangsters”, one mob who reportedly attacked the Hindus and the Hindu “gang(s)” who retaliated in defence.

    So why didn’t the polis act sooner? And who was the attacking “mob” and who supported them? Were they paid to create the ruckus?

  4. the only woman minister that look not so stupid as of today is surprisingly, hannah. sorry helen.

  5. Ck did you read the court report?
    The TRUTH is some thugs killed a fireman. There were credible 3rd party witnesses vouching for this. The AG tried to be subjudice forming an opinion before the court decided on the verdict. There is even video evidence that there was no one behind the vehicle when it reversed.

    Those thugs who killed the firemen should be brought yo justice. And if there is evidence of anyone trying to coverup the incident they shoukd be brought to justice too.

    1. Credible 3rd party witnesses!!!

      NONE can be as credible as what they said they had seen! Neither r those blurred video footage! And how much of their details matching up to form an indefensible conclusion?

      I believe in science & the science says there r no superthugs who can cause both anterior & posterior ribcage bone fractures, as indicated by the autopsy.

      In fact the inquest has proved that the fractures were caused by the severe impact of the rescue truck's back door against the deceased.

      Now, if one opens the back door & swings it hard, the momentum incurred is small due to the hinged effect. Thus, the impact damage can be minimum. TRY it!

      However, if the sudden jerk caused by the reversed truck hitting something (adib?), resulted in the already opened back door's violent swing outward, hitting that something, which r now been pinched between two vehicles, AGAIN! That impact IS severe!

      Unfortunately, during the inqest, ONLY a hp6 kangkong lecturer was called to provide his 'insight'.

      The coroner has shown her 'biased' preference to the postulation of a British-based forensic and pathology expert. She has in many times emphasized that UK-based qualification in her finding.

      The most funny part is her blaming of the inactions of the policemen!

      If she extended her logic further, then she should also mention some 'words' about the incompetency of the medical officers, who examined the victim & assigned weight lifting therapeutic exercise & allow visitors in ICU!

      There r so many ifs. & the truth is still been buried under layers of prejudices underpinned mostly by race & religion!

    2. CK, there have been cases of broken ribs in the 1st to 5th ribs (the strongest ribs) when playing contact sports like rugby. You do not need super mutant thugs like those exposed to Lynas to cause these type of injuries.

      You are clutching at straws. There is nothing about race and religion in this Adib's case. Just a coverup by PH because they got caught up and instigated this mess.

      No race no religion in this case until ppl like you turn it into one. The guy who saved Adib was hindu Indian. The guy who drove Adib to hospital was Muslim Malay. Our politicians and you should learn from this ppl instead of trying to view everything from a race/religion lens

    3. Read AGAIN - anterior & posterior broken ribcage bones!

      Certainly a maximum brutal force more than a contact sport like rugby can be expected to exert.

      What cover-up? Perhaps yr defined straw clutching!

      The unfortunate incident of adib IS pure & simple a race & religion fart woven initially by a business deal that no one coyld agreed to. Just like that lowyat hand phone stealing been twisted into a ketuanan issue.

      No race & religion?

      U definitely r born yesterday!

      Everything in bolihland is been twisted into a 3R issues simply bcoz bleeding heart like u CAN'T admit the truth!

  6. Didn’t every person who testified have an opinion? The AG did not testify but he too, like the rest of us, can express his opinion. But at the end of the day the coroner decides who to listen to; she has the final say, after listening to all opinions.