Monday, September 30, 2019

PSM condemned Lim KS for sickening & untruthful views


Stupid argument! PSM sees red over Kit Siang's Venezuela comparison

PSM excoriated DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang for stating that if Pakatan Harapan did not win the last general election, Malaysia would have become the Venezuela of Asia.
“Stupid argument by Kit Siang. It looks like his views are sickening and not truthful,” said its deputy chairperson S Arutchelvan in a statement this evening.
He pointed out that Venezuela is facing a US-led economic sanction, which has crippled the South American nation.
“This is because the US does not want to see Venezuela's socialist model spreading in Latin America.
“Based on UN indicators, Venezuela's social welfare and poverty eradication improved significantly because it took control of its oil revenue previously controlled by US companies,” he added.
However, Arutchelvan said this revenue was not used to enrich its leaders but rather to provide free education and healthcare for the people.
“This kind of initiative cannot be stomach by the US as well as a neoliberal like Kit Siang.
“Petronas' CEO earns a massive income and they run private hospitals instead of helping the poor. This is really sickening,” he added.
The PSM leader censured Lim for echoing US and Western leaders who are seeking to put their candidate in power in Venezuela through undemocratic means.
According to Arutchelvan, comparing Malaysia under former premier Najib Abdul Razak to Venezuela is far-fetched.
“Kit Siang should try to resolve the internal issues within Harapan, the power struggle (in the coalition) and its unkept promises before making such blatant comparisons,” he added.
In a statement earlier, Lim said Venezuela was once the richest country in Latin America and the world but is now a poor and bankrupt state due to a terrible political, socio-economic and humanitarian crisis.
The DAP leader argued that if Najib was re-elected, the latter would have turned Malaysia into Venezuela and the “Sick Man of Asia.”


  1. PSM / Arutchelvan prefer Malaysia to learn and practice Marxism instead.......but he claims this is not the same as this smart or stupid?

    IGP: No to Marxism course

    Sunday, 28 Feb 2016
    By Victoria Brown

    PETALING JAYA: Police will not allow the Kursus Kilat Marxisme (Marxism course) to be held next month, said Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar.

    "Efforts to promote the communism ideology. PDRM will not allow this course to take place. Organisers will be contacted," said the Inspector-General of Police in a tweet on Sunday.

    Khalid shared the poster advertising the Marxism course on his official Twitter account.

    The poster has a picture of socialist Karl Marx with the details of the event that is set to take place on March 20 at 9am at Gerakbudaya bookshop here.

    According to Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) committee member S. Arutchelvan, the course is jointly organised by PSM and Gabungan Kiri or Malaysian Left Coalition (MLC).

    "Parti Sosialis Malaysia with Gabungan Kiri introduces Kursus Kilat Marxisme to give an introduction on Marxism and its relevance today, and to give an alternative to the ideology of capitalism," Arutchelvan, also known as Arul, wrote on his Facebook post Thursday.

    In a statement Sunday, Arul claimed that this was not the first time PSM had been accused of reviving communism.

    "Even in 2011, during the height of Bersih 2, six PSM members were detained for a month under the Emergency Ordinance. They were all released without charge," he said, adding that the party sued the police in wake of the incident.

  2. Lim Kit Siang is spot on, and it is Arulchelvam who is being stupid.

    Venezuela's Chavez-nomics is a disaster of apocalyptic proportions.

    The country with the largest oil reserves in the world is facing a collapsed economy.

  3. The strong parallel between Venezuela and Malaysia (so far) is the oil and gas reserves of both countries were spent instead of saved (at least partially) for future generations, like Norway. Fortunately we are not at the same level as Venezuela yet; Petronas is much better managed than their Venezuelan equivalent PDVSA.

  4. Talks r so EASY!

    Come to Venezuela & stay for a couple of months before u vent yr farts, mostly based on reports from western & pro-US medias.